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chapter one

He had been running, how long he didn't know, or care to know, all that was coursing through his mind was that he had to keep running, whatever was chasing him should not be able to catch him, for whatever reason, he could not afford to be caught. He ran through a forest, not so thick that he couldn't see the forest floor, but thick enough to provide cover from whatever it was that was chasing him. He had already passed by many animals and plants, he had for some reason not made any sound as he ran, it was a curious thing, it was as if he were one with the wind, or that he were the wind itself. His pursuers whomever they were were still after him, he did not know how they tracked him, or where they were, but he knew they still hounded him, like hounds on the hunt for a fox.

His presence in the forest was nigh undetected, if it weren't for his panting, none would be the wiser that he was running at a set pace through the wilds of the wilderness. Wherever the forest was, he did not know, but he knew it was a forest. How he had gotten there did not matter, all that mattered was that he had appeared there as he ran. His pursuers had chased him, he knew they chased him still, he could feel them near him, yet he knew they were not near enough to catch him. He wouldn't get caught, he couldn't afford to get caught, for whatever reason, he knew that he couldn't get caught.

The men that were hunting him, and indeed they were men, had allowed their passion to rule all their reasoning, they did not know what had made them do as they did, but they did it. They had managed to snatch their prey right from under his protectors' collective noses, then they set him loose in the wilds, gave him a head start, then gave chase. They knew that they would catch him, they had played this game before, they gave their prey a false sense of hope that they or he would get away unscathed, but in the end they always caught their prey. This time should not have been any different from their hunts in the past. But this time was different, in the past their hunts were not only for sport, but also acts with a purer cause compared to the reason for why they were hunting this night. They were out for blood for revenge, it had taken a few short years, but they had finally managed to find the location, the hideaway of the one person that had managed to do the impossible in their eyes, they had found the person that had supposedly done in the man that they revered as immortal, the man, the monster, that they called master.

While on the move, their prey running on two legs on the ground, they in the air, the scenery had changed unexpectedly, they did not know how it had happened, or what had caused it to happen, but it happened. They were there, suddenly thrust in a place that they knew not where it was. Where they were, their location was a new mystery. But instead of stopping to ponder where they were, they decided to complete their revenge on their master's killer, before they would find out where exactly in the world they were.

Unlike their prey they had run into many dangers that the forest had in store for any trespassers. Unlike the boy they were hindered in their hunt. They were attacked by the animals and plants. They were ambushed by monsters. Of the twenty five bitter and vengeful souls that had started the hunt, by the time that they had cornered their prey they were down to being five.

His back was to what appeared to be a wall, a tall shadow that made its home in the indentation in what would have been a perfectly flat cliff wall. His back was to in, and in front of him were five strangers, his pursuers, they had cornered him, he knew that originally there were more of them, but now that he only saw five, he knew that something must have happened to them. Possibly something more dangerous than they had hunted the rest of their group down. In part he was correct, something indeed had hunted them down, but not for sport as he was, but plainly for tresspassing on their territory. He was welcome in their home for some reason or other, but they were not, their intentions were clear, as were him, theirs were tainted, his were pure. Their souls were tainted from previous acts, while his was still pure, not a single speck on his soul could be found, for what child could be seen as more than innocent.

He curled up into a ball at the base of the indentation, once his eyes were firmly shut, he heard the cries of horror, and the screams of terror and pain. Taking a peek due to some dark curiosity, he saw the darkness that was at his back come to life and tare apart his foes. Each of the men were torn limb from bloody limb, their bodies split in two, their heads pulled off by tendrils of darkness, all the while he could swear that none of them were anywhere close to dying. It was only when he saw the last bloody body smashed to nothingness that he knew them to have been sent to the next life, to the place where souls of such tainted nature were meant to go.

He uncurled himself from his foetal position, if he was going to go next, he would do so like a coward, he didn't want to die in such a way, even though he previously had resigned himself to such a fate. He found a new confidence in himself, a new sense of self, or of bravery that told him that he should stand and fight if need be and not simply pass on silently into the night. The dark tendrils of shadow gathered together on a spot a few feet in front of the boy. Slowly, and steadily the shadow took form, the resulting figure was that of a silouhette of a man, then out of the shadow, came an actual man. He was dressed in all black clothes, a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, black boots, and ever a black floor length cloak. He had black hair, and a pair of interchanging red and yellow eyes. He had an air of confidence, of superiority, no arrogance, just pride. He had power flowing off of his very being, flowing off of him in waves. The very air around him started to spark, and electrify in his mere presence. He looked at the boy, and spoke.

"Hunted you once were, now free you be. Stay with me here, in my home, or choose to be set free."

"What do you mean," the young boy asked, for he now knew that the man before him meant him no harm.

"Where you were, you were not wanted, nor shall you be missed, but here I offer sanctuary, and a place to grow. I am aware of many things, and I know tis a home you seek. I am offering you such a place."

"But why me?"

"I have seen the worlds, or read of them, I have conjured, and imagined quite a lot, but in this world, or that which you lived, the world was your oyster, yours to play with, yours to claim. You would have grown to be one of many, yet more special than the lot. But would you truly have been you? Surrounded by expectations, not knowing your true self."

"I still don't quite understand."

"I offer you, yourself, your identity. Choose to return to expectation, to a world forced on you, or remain here, and grow as you see fit."

"I'm sorry sir, but I still am quite confused."

"I offer you a home, a world of possibilities, one without limitations, if you so choose to stay, but if you choose to live in the world where you once lived, you will be bound by her rules."

"So..it is freedom or chains? The unknown or the known?"

"Something like that."

"I've always wanted to have my own adventure."

"So mote it be, and welcome home."

"Where is home exactly?"

"In the crossworld, my world, this world which you have stumbled upon through the many shadows of the night, here is the world that joins all world, but unfortunately for you, to keep the balance, I cannot allow you to breach too far into the lands beyond beyond."


"Shall we go to my home now? I'm sure you are tired from all that running."

"I am..sir?"


"What is your name?"

"Crius, you may call me Crius."

"Nice to meet you Crius, I'm.."

"Harry Potter," Crius interrupted.