AN: This is something I came up with while listening to James Galaway's Japanese Flute CD: Enchanted Forest. I would highly reccomend this CD especially Track 5: Star Children.

"Are fairies and angels the same thing, Dad?"

"No, son. Fairies are just pretenders that act like angels to try and trick you. Always be wary of fairies, son."

"Papa, I heard at school that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Is that true?"

"Yes, my little man. Yes, it is true. Angels have their own language, and everytime you hear a sweet, soft melody they are talking to each other or celebrating a special occasion."

"Are the angels related to the birds then? They always sing prettily."

"Not quite. Singing birds are the angels gifts to us so we won't get lonely when we can't hear their voices for a long time. Now go to sleep, Jaiden. It's been a long day."

"Daddy, where do Angels come from?"

"Well, angels are born in roses and everytime a rose blooms an angel comes to life and looks over a special child in the area."

"Is that why there are rose gardens all over Paris?"

"Yes, mon chere. That is why there are rose gardens."

"You know someone told me once that angels came from the moons of Iego. The one beautiful, comforting thing from that horrid and terrifying system. The one thing that made life bearable. I think he was wrong. Angels are much more beautiful than those beings from Iego. I believe that angels are born from stars far away. Some are hot and some are cold but all shine bright. They come into our lives unexpectedly and sometimes we don't even know that they're there. Our own personal little starshine. Sometimes we mistreat them, but they always love us anyway. "

Or so the Dark Lord told his children late one night.