Stacy Morasco is about to find out whether or not she is pregnant. If the test shows that she is indeed pregnant, then she has a second chance to pass the baby off as Rex's. If she is not pregnant, then she will have the truth to Rex and Gigi that she had a miscarriage.

Now, she goes to see what the results. It confirms that she is pregnant.

Stacy: This is great. (She says in a happy tone) I can pass this off at Rex's baby.

Then a thought crossed her mind. What am I doing? I shouldn't lie about this being Rex's baby. I should tell the truth. I have to tell Rex that I miscarried our baby. I really should think everything through before I make a decision on what I'm going to do.

Meanwhile Oliver is nervous about telling his parents that he is gay. He wanted to tell them last night, but thought it should wait until tomorrow. Seconds later he sees Kyle with Nick, and a feeling of jealously comes over him.

Oliver: How can Kyle be with Nick? I know why…because he wants to have a relationship with someone. I should have been honest when Christian caught me kissing Kyle. I can't believe I lied about what really happened between us.

Then Nick notices Oliver watching them. He is thinking to himself I have got your man. If you want to be with him then you better do whatever it takes to get him back.

Nick: Your ex-boyfriend is watching us.

Kyle: I don't care! (He lies to himself)

Seconds later Layla comes into Roddy's. She finds Oliver watching Kyle, and wonders why he isn't doing something to get Kyle back. Next, she heads over to where Oliver is.

Layla: Do something Oliver!

Oliver: He doesn't want me anymore. I ruined us being together forever!

Layla: Are you sure about that?

Oliver: Yes! Because I need to get out of here. I'm telling my parents tonight that I'm gay.

Layla: That is great Oliver. I think once they know you are gay, a weight will be lifted off from you.

Oliver: I think you're right!

Then he heads out of Roddy's. Layla waits until Nick leaves to talk to Kyle.

Layla: Kyle, we need to talk about Oliver!

Kyle: Did Oliver tell you to talk to me?

Layla: No! I can't believe you're still involved with Nick!

Kyle: I can't be with Oliver when he still hasn't told his parents about him being gay!

Layla: Oliver is telling his parents tonight that he is gay.

Kyle: What? (He says in shocked tone)

Layla: He's telling them because of you.

Kyle: I am surprised!

Layla: Kyle, are you really happy with Nick? I want you to think about that. Also, do you want to see Oliver spend the rest of his life with somebody else?

Then she heads to the bar to order a drink. Seconds later Kyle leaves Roddy's.

When Nick returns he sees no sign of Kyle around.

Nick: I can't believe he went after Oliver!

Around 7:30 p.m.

Oliver is in the Palace restaurant with his parents. He hasn't said anything to them for ten minutes.

Barbara: Oliver, are you okay?

Oliver: No! There are things that I need to tell you both about.

George: Let's hear it son!

Oliver: Layla and I broke up! I had to end it because of fact that I'm gay!

When his parents heard that nothing came out of their mouth.

Oliver: Well, I guess I will go. If you want to talk to me just give me a call. If you don't want to talk, that is fine with me.

Seconds later he gets up and then he leaves.

George: Our son can't be gay!

Barbara: I'm in complete shock!

George: I can't deal with this right now! I'm going to head upstairs!

Barbara: I'll be up there in a little while.

George: Okay!

Then he heads upstairs to the room.

After five minutes Barbara decides to go see her son.

Meanwhile Stacy has made a decision about what she is going to do. Seconds later she calls Rex's cell phone number. On the second ring he picks up.

Rex: Hello!

Stacy: We need to talk!

Rex: What is this about Stacy?

Stacy: The baby! Could you come to the apartment right now?

Rex: I can't Stacy! Gigi and I have plans!

Stacy: I only need to talk to you for five minutes. This is important.

Rex: Okay!

Stacy: Thanks!

About five minutes later

Rex is at the apartment.

Stacy: I need you to sit down.

Rex: I would rather stand!

Stacy: Okay! Rex, I'm not pregnant with your child!

When Rex heard that he was thinking how could she do that to me.

Stacy: The truth is that at the end of August I miscarried our baby. I was really upset and I just couldn't tell you at the time I lost our child. When I told Kim about losing the baby, she suggested that I get pregnant again. I didn't want to get through with it, but somehow she convinced me it was the best thing I do if I wanted to hold on to you. I realize now that it was wrong.

Rex: Why would you tell me the truth now?

Stacy: Because it is the right thing do.

Rex: Since when are you doing the right thing now?

Stacy: Since I learned I'm pregnant again!

Rex: What? (He says in a shocked tone)

Stacy: I'm going to tell the guy that I'm pregnant with his child.

Rex: How did you get the guy to sleep with you in the first place?

Stacy: I drugged his drink so he would sleep with me.

Rex: I can't believe what I'm hearing! (He says in a shocked tone)

Stacy: I'm going to be moving out of the apartment too!

Rex: Where are you going to stay?

Stacy: Someone from work is going to let me stay at their house.

Rex: Okay! I wish you and your child the best!

Stacy: Thanks! You can tell Gigi what I told you!

Rex: Okay!

Seconds later he leaves the apartment and seconds later Stacy calls up Oliver's cell phone number. He answers on the third ring.

Oliver: Hello!

Stacy: Hi Oliver!

Oliver: Stacy! (He says in a surprised tone) What do you want?

Stacy: I need you to come over to the apartment to talk!

Oliver: Okay!

Ten minutes later

Oliver is in the apartment with Stacy.

Stacy: Oliver…I'm pregnant with your child!

Oliver was in complete shock about it. He had no idea what to say.

Stacy: This is something else you need to know.

Oliver: Which is?

Stacy: I drugged your drink so you would sleep with me.

Oliver wanted to yell at her for doing that cruel thing to him, but couldn't because she was pregnant.

Stacy: It was wrong.

Oliver: I also think you need to know something about me as well.

Stacy Okay!

Oliver: Stacy, I'm gay!

Stacy: What? (She says in a shocked tone)

Oliver: I will respect what your decision is.

Stacy: Oliver, I'm okay with you being gay!

Oliver: Okay! So, have you decided what you are going to do about the baby?

Stacy: Yes! I'm going to have the baby…and I want you to have full custody of him or her.

Oliver: Stacy (He says in a surprised tone) Don't you want to be part of your son or daughter's life?

Stacy: My child would be better off without me.

Oliver: I don't believe that!

Stacy: Oliver, I'm not a good person. I've done cruel things to people.

Oliver: Well, I'm not perfect either. I lied about being gay for a long time. I didn't want anyone to know.

Stacy: That is different. It's not like you tried to steal your sister's man away from her.

Oliver: I'm an only child! I was cruel when I broke up with boyfriend. I did that because my parents would be disappointed to know their son was gay.

Stacy: I was a disappointed to my parents too! All they really cared was about Gigi!

Oliver: That must have been hard on you!

Stacy: Yes. I turned into a person who wanted to get revenge on her only sister.

Oliver: People can change!

Stacy: Maybe for some, but not for all.

Oliver: I think anyone can change if they want to.

Stacy: You really believe that?

Oliver: Yes!

Stacy: So, what happens next?

Oliver: We learn about each other.

Stacey: It doesn't matter if it is good or bad.

Oliver: No!

Stacey: Okay!