This eternal question is posed on anime forums everywhere, and here is THE definitive answer. The rough draft appeared on one of those forums when someone said 'you are aren't going far enough' and posted an edit. Then it snowballed into a huge wall of text that swiftly devoured the allowable word count. The mods hated it and deleted the thread for lack of grammar, bad spelling, adjective repeating, and too many ninja monkeys playing Jenga.

I cleaned it up and reformatted into this, making sure to remove the British humor, pop-culture, and X-men references. Remember this is the definitive strongest in anime. He's not juggling the six Holy Hand grenades, nor does he have eyebeams like Cyclops. You can think of him as Chuck Norris's daddy if you desire, but it's not in his biography.

Now let me describe the strongest man (in anime):

He's the nano-enchanced genetically superior super-genius clone of TRUE Ultimate Brave Burning Dark Deus Fierce Elder Excellion Expert Hadou Hyper Magnificent Magna Perpertual Shin Shining Vorpal Completed-Form Deity Eternal Emperor KING OF KINGS! Secret EX mode SSS rank... The Greatest Beast Shinigami of Nightmares and God-Kami Badass-freakin-Overlord!

The Youkai of Boundries and Witch of Origins Chou Ulitma on boring Tuesdays. Grand Master of the Elements, including 'Leather,' 'Lightning,' and 'Sexy.'

Kaiouken Level 100, Bankai Genesic Kyuubi Starlight Majin Midian Tengen Toppa Visored Legendary SSJ-XZ+4 Broli-gotenks-Vegeto-han Rakanfield Kaiser Gear Mk.X Schneider! Call him 'Savior-sama' for short. Does not respond to 'Kurosaki-kun.' Will answer to 'Sensei.'

His eyes, including those in the back of his head, are Mangekyou Rinnegan Demon-Eyes with the flatness of invoked Sage Mode. On his forehead in the sign of the void, for somehow he is his own Wu.

Installed inside the roof of his mouth is Reality Marble accessing a lambda driver, +9001 Z/0 Blaster, 3 Omega Wheels, a Super Speical Awesome Smash Ball made out of 1024 different gym badges, infinite shell bullets, every Gundam and/or Super-Robot you can think of, and Unlimited Blade Works. (Want a mech? He spits them out.)

His opening combat stance is wielding dual Galactic Cannons in the gunslinger-style, plus seven swords of light with Giga Slaves cast on them (each held by six arms), while leading with his left foot and throwing a SPACE LANCE with his teeth!

He's reached the Pinnacle of Perfection While playing Go with the Hand of God, drinking Aizen's tea, and eating the Tree of Might's Yami-Yami Fruit. Nearby his Nakama are in danger while his love interest screams his name at a rumless ninja pirate. Immune to combo breakers, mind control, and puppy dog eyes, he stands and follows the heart of the cards with burning spirit and pure soul fortified With COURAGE(tm) and RESOLVE(tm)!

He's Voiced by Norio Wakamoto/Crispin Freeman dressed like Dio Brando Borot with rockets installed on his GIGANTIC TAGER, and to set the mood he's giving a hot-blooded speech with YOU WA SHOCK background music playing after a One Piece-Esque Flashback.

Crescendo. Commercial break.

HIS POWER IS MAXIMUM and now he's using 'THAT' Yes... THAT! Switch to BANG INSTALL background music as the multiverse cowers it's way into his happy ending.