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Full Summary: Max and the flock are flying over Japan when all of a sudden Max takes a nose dive. Needing serious medical help, she directs the flock to Ouran and through the window of Music Room #3! After a little coaching from Angel, she gets the Hosts to help them. What will happen when lines get crossed and people start falling in love?! There is a plot in here somewhere...



We were flying over Japan when it happened. Normally we wouldn't have been in East Asia, but we had just done some major fighting with that stupid Kim Jong IL, the dictator of North Korea. Long story short, we made him see the error of his ways. Now his army is being put to better use and the once enslaved people are free.

So I was flying along and everything was all fine and dandy, right? Wrong. I'm not sure what happened, but I stopped moving. It was as if a switch had been flicked and all my motor abilities shut down. My wings stopped mid-flap and I started to plummet the 50,000 feet to the ground.

On my way to my death, I kept thinking about my flock. Who was going to take care of them? Would they stay together? And then what to do about Fang…our relationship had just taken off, and now I was going to die. You know, could my life suck anymore than it already did?

Angel, I am in serious need of some help. Can you tell Fang I can't move? Calm as ever, yep, that's me. I started to crash into the canopy of the trees and felt things breaking. Snap, oh great, there goes my wing. I knew I was going to have serious issues when, if, I ever woke up from my eminent fall, i.e. plenty of broken things and some serious internal bleeding.

Sometime whilst I was free-falling, I got turned around, just in time to see the ground coming up mighty quickly. I felt someone pulling my arm up, which turned me around just enough before my landing to not crush my face in. Oh, and then, to top off all the excruciating pain I felt, I blacked out.

Fang POV

All I heard was a snapping noise coming from below. Then I heard Angel's thoughts. FANG! Max is falling and she can't move! You need to go help her! Ok Angel. Calm down honey. I'm going down to help her. Get the rest of the flock and head down carefully. Ok.

I tucked my wings in and shot straight towards where Max had started to fall. As I neared her, I could hear snapping sounds. Just before she hit the ground, I managed to grab hold of her arm and half turn her so she wouldn't hit the ground face first like she was going to, had I not grabbed her. "IGGY!" I shouted once he touched down. "How bad are Max's wounds? Angel, Gasman, go get firewood! Nudge, when Iggy's done, go to town. Get as many bandages as you can. Also get Max something she can lay on so she's not on hard ground. Oh, and get her a pillow. Iggy, report!"

"Max's left leg is broken. She'll need a splint to keep it straight. And her right wing is useless for now. The bones are almost completely shattered. I don't know if she'll ever be able to use it again. She's got to have major internal bleeding Fang, along with some other injuries I may not be able to find. She's going to need a doctor, or someone that can provide medical attention. And she's going to need it soon," he replied solemnly.

"OK. You and Nudge go to town. Get a splint and whatever else you'll need. We can worry about what to do about the doctors once Max wakes up," I said to the two.

"OK," they replied in unison. Both looked afraid and unsure, but they took off with an air of determination.


I woke up I don't know how much later. First thing I noticed was how much I hurt. All over it seemed like a bulldozer had taken a wrecking ball to me, trying to destroy everything in my body that I needed. Secondly, I felt something soft under my head and body. I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings carefully, not wanting to move too much because it hurt like hell. I was laying on a mat or something that was soft on my back and cool to the touch. Wait a second; I shouldn't be able to feel the cool of the mat! I looked down and saw that I had no clothes on. There was an ace bandage covering my chest and a different ace bandage wrapped around my waist. My head was propped up on Fang's thigh and he was so very lucky I was out of commission or he would be so freaking dead!

I looked up to see Fang smiling down at me. "How do you feel?" he asked me.

"What the hell, Fang?! Why am I naked! You had best put some clothes on me before I drop kick you into oblivion," I screeched, really not wanting the kids to hear my tirade, even though the youngest, Angel, was already ten years old.

"Max. While I'm sure you would love to do that, have you noticed that you are broken in more places than one?" His voice was cool and collected, but I saw the pain in his eyes.

"How long have I been out?" I asked.

"Two days."

WOW! Two days? "I hurt all over," I said matter-of-factly.

"Anything I can get you, mother dearest?" Iggy asked sarcastically from my left. I realized it was dark out, but getting lighter. It must have been near dawn.

"Iggy, if you don't shut up I'm gonna kick your butt faster than you can say yes ma'am."

"Somehow that doesn't make me quiver or shake in fear."

"Shut up."

"Max," Fang called my attention.

"Yes?" I asked sweetly, as if I had not been busy making dirty faces—those of which had no effect on Iggy.

"You aren't going to like this," he said, looking down at me.

"Tell me," I said.

"We don't know the true extent of your injuries. To be sure, we need to take you to a real doctor," Nudge rushed out then shut up for once.

"Doctor?" I squeaked. In my present state I couldn't muster up the energy to display my dislike of doctors.

"You need one Max…or you could die," Angel whispered, but I could still hear her.

Something in my gut told me we needed to just fly around…that I would know where I needed to go. Just fly. Fly away and you will know where you need to go. This is no normal injury, and as such you need a greater than normal doctor, a voice said to me. No, not the voice, a different one. It was almost like a premonition of the future, or like a voice telling me the right way to go. "We need to fly."

Shocked faces filled my view as protests filled my ears. "Max, you are in no condition to fly," Fang said.

"Look. If I stay here I'm going to die. We need to fly. North, go north. I'll know where to go; you just need to follow my lead. Now, who gets the honor of carrying me?" I asked.

After much protest we finally got into the air. Fang held me close to his chest, but not so close as to bump any of my injuries, kind of. More like every move he made to turn me resulted in me crying out in pain.

I was finally able, through the pain, to direct the flock to some high-end school-palace like place. We flew right over the words Ouran High School Academy and crashed through some very large windows.

Fang stood up with me in his arms and I took in the scene before me. Eight people dressed the same, seven of them guys and one girl, looked over at us, shocked. I smiled briefly, then, seeing as how the pain was so terrible and I had had to deal with it all through the day, I blacked out…again. Shit.

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