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Chapter 13: Fates of the Dark

Grex stated, "So it comes to this does it?"

"It comes to your death!" Spyro growled his voice growing more distorted by the word.

Spyro leapt forward landing just in front of Grex. Spyro lunged toward and bit into Grex's neck. The attack drew no blood from Grex as he no longer had any and after a few moments of waiting for Spyro to release him he tapped into his powers and dissipated before Spyro and reappeared next to him. Upon reappearing, Grex swiftly thrust his tail blade into Spyro's side, drawing blood which began to flow from the wound and trickle down his side until it pooled on the floor below him.

Spyro lashed out at Grex with his claws which passed through his form as he dissipated once more. Grex reappeared in front of him and thrust his horns towards Spyro's chest. Spyro was able to avoid the strike enough to attain any non-lethal wounds. Grex withdrew his horns from Spyro's shoulder and swung his tail blade at Spyro's neck who ducked beneath the strike and fired a beam of Convexity through Grex's head and continued the beam as he directed it towards Grex's chest.

Grex vanished into the black mist again and Spyro waited and watched for Grex to reform himself. The mist of darkness began to gather a few feet from him and Spyro unleashed a jet of purple flames at the point of gathering darkness that was Grex.

The purple flames struck the reforming Grex and cast him back into the shadow mist. Spyro foiled several more of Grex's attempts to reform himself but Spyro was growing tired of this and had not the strength to continue doing this for long. His wounds that Grex inflicted was costing him greatly and the never ending elemental attacks used to prevent Grex from returning were quickly draining him of his near limitless power, or so he thought it was.

Grex began to form himself before Spyro, who now was worn out and gave up on preventing the inevitably of Grex coming back, hunched over and breathing heavily.

When Grex was finally reformed he laughed at the sight of Spyro's condition, "This is such a disappointment truly, Spyro. Cynder put up more of a fight before I took her soul away from her."

Spyro growled and felt his anger bring him more energy which he focused and gathered until he could not contain the raging energy within himself and unleashed the unbridled force.

Grex witness only Spyro's form glowing purple for a mere second before a wall of Convexity energy rushed out from him and ripped through Grex's being which turned into the shadowy mist.

Spyro's breathing continued to be heavy as he felt the surge leave him. Grex's form reappeared a good distance away from Spyro who glared with hatred burning in his eyes.

"Glare at me all you want Spyro but you cannot defeat me," Grex stated, "I have transcended your power even with the help of the demon within you."

Spyro's face turned to one of confusion, "This is the power of the purple dragon, not of some demon."

"Oh but it is," Grex replied, "This is the sole reason why I'm here. The demon that is inside of you is why you gained such great power and why you must die."

"Why do you desire this…demon?" Spyro asked.

"Because I was sent to this world to bring it back to my realm for judgment," Grex responded, "The demon within you is a fugitive and an outcast."

"I still don't understand why?" Spyro replied.

"You don't need to understand," Grex stated harshly, "Surrender yourself so I may take Death back to our realm."

"No," Spyro replied.

Grex's eye ridge furrowed with anger as he growled, "I will not be denied the victory I have sought for countless years. If you will not willing summit then I shall kill you as I killed Cynder. You dragons are truly a foolish race, no wonder your race has failed."

The shadows that made up Grex began to reach towards Spyro who responded by unleashed a wave of Convexity from his body, repelling the shadow wisps momentarily. Spyro issued forth more waves of greater strength which only slowed the relentless advance of the darkness that spread around him to engulf him. Again a wave of Convexity was unleashed only to cease the advance for a second before the darkness closed in around him.

Spyro's temper flared as he realized that his death was approaching, bringing forth a far more powerful wave of energy that cut through parts of the shadows around him. The relentless advance of the shadows was brought to a standstill.

A raspy voice filled the temple stating, "Grex…you have grown powerful but you are still unable to stop me or even bring me back to our cursed realm."

"I have taken a part of you Death from Cynder," Grex replied, "It's you who has not the power to stop me."

"Unless the demon is fully consumed the power does not transfer," Death replied, "Leave me before I must cast you down."

"Again you mistaken your power," Grex stated bluntly, "You can either surrender and be taken back to our realm and have a chance at redemption and reform or you can be cast into the Eternal Abyss when I slay you."

"I would rather suffer the Eternal Abyss then surrender myself to a lesser demon," the raspy voice of Death added emphasis on the last two words as a means of insult.

"You will soon find yourself to be the lesser," Grex replied as he focused once more on the assault of Spyro's soul, trying desperately to overwhelm the waves of energy Spyro sent out.

Grex's anger towards Spyro and Death grew stronger every second that they resisted the inevitable. This anger was placed into the darkness that was attempting to consume Spyro's soul. The head draconian's words came into his mind.

Let their suffering compel you to be merciless, let their anger fuel your powers, let your dishonor drive your revenge, let your duty purge the fugitive, and let their deaths bring you victory.

Grex repeated this in his mind and as he did so the darkness that was enveloping Spyro grew tremendously in strength and pushed through the greater waves of energy that Spyro unleashed.

Spyro realized as the darkness slowly closed in on him that despite his strength through Convexity he would not be able to survive this encounter.

"Cynder," Spyro thought hoping that somehow she would hear his last thoughts, "I'll be with you soon my love. What purpose is there to be here without you?"

With that last thought Spyro took every ounce of his power he had. This power mixed with his hate for Grex killing Cynder, and the thought of seeing Cynder again soon brought forth strength and determination that Spyro had never felt before. These feelings seemed to react with the energy he had through Convexity enhancing them greatly.

"Here I come my dear," Spyro whispered.

The energy exploded out of Spyro eliminating the shadows that sought to consume his very being. Grex watched in horror as his success slipped from his claws in a matter of seconds. The purple energy expanded from Spyro body at a stunningly rapid pace.

Everything that came into the contact with the emotionally enhanced Convexity energy was eradicated and wiped from existence. Within a few seconds of the release the entire ruins of Warfang and the surrounding plains were destroyed. The energy continued to spread as if to cleanse the land of the evil deeds that had taken place over the past centuries.

Incidentally the cleansing took place within Spyro as well as the surrounding landscape. Death, who had resided inside of Spyro and tainted his soul and mind was cleansed by the incorruptible force of Convexity, freeing Spyro from evil. The energy continued to escape Spyro cleansing the land which had now destroyed the beautiful and tranquil Valley of Avalar. The energy continued until it claimed the Mountain of Malefor and consumed the ancient place in Convexity. Spyro's last bits of energy were drained and the energy ceased its flow. Spyro was suspended in the air a great distance from the nearest patch of ground when the energy faded away.

He reverted back to his normal self, free of darkness and possession. His body began to plummet down towards the ground. His soul was barely able to remain within his body as he fell. He felt the Ancestors call to him and he knew it was his time. His soul let go of his material body and started on the journey to the Realm of the Ancestors were Cynder would be awaiting him.

Spyro's body continued to fall into the massive crater he had created that covered a distance that was beyond the sight of most. This would be the finally resting place of the most powerful dragon in existence and this place would never be disturbed by mortals.

Hunter was looking into a pool of water that glowed with blue energy. The blue energy within the pool flickered several times before it faded away. Hunter called over the Avalarian chief of those that lived in the mountains.

"What is it Hunter?" the Avalarian asked.

"The pool," Hunter replied, "Moments ago the light faded away and hasn't returned yet as it usually does."

"Let us give it a few minutes," the Avalarian stated.

The two watched the water for any sign of light but found none.

"Perhaps the pool has used its power up," the Avalarian suggested, "Come we will worry about this some other time. We must continue to rebuild my friend."

Hunter nodded as he stared at the pool, "Your right, this can wait."

The two turned and headed into the small town of wooden and clay buildings that were being constructed before them.

The pool though would show its mysterious light on days that were deemed important to the refugees but never would it allow them to return to the land they came from. This pool was named the Exodus Pool and was made into a scared place for them and would continue to be such through many generations of their existence in this peaceful place.

The Chronicler was standing in a chamber much like the one in the Temple of Time except that the colors were white and gold instead of blue and grey. He was dressed in similar fashioned robes of white and gold. He looked into a pool of golden liquid that showed the Chronicler the image of Hunter and the Avalarian walking back into their town.

"Take care of this place my friends, you have been given a place blessed by the Ancestors," he spoke to himself, wishing that they could hear his words.

He turned from the pool and looked at Spyro and Cynder who stood nearby also dressed in robes of white and gold, "We knew you both were destined to destroy the evil of the realm but we never knew it would take place like this. It is good to have you with us young dragons."