Lelouch sighed as him and Suzaku lounged lethargically on the couch. Lelouch sighed and looked at Suzaku "what do you want to do?" Suzaku asked. Lelouch shrugged "I'm not sure but I got to go bleed the stake." He said standing. Lelouch stood up and went to the bathroom.

He washed his hand and out of the corner of his eye he saw something move across the floor. "What's that?" he asked himself?" he asked bending down. On the floor was a small scorpion. It crawled under the door and into Suzaku's room into a dark corner. Lelouch walked to the door.

"Suzaku," Lelouch called "want to go on an adventure?" he asked Suzaku came up "no I don't like adventures" he said. Lelouch grinned, "Ok then just bring me a bottle, a spoon, and a flashlight." Suzaku gave him a puzzling look but went down stair to retrieve the items. Suzaku came back and hand Lelouch the spoon and a Gatorade bottle.

"Where is the flashlight?" Lelouch asked. "I couldn't find one but I have my phone." Suzaku said. Lelouch nodded "ok point your phone in that corner." He pointed to the dark corner. Suzaku looked at him funny for a moment but then shined the light from his phone in the corner. There in the corner of Suzaku's room laid the scorpion, which now looked dead.

"Dude…what is that?" Suzaku asked. "It's a scorpion" Lelouch said Suzaku looked at it for a moment and blinked "It looks dead dude." He said. "I'm going to poke it." He said. He took the spoon and poked the scorpion with the handle of the spoon multiple times.

Finally the scorpion jumped up in an attacking position. He looked at Suzaku and started to charge at him. Suzaku dropped his phone and started to run. Lelouch acted quickly and tried scooping the scorpion into the Gatorade bottle. The scorpion moved and turned raising its claws he went to attack Lelouch.

Lelouch blinked and scooped it up with the spoon and flung it into the bottle. The scorpion looked around and jabbed the side of the bottle with it's claw. After a few minutes he started to climb the ridges inside it. "Get me a Styrofoam cup Suzaku"" Lelouch said. Suzaku looked around his room and found one handing it to Lelouch.

Lelouch dumped the scorpion into the Styrofoam cup. The scorpion looked around. And stung the side of the cup angrily. "Man he's not happy" Lelouch said. "Yeah he's in a pissy mood." Suzaku said. Lelouch's eyes lit up as Suzaku said that.

He took the Styrofoam cup and carved the word Pissy in the side. "I shall call him Pissy and forever shall his name be Pissy." Lelouch said. The scorpion again stabbed the side of the cup. "Dude feed him some thing to clam him down." Lelouch said. Suzaku blinked "what do scorpions even eat?"

Lelouch thought a moment and went to the computer. "it says it depends on the species." He said. Suzaku made a face "I don't know the species." Lelouch looked around and found a dead wasp. He picked it up and threw it in the Styrofoam corpse.

Pissy looked at it and stung it once then jabbed the side of the cup again. Suzaku looked around his room some more and found a fly's corpse. He threw it in and Pissy stared at it un amused. "Well now what?" Suzaku asked after a moment. Lelouch sighed and looked at the bag of tortilla chips next to him.

He took out a chip and broke off a piece and threw it in. Pissy stared at it and grabbed onto it with his claws and didn't let go. Lelouch and Suzaku watched Pissy for a while and got bored "want to go watch Boondocks?" Suzaku asked. Lelouch nodded and they put a lid over Pissy's cup and went down stairs and began watching tv.

A few hours later they went back up and Pissy was gone. "Pissy is gone" Suzaku said. Lelouch looked in the cup "yeah and he took the tortilla chip too." They both sighed and their eye's widened they both looked down at their feet. They were both barefoot with Pissy lost some where in the room. Lelouch stepped onto Suzaku's bed and Suzaku followed "when can we got down?" Suzaku asked Lelouch sighed "I don't know…I just don't know."

(Post ending here)

ok guys you might be thinking wtf where did this come from XD let me tell you this is a TRUE story no lie word to word is a true story told to me by my friend whose favorite character is Lelouch. Anyway some things that might confuse people:

To bleed the stake means to pee or use the restroom

Lethargically means to be lazily or have no energy

Ok any other questions post them in you review this is a series of true things that have happened to me and my friends that we find hilarious so read and review and such ;)