Darkness Reigns

Disclaimer: I own what's mine, but not what isn't mine.

Author's Note: This is a story that I thought of when I was looking at my background, which is Spyro and Cynder in their evil forms surrounded by darkness and so this is what I thought of.

Chapter 1: The Birth of His Evil

The two Celestial Moons were nearly overlapping one another. It was only matter of seconds until the eclipse occurred. A dark entity waited anxiously for this. He has waited for hundreds of years to be free and now that moment was here. The moons lined up and the beam of Convexity that was flowing from the Well of Souls intensified and strengthened. The dark entity raced down the beam towards the Well of Souls to begin his conquest of the land.

Gaul, the Ape King jumped into the air and thrust both swords into the floor where Spyro was a few moments ago. Gaul ripped the blades out of the floor and the ground below Spyro and Gaul gave out, causing them to fall to the level below.

Gaul recovered quickly and looked up at the beam as it increased with power. Gaul smiled knowing that his master has returned. That smile though disappeared quickly though when he saw that Spyro's body lay in the beam of Convexity.

Spyro's body was lifted up in the beam and then with a flash of purple light his body became dark and demonic.

Gaul roared at Spyro and attacked, not knowing that it was his master. Spyro opened his mouth and fired a column of Convexity energy that forced Gaul back a few feet along with in casing his left arm in stone. Gaul howled in rage and Spyro fired another blast of Convexity, this time in casing most of Gaul's left side of his body. Spyro then unleashed his rage in a massive shockwave of Convexitial energy.

The first shockwave flew out completely freezing Gaul in stone and the second wave destroyed him.

Spyro looked down at the floor as if he was tired or the action he had just committed was burden.

His glowing eyes closed for only a moment before he heard someone ask from above, "What's happening down there?"

"Spyro you ok buddy?" Sparx asked.

Spyro suddenly flew up inside the beam and hovered a good ten feet above Cynder and Sparx, displaying his new found power.

Sparx screamed and flew off when Spyro appeared.

Cynder stepped back and looked up in horror at her friend saying, "Oh no."

She immediately thought, "He has Spyro."

She ran up to the edge of the hole in floor and shouted, "Spyro stop!"

Spyro turned and looked at his two friends with a dark glare.

Sparx moves back and raises his hands saying, "Ow, calm down man it's me."

Spyro's glare ceased as he blinked and he began to return to normal as he said, "I…I can't…" He blinked and struggled to keep control of himself.

Cynder jumped in the air, swung her tail, but was stopped by Spyro's claw. Spyro had fallen again, the glare that he gave Cynder was terrifying, like the one that the Dark Master had. Spyro threw her and she landed on the ground hard.

Spyro landed on the edge of the hole and looked at Cynder who was getting up. A thick sheet of smoke came from Spyro that began to take shape. When the smoke became solid, a dark purple dragon, like Spyro, but much older, stood a few feet from Spyro.

Cynder looked in horror as she recognized the dragon. Malefor, the Dark Master. Cynder stepped back trying to think of a way to escape, but she wasn't about to leave without Spyro. She looked to Spyro and found him kneeling before Malefor. Malefor smiled as he looked down at Spyro, pleased that he had control over him.

"Spyro?" Cynder whispered.

Spyro's eyes looked at her with no emotion; no trace of his former self. Cynder felt her heartbreak and the Dark Master smiled seeing the effect it had on her.

Malefor took a step towards Cynder, but she didn't notice. She was locked on to Spyro who returned the gaze.

Cynder heard something inside her head like a ghost whispering to her from the spirit world saying, "I love you Cynder."

"I love you too," Cynder thought, knowing that it would project into Spyro's mind, hopefully freeing him.

Malefor then knocked Cynder unconscious with dark energy and turned to Spyro who remained kneeling.

"Rise my friend," Malefor said, "You have allowed me to return with full power. I thank you and I have decided to reward with a gift of your choice."

Spyro rose and said, "I only wish for your favor," his voice was lower and darker than usual.

"There must be one thing you want that I haven't given you yet," the Dark Master prodded.

Spyro looked towards Cynder's unconscious form and stared at it.

"You want her," Malefor asked," Don't you?"

Spyro merely blinked and lowered his head, "No it is a foolish idea that will make me vulnerable."

"She will cause more good than harm if she is with you and she is very talented," Malefor stated, "She is now under my influence and still feels for you. It will take some time though for those feelings to redevelop."

Spyro bowed again and said, "Thank you my master."

Sparx came out of hiding and flew in front of Spyro's face.

"What do you think you're doing? He's your enemy, not your master as you just said," Sparx shouted.

"He is my master Sparx," Spyro replied.

"Prove your loyalty Spyro and I can promise that you will have Cynder," the Dark Master said.

Spyro looked at Sparx and knew what he meant.

Sparx began to flee, but Spyro chased him down, pinning him to the ground.

"Spyro, please don't," Sparx begged, "I'm your brother!"

"You're not my brother!" Spyro shouted as he stabbed a claw through Sparx's throat.

Sparx's glow ceased and the dragonfly that was Spyro's brother and best friend was dead.

"Very good," Malefor commented.

Spyro bowed his head and said, "Thank you master."

"Now bring Cynder with us," the Dark Master replied, "We will begin the plans for our conquest."

Spyro lifted Cynder with his horns and let her body slide down onto his back. When she was in a stable position Spyro followed.

A figure in the shadows on the roof of the room watched as the two dark dragons left. The figure lowered his cloak hood to reveal feline characteristics. He grabbed his bow from his back and descended the mountain.

He found solid ground after an hour of climbing down the mountain and ran into the nearby forest to warn the Guardians of what had occurred.