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"Oh man, I feel awful!" Kit groaned, lying on the couch.

"Hey Kit, how're you feeling?" Kit meowed as Coop sat next to her, scratching behind hr ear. "i can't wait for your kittens to be born! Even if they are Kats" he smiled a little. "Let's just hope they take after you Kit" the pink cat purred, enjoying the attention. Coop frowned, looking at Kit's stomach. He was really worried that the kittens would turn out to be like Kat. Just then, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Millie yelled, running over and grabbing the phone. "Hello? Oh hi! Yeah he's here. COOP, IT'S FOR YOU!"

Coop winced. "Ok Millie, geeze! You don't have to yell!" he grabbed the phone from her, ignoring the ringing in his ears. "Hello?"

"Hi Coop"

Coop blushed. "Oh, hi Cassie!"

"I wanted to tell you that I won't be able to come over today. i have a bad cold, and dad doesn't want me going anywhere"

Coop frowned, feeling his heart sink. "Oh, that's ok, I understand. Just call me when you're able to come over, ok?"

"I will"

"ok, cool. Bye Cas"

"bye Coop"

Coop hung up the phone and sighed. He looked at Kit, who had followed him into the kitchen and was rubbing on his legs. "Kit, are you hungry?" Kit meowed and purred loudly. Coop got out a box of Fishy Frisky bits and poured some into Kit's bowl. "Here you go Kit. Enjoy!"

"Don't worry Coop, I will" Kit said, but of course, all Coop heard was, "meow meow meow, meow meow"


the pink cat turned just in time to see Skye squeeze into the house though the sliding glass doors. "That's one good thing about being an alien" Skye said. "Our bodies are like rubber, or putty. We can slip through anything!"

Kit smiled a little. "Yeah, that is pretty cool" "so how're you feeling today sis?"

Kit shrugged. "Oh, I'm a little queasy, but other then that, I'm fine"

Skye smiled. "Good, I don't like seeing you like this" Kit giggled and nuzzled her brother affectionately.

"You know Skye, you're going to be an amazing dad"

Skye laughed. "Me, a dad? What made you say that?"

"Oh come on, you're a handsome, eligible young cat. When you have kittens of your own someday, they'll be very lucky to have a dad like you"

Skye smiled. "aww, thanks sis. That means a lot. But I don't think I'll ever have a mate, or even a girlfriend"

Kit rolled her eyes. "Nonsense, of course you will! You might be surprised Skye. Love can come when you least expect it"

Skye snickered. "Have you been reading the little strips of paper from the fortune cookies again?"

Kit shrugged. "Maybe" the siblings laughed, glad for their moment alone. They hadn't really had any quality time together in a while, and they were enjoying it.

"Hey guys"

the siblings turned as Kat walked over to them. "Hey Kat" Skye said.

Kat nodded and sat beside Kit. "How're you doing sweetheart?"

Kit sighed. "I'm fine. Just…" Kit cut herself off when she hissed in pain.

"Kit, what's wrong?" Skye and Kat demanded.

"Nothing, it's just a… a contraction" Kit managed to choke out.

Skye laid his paw over Kit's. "Just breathe Kit, ok? Breathe slow and deep"

Kit nodded, following her brothers instructions. About 12 seconds later, Kit relaxed. "I-It's over" she stammered, sighing. "Wow, I hate those things!"

Kat nuzzled her. "Don't worry Kit, once the kittens are born, you won't have to worry about contractions anymore"

Kit smiled a little. "Yeah, good point" she sighed and laid her head on Kat's shoulder. "Another reason I can't wait for this to be over" she went into the living room and jumped on the couch.

"Hello Kit!"

Kit looked up as Burt leaned down and stroked her back. Kit purred and rubbed against his hand. "You know Coop, I just thought of a great idea"

"what's that dad?"

"I was thinking that when Cassie moves, maybe she'd like to have one of the kittens"

Coop smiled. "Wow dad, that's a great idea! I bet Cassie would love that!"

Kit smiled. She liked Cassie, and she wouldn't mind if Cassie adopted one of the kittens.

"Did those two just agree to give Cassie one of our kittens?" Kat asked, jumping onto the couch beside his girlfriend.

Kit nodded. "Yes, why? Does that bother you or something?"

"Yes, actually, it does bother me!"

Kit frowned. "Why? Cassie is a wonderful human! I know she would take good care of one of our kittens"

"it's not Cassie I have a problem with" Kat explained. "It's Kaz"

Kit frowned. She hadn't thought of that. "Oh Kat, you're right! We can't let Cassie have one of our babies as long as Kaz is around. what are we going to do?"

Kat shrugged. "I'm not sure. But we have to make sure that Cassie doesn't like any of our kittens. That way she won't pick one and our babies will be safe from Kaz"

Kit sighed. "Well, I'm not sure what we should…" she gasped sharply. "Oh gosh!" she hissed.

"Kit, what is it?" Kat asked.

Kit looked at him, anxiety in her eyes. "Kat, I… I think it's time!"

Kat didn't understand at first. "Huh?"



"What!" Kat said, his eyes widening. "Now?"

"YES!" Kit yelled, glaring at him. "WHAT ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE FOR? GO GET HELP!" Skye put his paw around Kit, talking softly to her.

Kat ran into the kitchen where Burt was making sandwiches for himself, Coop, and Millie. "MEOW!" Kat jumped up onto the table.

"Millie, get your mangy cat off the table!" Coop said, rolling his eyes.

"Mr. Kat can sit on the table if he wants too!" Millie said.

"MEOW!" Kat meowed louder, then he jumped off the table and headed for the living room.

"Millie, did you feed Mr. Kat today?" Burt asked.

"Yes daddy"

"then what's the matter with him?"

suddenly a loud yowl came from the living room, making everyone jump. "Oh no, Kit!" Coop said. He jumped up from the table and followed Kat.

Skye looked up. "Oh no, your owners are coming!" he kissed his sister on the cheek. "I'll be right outside, ok?" Kit nodded, and Skye slipped through the sliding glass doors just as Coop and Kat came into the room.

"Dad, I think Kit's going to have her babies!" Coop yelled.

Burt and Millie ran over. "What, now?" Burt said.

Kit groaned, breathing hard.

"It'll be ok" Kat said.

"Shut up!" Kit snapped. She yowled again, lying on her side.

"What do we do?" Coop asked, worried about his cat.

"Ok, let's just calm down" Burt said. "Coop, you stay here. I'm going to go call the vet"

Coop nodded, and Burt went back into the kitchen, taking a reluctant Millie with him. "But daddy, I want to see the kittens!"

"You will sweetie, but they aren't born yet!" Kit was breathing quicker, her claws digging into the carpet.

About five minutes later, Burt and Millie came back. "Dr. Smith said to bring her in right away" Burt said. as soon as Coop opened the cat carrier, Kat leaped inside, and no one protested or tried to get him out. Everyone's attention was focused on Kit. On the way to the vet's, Coop and Millie kept glancing inside the carrier.

"Is Kit going to be ok?" Millie asked worriedly.

"Of course she is" Coop said.

Once they got to the vet's, Burt had Millie stay in the waiting room with Kat. "But daddy, I want to see the kittens being born!" Millie whined.

"I'm sorry Millie, but you're a little young to be seeing that kind of thing" Burt said. "Besides, you have to stay out here and comfort Mr. Kat. He seems pretty upset"

Millie smiled a little. "Don't worry Mr. Kat, it'll be ok!" she hugged him tight. Kat gasped for air, relieved when Millie loosened her grip. She sat down in one of the waiting room chairs, holding Kat in her lap. Kat felt his heart pounding in his chest. He hoped Kit and the kittens were going to be ok.



Kat's ears pricked up when he heard a door open. He looked up and saw Burt and Coop come out into the waiting room.

Millie smiled. "Are the kittens here daddy?" she asked.

Burt smiled and nodded. "Yes Millie"

"how many did Kit have?"

"Four!" Coop said, smiling.

Millie squealed. "Can I see them now?"

"Yes sweetie, but you have to be quiet, ok? Kit's not feeling very well" Burt said.

Millie nodded and she followed Burt and Coop into the back room. Kat felt his heart hammering in his chest. "Four kittens!" he thought. "I have four kids now" he smiled a little. When the got into the room, Kat squirmed from Millie's grip, but no one seemed to notice. He could see Kit lying on an examination table, four tiny kittens snuggled up by her.

Kat smiled as he jumped up onto the table. "Kit?"

Kit looked up and smiled tiredly. "Kat!" she nuzzled him. "I'm so happy you're here"

Kat nodded. "Of course" he looked down at the kittens. They were each a different color; one was bright yellow, one was a light shade of aquamarine, one was lime green, and one was grey with a dark purple tail. "Do you have any names yet?" Kat asked.

Kit nodded. "Yes, I have one for the yellow one. It's a girl" she smiled. "We should name her Sonny"

Kat looked down at the kitten; her fur was bright yellow, as bright as the sun. "Sonny… I like it" he smiled and looked at the green kitten. He quickly checked it over. "This one's a boy" he thought a minute. "How about… Bendre?"

"Bendre?" Kit said. Kat shrugged,

Kit smiled. "I like it. It sounds so… sophisticated. Bendre it is" she nudged the aquamarine colored kitten. "This one's a boy too"

"he has such a pretty coat color" Kat said.

Kit nodded, fighting back a yawn. "What should his name be?"

"How about Nickle?" Kat said.

Kit thought a minute. "I like it" they both looked at the last kitten, the grey kitten with the dark purple tail.

"She's such an unusual color" Kat said. "I don't think I've ever seen one of our kind that was two different coat colors"

Kit giggled. "Well she's special" the parents sat, thinking for a minute. "Hmm, how about… Groncha?" Kit said.

Kat looked at her. "Groncha?" "Yeah, I've heard the name before. I think it's unique"

Kat smiled. "I like it. Groncha. She looks like a Groncha I think"

Kit sighed and yawned. "Sonny, Bendre, Nickle, and Groncha; our babies"

"they're so cute!" Millie said.

"Dr. Stevens said that they shouldn't be moved around too much, but we'll be able to at least take them home" Burt said. he got the cat carrier ready and Coop carefully moved Kit and the kittens inside it.

Millie picked Kat up. "Let's go home and play with your babies Mr. Kat!"

Kat smiled as they all got in the car and headed back to the Burtonberger's house.

he couldn't wait to get home.

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