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Chapter 2

"Whoa, Tenten are you serious?" a girl of about 18 with blue eyes and blond hair in a high pony tail and bangs over her right eye asked a girl of about 19 with brown eyes and hair which was in two buns with bangs who went by the name of Tenten.

"Yeah Ino," Tenten said, "Apparently Sasuke couldn't even catch him." They were both currently lifting supplies into a cart for the castle stable.

"Wow that's something I'd never though I'd here a thief getting all the way into the castle and then escaping," Ino said in amazement throwing a barrel of hay in the cart, "and with one of the Shinobi Four chasing him no less. What did he take?"

"I don't know," Tenten said lifting a bag of oats on to the cart, "But it seems like nothing. Orochimaru didn't act like anything was stolen, but they beefed up the guard patrols and everything."

"Maybe it was an assassination attempt," Ino said placing another bag of oats in the cart.

"Maybe but who knows they won't tell anyone anything," Tenten said lifting the last bag of oats in the cart. She dusted off her white sleeveless peasant shirt and reddish brown pants, "Thanks for the help Ino how much do I owe you?"

"Um let me see," she reached into her dirtied apron, which covered the front of her grayish purple dress, and pulled out a small receipt book and flipped thought it. "Looks like you owe 10 silver coins and 15 bronze coins."

"Whoa, what that's way more that last time!"

"Yeah I know but the harvest hasn't been very good lately and the delivery carts keep getting attacked on the way here. We have to make up the lost income some how."

"Yeah I get it," Tenten reached into her money pouch and handed Ino the coins.

"Pleasure doing business with you!" Ino said with smile in the chipper tone she used for all her customers.

"You're lucky you're my friend Ino," Tenten said getting on the horse, "Or I would wipe that smile clean off your face."

Ino just laughed and rolled her eyes, "Okay Tenten. Hey you free tonight we could go to the town bar and catch up on the latest news."

"Isn't that what the paper is for?"

"No the paper only tells the news around town and major news in other places. The bar tells you all the nitty-gritty details the paper leaves out and then some."

"I don't know Ino it just sounds like a lot of gossip to me."

"Come on Tenten. We might be able to find more information on that thief." Ino tried to entice Tenten.

"I think I've found all the real information on that. Everyone else will just tell rumors that they heard that are untrue or that they made up themselves to make them look better. Anyway I'm not into going to bars much anymore." Tenten grabbed the reins of the horse and made it start moving, "Well I'll see you later."

Ino pouted at Tenten as she drove the cart away. She had to get Tenten out on the town she hadn't been out in along time. Ino thought maybe if she could get Tenten out she could meet a guy and be able to get over her previous fiancé, who had died.

Then a thought struck her. There had only been one guy the Tenten had been even mildly interested after her fiancé's death.


Ino ran after Tenten, "Hey Tenten," Tenten stopped the cart and allowed Ino to catch up, "You know Neji sometimes likes to go to the bar I want us to go to. You might be able to talk to him."

"But I do talk to him."

"Yeah but that's only when he's a Shinobi and you're the stable girl. At the bar you could talk to him person to person."

"Well I don't know…"

"Come on Tenten please!" Ino begged.

"Okay, fine."

"Yes! I'll see you later," Ino said running back to her shop, "And don't wear your stable stuff!"

Tenten sighed and continued on her way to the castle. Ino had been trying to get her to go out for a long time but after her fiancé died she hadn't felt like doing anything like that. She thought she would never get over him. Tenten truly thought she had found her soul mate and that hole in her heart would never be filled again. Then she met Neji.

He seemed cold and distant at first met him but after sometime she began to see the kinder side to him. She never went out with him but she slowly started to have feelings for him. Although she never thought that she would go out with him, just having feelings for another person made her realize maybe she could get over what happened. She could find someone else and if that someone else was Neji then that made it all the better.

Tenten began to feel better about going out that night and kept a positive attitude all the way to the castle.

Hinata stood before her father in the throne room of the castle. Her father had summoned her to talk about something but she didn't know what. Hinata assumed that it was about all the commotion the night before. She never did here what happened to the thief, whether they were caught or had escaped. Though, she thought the thief had to have been captured. Multiple thieves had tried to get into the castle but none of them succeeded. They all had been captured by the Shinobi Four.

"Hinata I have called you here about the break-in last night," Haishi said sitting on his throne.

"Y-yes father I figured t-that would be the case."

Haishi nodded and continued, "The thief had gotten all the way into the castle without detection and reach Orochimaru's room."

"Y-yes Naruto Uzumaki told me what was h-happening when he was guarding my door. What I don't know is if the thief was caught or not."

"He was not," Hashi paused, "It has been decided that security will be increased in the castle and around the city. There have been far too many robberies and break-ins recently and I'm afraid that it's a sign of something worse to come."

"W-what do you mean f-father?"

"I think The Sound might be preparing to attack."

Hinata gasped, "F-father a-are you s-sure?"

"I'm sure and so does Orochimaru."

"B-but w-we don't have t-that many t-troops to d-defend against the S-sound. H-how w-will we p-protect the kingdom?" Hinata asked worriedly.

"That has already been taken care of. I have discussed this with my advisor Orochimaru and he suggested we send a message to the west to the kingdom of Sunagakure asking to send troops and help. We should here from them by tomorrow morning." "That's g-great father. Is there anything you w-wish for m-me to do?" "No nothing yet but if things start getting out of hand I want you to leave the kingdom with theShinobi Four, the Hyuga line must be preserved." "Yes f-father I understand," Hinata was about to leave when Hashi stopped her. "Hinata one more thing from now on you will be escorted by one of the Shinobi Four where ever you go." With that Naruto entered the throne room. "Hey Princess I guess I'll be your escort for today." Hinata blushed making her face resemble a tomato, "Are you alright Princess your face is really read." Naruto was about to reach out and feel her forehead to see if she had a fever when Hashi cleared his throat. Both Naruto and Hinata turned toward him. "If you will excuse me I'm needed for a meeting with the other guards to explain what is going on." Hinata bowed in apology, "Sorry father we will leave you to your important business," and she ran from the throne room leaving a trail of dust behind her. "Princess wait up!" Naruto yelled then bowed to the king and ran after her.

Orochimaru sat in his room working at his desk when there was a knock on his door.

"Enter," he said and continued working.

"Orochimaru," Orochimaru turned to face Kabuto Yakushi, the castle doctor, kneeling before him.

"Kabuto have you do what I asked?"

"Yes Lord Orochimaru the troops will be here in two days."

"Very good Kabuto. Do you have the letter?"

Kabuto got up from his kneeling position and handed him a letter that was tucked away in his pocket.

Orochimaru read over the letter quickly then tucked it away in his desk. He then handed Kabuto another letter that he had been working on before Kabuto entered. "Give this letter to one of the messengers to deliver to the King and be discreet about it."

"Yes my lord," Kabuto bowed and left the room.

Orochimaru turned back to his desk and smiled. Everything was going according to plan and it would all start in two days.

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