Xander was breathing heavily as he entered the library. He and Giles weren't the only ones there when he arrived. Buffy, Cordelia, and Willow were there as well. As well as speaking, he could hear other voices that sounded like they belonged to his friends. Alongside the voices there were other impressions and the mental images of what could only be their minds.

Despite his panic over what had apparently happened to him, he couldn't help but stop and stare in wonder as he saw his friends in an entirely new light, a light that showed them to be just as they were.

Willow apparently ran at Willow Babble speed in her head the entire time, and her mind was like quicksilver as it flashed hither and yon inside her head jumping from one topic to another, never staying in quite the same place, and occasionally hopping back to the subject at hand which appeared to be the night before.

Iwasaghost. Iwasn'tabletotouchanything. HowcouldIopenandclosethedoorofEthan'sshopthen? MaybeIshouldstudymoreaboutghostsincasewerunintothe m. I'llhavetogetonthecomputerlater. That'sright,IwasgoingtohackNASA...

Buffy who was sitting in an almost proper position rather than the usual large predator sprawl she ended up in when she wasn't paying attention for once was thinking in both English and what sounded like French, switching back and forth between the both of them as if they were one language. Her mind seemed oddly divided yet not as the disparate parts of it all focused on what she was doing at the moment. She currently appeared to be steadily focused on the topic at hand the way a cat would watch its prey before it finally leapt. He couldn't be entirely sure though, because Buffy would switch languages in mid-sentence and he was almost completely unable to understand French.

Interesting...I'll have to consider that later the voice in his head who seemed to be able to follow whatever the hell Buffy was thinking about despite the numerous distracted switches said, sounding slightly intrigued by a long tangle of French that Buffy's mind had slipped into.

"You know French?" Xander blurted, directing it more on his current passenger whom he'd be getting rid of as soon as G-Man came through with the research for him. That's what the dude in tweed was for after all.

I did grow up outside Geneva. the Bester voice said, sounding irritated that he'd asked about something that should've been completely obvious in so stupid a manner.

Everyone in the room whirled to face him including Giles who was very turbulent beneath his calm tweedy exterior, and Cordelia who was both as shallow as she acted and yet much deeper at the same time.

"Xander," Giles started, his mind rapidly churning over something that involved a number of dead languages and spitting out several conclusions, several of which seemed to be on the right track "Did you purchase anything from Ethan's for your costume? I was under the impression that it had been entirely homemade, but..."