When Xander saw that Ethan's was out of toy guns, his shoulders slumped in disappointment. How could he be a soldier without a gun? Since Buffy and Willow were still picking through the costumes, he started sorting through the bargain bin in a desultory fashion while he waited. He found the plastic badge near the bottom. Once he realized what it was, his mood picked up. He'd have to ditch the fatigues and go as something else, but he had the things he needed for the costume that went with the badge in his closet. Sort of.

On the night of All Hallow's Eve as the world went to hell around him, a Psi-Cop named Alfred Bester tore into the mind of the first vampire he came across. They weren't human, so the rules didn't apply. Not that he generally followed the rules anyway. As that former partner of his that had been killed by Ironheart on Babylon 5 had said, "There are rules, then there are rules".