once upon a time, there was a mime who loved pickles and flashlights. Her hobbies were eating daffodils and assulting pens. She has always wanted to be the first mime in space,
but the mime toilet crushed her dreams. One day she went to buy a rainbow nutshell, When she bumped into her friends bob and bob jr. Bob was shopping for a baby, so he could name it Bob the third. Just then the mime saw some lungs in aisle 3 and she gave them to Trevor Graydon The 3rd. Just then, the air started selling her some pie for $90. Then she said,"Do you want a present?" And Trevor Graydon the Third said, "I want a baby so I could name it Bob!" The mime kissed him passionatly for at least 3 seconds. Then he said, "I'm gonna buy a supermarket!" Then he got distracted by a butterfly and said hi to his friends Jimmy and Millie, who were happily searching for air. Then the mime went over to Millie The mime offered her some lungs. And she said, "I don't want lungs! I want a rainbow!" Just then, Jimmy gave Mille a blanket to put on her spaghetti tacos. Then, superman came flying down with a spatula so he could swat the nations capital, Washington. And then, Jimmy flew down to Jupiter, and Millie never saw him again.
The End