Ok ok part 4 of this thing lol I get the ideas as I go and right now I can find nothing that matches up to Pissy the Scorpion so bear with me.


Threats created by friends and have been used several time. Please note no threat has really been used physically on someone. WARNING: Contains vilolence,sexual reference, and multiple use of the word spork.


"Dude back off before I go all ninja on you"

"I will stab you consecutively and the pee on the wounds"


" Lelouch, touch me again and I will stab your eyes out with a Spork"

" I will chop off your knees and beat you with them"

"I will castrate you and stick your balls so far up your rectum that you'll need surgery to get them out."

"I will castrate you with a spork"


"I will push you in front of a train"

"I will gauge your eyes out with a spork."

"I will freaking castrate you, pull off your eyelids with eye lash curlers, and carve a heart in your arm with a knife."

"I will tie you to a tree and practice archery."


"I will put a scratch and sniff at the bottom of the pool and watch you do the rest."

"I will turn into a vampire and drink your blood."


Ok these are all real threats my friends have used in the past that I can think of most are hilarious XD If you want me to make a story for something that has happened to you than I will if you pm me or email me at Kali_