The next day Harry got up early in the morning to go for a jog. He had started this ever since he got back from school because a) it was an excuse to get away from the Dursleys and b) he was absolutely astounded at the fight at the Department of Mysteries. He had tired very easily and had become prone to spells very easily. He had thought that his qudditch had him in good shape but he was sorely wrong.

As he started his jog he mused over all the letters and presents he had got yesterday. He had fallen asleep before he opened Ginny's present but this morning he found it. It was a silver necklace with a snake in a figure of eight shape resting in a circle. An emerald was encrusted in the place of the eye. Harry personally thought that it was the best present he had got simply because it had the most sentimental value. Ginny had actually thought about his gift and it looked like she had spent quite a bit of money on it as well. He knew the Weasleys weren't a very rich family so he appreciated it even more.

A noise of someone tripping behind him caught his attention.

"Shoot!" There was a distortion in the air for about a second.

Harry chuckled. The moment he had come to Privet Drive he had realised that he was being followed practically everywhere. He had become attuned to his guards so he knew which one was guarding him and when. At the moment it was Tonks. She was very clumsy and he could hear her fall over all the time. Mudungus Fletcher was distinguishable from the smell of whiskey while Mad-Eye-Moody could be detected by the clunk of his wooden leg. Kingsley Shacklebolt was much harder to identify as he was an excellent auror and could only be revealed by the odd twig snapping. At first was rather annoyed that Dumbledore was having him followed without him knowing but after a while he realised that was how Dumbledore was. He was sneaky and cunning. He had assessed all of the decisions the old man had made and grasped that Dumbledore had been setting up a certain sequence of events. First of all why the Philosopher's Stone would would be kept at Hogwarts and he just had to come by the Mirror of Erised by accident. Also how could three first-years be able to pass obstacles set by a few of the most powerful wizards and witches in the world?

What a pile of shit.

Then came his second year. Surely the headmaster could have enforced more rules or have closed the school down for the students. Right? Wrong, apparently Dumbledore doesn't work that way and he hired the most incompetent DADA teacher in the history of Hogwarts. Quirrel came at a close second. In his third-year dementors, one of the darkest creatures to roam the earth, were stationed at the very school with eleven and twelve year olds. I mean honestly, he thought even I could have done better. The next year he was entered in to the Triwizard Tournament. There must have been a way to get him out of it but no, Dumbledore said he had to play. And that's excluding the fact that he hired a Death Eater. My fifth-year, don't even get me started. That year was a complete waste. Dumbledore practically gave the Ministry absolute control of Hogwarts. It just happened that he thought that the new DADA teacher was an old toad and started the DA.

Coincidence? I think not.