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chapter fifty-seven

With the two seekers unable to continue to the sheer extent of their injuries, the game continued with the scoring ball continued to be passed around. It was less exciting now that there weren't two people going around worrying for their health and life due to little balls of golden shine flying around.

The reserve seekers were petrified by what they had witnessed. They barely even moved when the snitch was hovering just beyond arm's reach. It was rather disappointing.

Even when the Aetas Delegation were adding their own attempts to spice things back up again, it just wasn't the same as the first part of the game. They were getting rather worried actually, really really worried that their Supreme Being was getting bored, they all knew how bad things could get when such a Being was bored.

Boredom was the enemy.

Boredom showed its ugly head long enough for a man to jump onto one of the railings wearing a blue ninja costume..

"FINISH IT!" the blue costumed person shouted for the whole stadium to hear, he then somehow threw a white-blue ball in the direction of the two seekers, and controlled the thing making it chase them.

He managed to make the thing chase them since when it touched a bludger the thing turned to ice and he sent a shuriken at the falling frozen ball of ice shattering it.


That was probably the only reason that all the players avoided the thing. Only anyone that had been exposed to a certain versus video game would have gotten the reference though. He forced the seekers into chasing after the snitch, the golden ball knew not to get in the path of the ball of freezing fire or whatever it was made out of.

It zoomed and zipped, and generally tried to avoid other people. It didn't want to suffer freezing or getting caught at all. It also didn't want to lose the freedom that it had gained once again. Being cooped up in a small compartment in a specialized trunk was rather boring, it didn't really like being cooped up, which was why it took only very skilled and lucky people to catch it and lock it away again.

It knew of the dangers of freedom and tried its very best to remain free, it didn't want to end up like those that had preceeded it, forced into near extinction due to how these brutes on brooms fondled it.

This particular golden ball had been kept far too long in its compartment, a year actually, it didn't want to suffer such lonliness once again and thus flew hither and tither trying to find some way to escape the clutches of those two seekers that were pissing in their breeches as they barely were managing to escape the icy clutches of the ball of ice.

No one really knew what was happening, but at least it was somewhat exciting. No one, not the aurors even, bothered to try and stop the blue attired person that was controling the ball of ice while performing some tai chi or something similar on the railing. There were some people that didn't really care much for the game that tried to copy the man in blue.

Game officials were far too busy to interfere with the interference of the game since they were facing off against a man wearing yellowing ninja attire that was shooting fireballs out of his hands at them wherever they were, even the referee was powerless to stop anything from happening since someone wearing a sakkat was throwing bolts of lightning at the ref's broom everytime the ref tried to move or call foul or something like that.

Too add a bit more random chaos into the progress of the game, a man wearing a white trench coat dropped down from the sky and knocked out the referee and took his place by transforming like a metamorphmagus into the referee and began calling foul and whatever.

The audience was hardpressed to keep up with all the things happening around on the pitch and even in the audience itself.

There was a group somewhere in the lower part o the bleachers that was having a massive orgy, but stunned anyone that bothered looking their way. There was a rave party in one of the mid-level-sections of the stadium. Some Hogwarts students could swear that they saw Severus Snape somewhere in that crowd doing some dirty dance moves on the make-shift dance floor with someone that he was undeserving of.

But when some managed to catch a glimpse of Draco Malfoy with long time rival of sorts Hermione Granger among that crowd, they decided that their minds were playing tricks on them and that candy was bad for their mental health if they began hallucinating like that.

'If someone doesn't catch the snitch anytime soon Voldemort is going to be brought back to life and is going to have his Death Eaters use you as tools for the very game you now play,' was the mental message Harry sent to all the players presently on he field of play.

He enjoyed the game like any other fan, but after the excitement of the first part of the game he just lost interest in the professional game. It was far more exciting to watch of play a school game. So he sent in his message to make the game even more interesting.

It came as no surprise to him when all of the players, including the keeprs and chasers dropped what they were doing and zoomed on after the snitch. A snitch that just didn't want to get caught.

It was the first time in the history of the game that all the players tried to catch the snitch, and it was also the first time that anyone had seen a snitch cast spells at the players chasing after it.

The referee was a famous one, and always checked all the balls before they were let loose on the pitch for any spells and the like. So on one questioed the snitch flinging spells as being outside interference, plus it was entertaining and not at all ruining the game. No one knew that with a god in attendance things weren't going to be normal at all. Especially if that god was Harry Potter of all people.

The game soon evolved from man versus man to balls versus man. One snitch out maneuvering those that tried to legally catch it, while the bludgers, the one that had been destroyed was resurrected and joined in on the battle for the end of the game and freedom. The quaffle somehow managed to find a way into the air, it emanated a blinding white light, and turned into a bludger, the third one.

The game became even more random and barbaric once the third bludger made its appearance. Someone, a halfblood probably, pulled out a red booklet that could be used to examine living things via magic..

"Bludger, the evolved form of Quaffle," the red booklet spoke, startling some of its owner's companions, "It has the ability of flight and will hunt down its prey with the veracity and aggressiveness that could match any Hungarian Horntail. Caution when handling one is advised."

"Bludger used Tackle attack!" someone in the audience randomly shouted.

"Snitch used Defense Curl!" another person shouted.

Things were clearly getting out of hand.

"I am sufficiently entertained," Harry spoke evenly as he relaxed in his seat.

The rest of his delegation calmed down upon hearing that. They were growing a bit worried.

Other than Harry, only Moony and Remus managed to catch the snitch and the other balls kind of nod in thanks at Harry for their bout of freedom before the snitch landed in Neville Longbottom's lap.

The whole stadium immediately froze, no one dared to move as the snitch just sat there on Neville's lap. HE groaned and was mentally compiling a list of things that he would love to do to Harry. No one really knew who won at that point, in terms of quaffle scores the two teams were at a tie, the snitch was what was supposed to declare the winner.

"Umm," Neville stood from his seat, "FETCH!" he shouted as he threw the snitch over the players staring at him. The seekers needed to be elbowed by their teammates before they turned around and frantically searched for the descending ball of gold. It would have been harder to find if the stadium wasn't so quiet. But it was, and in the end, Sudden Death was put into play since both seekers caught the thing at the same time.

Ireland won in the quaffle only part.

Just cause the Bulgarians were still rather in a daze and the shot was accidental thanks to a stinging hex.


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