Pokemon: Severus Snape (or just Snape)

#: .001

Pokedex Description: Often mistaken for a Goldbat, this elusive poke'mon likes to hide in dank, dark places, like basements and abandoned dungeons.

Attacks: Leer, Uproar, Wing Attack, Psychic

A battle would take place as follows

A wild Snape appeared!

"Snape Snape"

Go Pikachu!


Wild Snape used Leer! Pikachu loses some of it's confidence.

Pikachu used thunder wave! Wild Snape is paralyzed and may be unable to move.

Wild Snape used Psychic! Read Pikachu's mind and prepares for the next attack.

Pikachu used thundershock!

Wild Snape is paralyzed! He is unable to move.

Go Pokeball!

*Pokeball jiggles for a few moments*

Gotcha! Wild Snape has been caught!

Would you like to nickname Snape? Yes No

Snivellus has been transferred to BOX 1 in Bill's PC.