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Some time later

It is about 7:45 p.m.

Oliver is on the phone with Kyle.

Kyle: So, how was work today?

Oliver: It was good! Tomorrow I get to work on a police assignment.

Kyle: Are you going into the field?

Oliver: No! Bo said I can work on the case at my desk.

Kyle: That's good!

Oliver: Yeah! So, how's work with you going tonight?

Kyle: Kind of slow but sometimes it can be like that!

Oliver: Okay! I'll talk to you later then!

Kyle: Okay! Bye!

Oliver: Bye!

Seconds later the call is over.

A little time later

It is about 9:45 p.m.

Kyle is an hour away from finishing his shift when one of his coworkers approaches him seconds later.

Kate: Hey Kyle!

Kyle: Hey Kate! What's up?

Kate: I was wondering if you cover an hour of my early shift tomorrow.

Kyle: Are you sure it won't be more time than that?

Kate: Yes! I forget that I have to meet my son's teacher for a parent conference.

Kyle: I wouldn't mind covering you.

Kate: Thanks Kyle! You have to come at 11:00 a.m.

Kyle: Okay! If you happen to run late you can just me on my cell to let me know.

Kate: I will! Can I have the number?

Kyle: Okay!

Seconds later Kyle tells Kate what his cell number is, and she puts the number into her cell phone.

Kate: Okay! Well, I should get back to work! I only have twenty minutes left before my shift ends.

Kyle: Okay!

Seconds later she heads back to work and Kyle goes to get something out of the vending machine before he heads back to finishing his shift.

Many hours later

It is 9:00 a.m.

Oliver finds his new police assignment at his desk.

Seconds later he goes to look at what the assignment is about.

Meanwhile Kyle is about to go take a shower when his cell phone rings. He decides to let it ring.

Five minutes later

Kyle is listening to his voicemail.

Mark: Hey man! I know it's been a long time since I called but I just wanted to let you know I'm doing okay! I wanted you to be the first to know I'm getting married and I was hoping you would be able to come. The wedding date hasn't been decided yet but I will send you an invite to let you know when it is. Well, I wish I could talk longer but I have to go. Bye!

Seconds later Kyle thinks to himself that is great man that you're getting married. He also thinks maybe one day Oliver and I will be married.

Sometime later

It is about 10:40 a.m.

Meanwhile Oliver is taking a five minute break from looking at the police case.

The new police case had to do with a attempted robbery that happened at a young women's house. So, far there was no evidence of anyone else's fingerprints at the house except for the young woman who lived there. Her name is Melissa Arch, a thirty-two year old who has only lived in the house for a couple of months.

In the police report it stated that when Melissa Arch came home she found things thrown on the floor and that she called 911 right away. Before she was able to see if anything was taken the CSI team had to work to gather the evidence needed to solve the crime. When they were finished Melissa went to see if anything was stolen and it was only twenty minutes when she noticed that the safe she kept locked was opened. She then went to find out the money she saved was missing. when Detective Murphy asked her how much money was missing she told him about 3000 dollars.

Detective Murphy paused for a few seconds before he asked Ms. Arch if there was anyone who knew about the money she kept in the safe and her quick response was no. Then he said if you do remember that you did tell someone about the money in the safe call me at the police station. He hands her his card seconds later and she thanks you before he heads out of the apartment.

Seconds later Detective Murphy comes to Oliver's desk.

Jim: Hey Oliver!

Oliver: Hey Jim!

Jim: Just want to ask if you had any questions about the robbery?

Oliver: Well, if I was able to go to the crime scene I would want to see if there were any hidden cameras planted in her apartment.

Jim thought that could be a reason why the person who robbed her knew where to look.

Oliver: Also, does she have a computer?

Jim: Yes!

Oliver: Do you think I could be able to look at it? I want to see if there's any hidden programs on it.

Jim: I will call her right now!

Oliver: Thanks!

Seconds later Detective Murphy goes to call Ms. Arch and on the second ring she answers her cell phone.

Melissa: Hello!

Jim: Hello Ms. Arch. This is Detective Murphy calling.

Melissa: Hello Detective! What can I do for you?

Jim: Would you mind bringing your computer to the police station.

Melissa: Is that necessary?

Jim: Yes! Another officer that I'm working with is a expert on the computer and he just wants to check your computer to see if there is any hidden programs on it?

Melissa: Well, I guess that would be a great reason to bring in it? I could bring it later today. Is 2:30 p.m. okay?

Jim: That would be fine!

Melissa: Okay! Bye!

Jim: Bye!

Seconds later the call is finished.

Jim: She will come with the computer around 2:30 p.m.

Oliver: That's good!

Jim: Yes! Is there anything else that you need to ask me about the case?

Oliver: Have you started finding out about her family and her other work history?

Jim: Her parents are Ken and Mary Arch. They live in Palm Beach. They happened to be working as teachers. She has a brother named Mike who lives in Maine. Before she came to work here in Llandview, she had a job in New York working at Banana Republic.

Oliver: Okay! Where does she work in Llandview?

Jim: She is a teacher at Llandview High School.

Oliver: Okay! Have you gone to the school to see if she is friends with any of the staff there?

Jim: No, but I should have thought of that. I probably will go there tomorrow.

Oliver: Okay!

Jim: Well, I'm going to head back to my desk! When Ms. Arch gives me the computer I will make sure to give it to your right away.

Oliver: That would be great!

Jim: Okay!

Seconds later he heads back to his desk.

Time passes

It is about 12:00 p.m.

Kyle is taking a patient.

Don: I haven't been feeling good.

Kyle: Can you tell me the symptoms that you have?

Don: I have body aches and a fever!

Kyle: Mr. Watts, I think you have the flu.

Don: Are you sure about that?

Kyle: Yes, but I will need to draw some of your blood to make sure.

Don: Okay! Will it take long to get the results?

Kyle: No!

Don: Okay!

About an half hour later

Kyle is about toe tell Mr. Watts his test results.

Don: So, do I have the flu?

Kyle: Yes, you do!

Don: I can't believe this! How long am I going to have this for?

Kyle: A week!

Don was a little disappointed.

Kyle: You need to make sure you eat, rest, and take something to treat the flu.

Don: Okay! Do I need to take a prescription for the flu?

Kyle: Yes! I will have to get one of the nurses to sign you getting a prescription for the flu.

Don: Okay!

Then Kyle heads to the nurses station when he finds Nurse Madison.

Madison: How can I help you Kyle?

Kyle: I need you to write a flu prescription for Mr. Don Watts.

Madison: Okay!

Then she goes to write the prescription and when she is done, she hands the paper to Kyle.

Kyle: Thanks!

Madison: You're welcomed!

Seconds later he heads back to where Mr. Watts is.

Kyle: This is your prescription Mr. Watts.

Don: Thank you. What should I be eating and drink while I have the flu?

Kyle: You have to make sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated. You can drink hot tea, broth, and juice.

As for what to eat you should eat things that are nutritious foods, which include fruit and vegetables.

Don: I will take that into consideration.

Kyle: It's very important that you rest.

Don: So, does that mean I really can't get out of bed?

Kyle: Yes! The only times you should be getting out of bed is when you need to eat and when you have to use the bathroom.

Don: Okay!

Kyle: After a week you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure the flu is gone.

Don: I will do that!

Kyle: Okay!

Seconds later Kyle hands Mr. Watts the paper with the prescription on it.

Don: Thanks!

Kyle: You're welcome!

Seconds later Mr. Watts leaves the emergency room.

A minute later Kate appears.

Kyle: You forget to call!

Kate: I'm sorry Kyle!

Kyle: That's okay!

Kate: Well, I will go get ready for work. Thanks again for covering Kyle!

Kyle: It was no problem.

Kate: Are you still on the schedule for today?

Kyle: Yes!

Kate: Okay! Are you working in the emergency room?

Kyle: No! I have to work on another floor!

Kate: Okay!

Seconds later Kyle leaves and Kate starts to work.

A little time later

It is about 2:40 p.m.

Oliver is about to start working on the computer when Bo comes over to his desk second later.

Bo: Hey!

Oliver: Hey!

Bo: I just wanted to let you know that Detective Murphy told me that you're the one who thought of maybe she could have hidden cameras in her apartment, and also that you wanted to check her computer to see if there were any hidden programs on there.

Oliver: Well, I think it might be a way that the person who robbed her knew where to look.

Bo: Yes, it may be possible.

Oliver: I was about to start working on the computer.

Bo: Okay! I want you tell me right away if you found anything on her computer.

Oliver: I will.

Bo: Okay! Oh, Oliver, I forget to mention you have to see the police psychologist before you can go back into the field.

Oliver: Should I make the appointment after my doctor says I'm fit to go back into field work.

Bo: Yes!

Oliver: Okay! I will make sure to do that.

Bo: Okay!

Then he heads back to his office seconds later and Oliver begins work on Ms. Archer's computer.

About two hours later

Oliver is in Bo's office.

Bo: So, did you find any hidden programs on Ms. Arch's computer?

Oliver: No!

Bo: So, that means I will have to send the CSI team to Ms. Arch's apartment to look for the hidden cameras?

Oliver: Yes!

Bo: Okay! Where would you suggest they look?

Oliver: Well, it says the safe was found in her bedroom in her closet, so anywhere they could capture a view of the safe. If they don't find any hidden cameras then it just happened to be a random robbery in that neighborhood.

Bo: So, the robber must have take the time to look for any valuables in the apartment.

Oliver: Also, why didn't the robber take the laptop? It doesn't make the sense for the robber to leave that behind.

Bo: It doesn't make sense at all Oliver. I will tell Detective Murphy that I think Ms. Arch lied to him about not telling anyone about the safe and the money.

Oliver: So, maybe she lied to protect the person from going to jail.

Bo: So, I will tell Detective Murphy to start looking into the family first. Also, I will tell him to get all the staff who works there and then tell say I want you and Oliver to split getting information on the people who work there.

Oliver: Okay!

To Be Continued