"My name isn't Roxas…" the Dream Boy said as your face flamed in embarrassment when you realized it wasn't Roxas. Your heart fell once again and it felt like you somehow lost Roxas.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else" You said, trying to hide your disappointment and put a smile on your face. You were so used to the disappointment of not finding him that you were tired of not smiling.

"It's ok. I'm looking for someone too." the boy said, giving a kind smile. At that moment, you thought if he didn't have brown hair, you wouldn't have believed it was Roxas. That same sweet smile, the same sparkling blue eyes….

*This guy looks exactly like him.*

You looked at his too-small clothes and two companions, whom you didn't notice before. One of them was a short duck in a blue outfit and the other was a tall, gentle looking dog.

"Are you guys new?" you asked curiously.

"Erm…yeah. I'm Sora, this is Donald-" he beckoned to the duck who smiled at you, "and this is Goofy." He motioned toward the dog who gave a little wave and said, "Hiya"

"Hi" you said in a friendly tone, "My name's Reina and this is Twilight Town."

"Nice to meet ya, Reina" Goofy greeted politely.

"Same here. Who were you searching for?" you said kindly.

"By any chance have seen a guy named Riku anywhere?" Sora asked eagerly

"Or the King?" Donald chimed in. Riku? The King? You thought hard but couldn't remember anything about people with those names.

*Maybe they were separated while traveling?* you thought.

"Erm…" you said, thinking while tapping a figure to your lips, "No, sorry. but if you need any other help, I'll be in a place in the Back Alley. It's hard to miss" you said, while pointing in the same direction you were mentioning.

"Oh, ok" Sora said sulkily. He looked so sad that he made you want to help him in some way but you knew you wouldn't be able to. Besides, you had someone of your own to search for.

"Yeah, see ya" you said, giving a small, friendly wave and heading toward the Usual Spot. The same helpless and disappointing feeling crept back. You knew once you got back, Roxas wouldn't be there for you, no matter how many times you checked the town.

*I wonder where he is…where ever he is, I hope he's fine….* you thought as you walked away, staring at the pink and orange sky.

While you were leaving, Sora had a weird feeling in his chest, like something lost was found again. But that was crazy; he still hadn't found Riku of the King yet.

"Are you feeling okay?" Donald asked, looking up at him.

"Yeah, it's nothing…c'mon, let's go." Sora said, shaking the feeling off and he and his companions headed toward the Train Station.

When you arrived to the Usual Spot, Hayner, Pence and Olette were in a tight circle, discussing something serious.

"Reina, you won't believe it!" Pence said excitedly, when you walked in.

"What?" you asked immediately interested. It wasn't usual that all three of your friends were so worked about something.

"There was this guy-" Hayner started and your mind automatically went toward Roxas. Maybe they found him!

"Uh-huh…." You held your breath excitedly.

"-and he had had huge, round ears! We couldn't see his face though." Pence said, making circular motions with his hand. Round ears? It couldn't have been Roxas.

"Oh…" you said glumly, "what else?"

"He was searching for some people…what was it..? Oh yeah, Sora, Donald, and Goofy." Olette said, ticking each one off with her fingers.

"Hey, I know those guys!" you exclaimed, getting up immediately.

"How?" Hayner asked.

"I bumped into them. They said they were searching for someone, I guess that was the person they were looking for." You replied.

"I wonder where they're from…they don't look like they're from here." Pence said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, that guy certainly didn't look like he was from this town…" Hayner recalled.

You wondered that too. You thought Sora and his friends came from the coast at first, but then wouldn't they know that this was Twilight Town? They didn't seem like they did. Then they might not have come from anywhere around, they might have come from somewhere far away…like a new world…but that isn't possible. There was no access to anywhere other than the coast around here. Then where-?

"Hey, you should ask them about that Roxas guy. Maybe they can help you." Olette told you, breaking your train of thought. You nodded slowly. It hurt you to see that your friends were talking about him as a stranger.

"It's weird. I know I've never heard the name before, but it seems so familiar." Hayner said. You sighed and hoped very much that Sora and his friends knew something about Roxas.

As you walked out the Usual Spot you tripped and fell over something.

"Ow…" you groaned as you rubbed your elbow. You turned and saw it was a skateboard, the same one Roxas rides. You smiled at the memories it brought back.


"Wow, you almost got it!" he told you

"But I almost died!" you whined.

"Ok, then, we'll try again next time." He said. It was a muggy summer evening and you and Roxas were at the Station Plaza; Roxas was teaching you how to skateboard.

"If you keep that up you'll be able to do it in no time!" Roxas said encouragingly.

"Aw, don't lie. I'm horrible." You said miserably.

"I don't" he said kindly, making your heart melt.

"Thank you Roxas." You said gratefully.

"No problem. After all, nobody in the world is a better skater than me" he said with the cocky grin you love.

"Oh yeah? Just you wait bighead, I'm going to be the best and you're going to be eating your words." You said playfully.

"Hey, who you're calling bighead?" he said, pretending to be offended.

"You!" you said giving a laugh before running away from Roxas, who was chasing you, the skateboard under his arm.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~end flashback~*~*~*~~*

You got up and started to ride the skateboard, which you could do perfectly now. After asking the local people you found out that Sora was last seen headed toward the Train Station. As you went around, you thought about if Sora, your necklace and the dream were still just a 'coincidence'. Now that you thought about it, you felt it was more than that…

You glided gracefully, weaving in and out of the local people, thinking about today and everything that happened in the seemingly short hours. You've lost Roxas, your friends don't remember him, and you've met someone who looks exactly like him. Wow. You wondered if you should take a train and head out somewhere to find him. It would be better than being stuck at Twilight Town for the last weeks of summer, with friends who didn't even remember him. Besides it would feel like an adventure…maybe you could even bring your friends along to find him.

That thought, however, blanked out from your head when you arrived at the Train Station. When you got there, you froze in horror as you laid eyes on a huge group of the same black creatures, the same you saw in your dream.

"This isn't possible…" you whispered to yourself. The same black creatures were in your dream…and they were just a dream…but then why are they here now, in front of you, real enough to touch? (though that was the last thing wanted to do )

And all the other things…the necklace…Sora…they couldn't have just been a coincidence either.

"Fire!" you heard a familiar voice shout. You looked up to see Sora and his friends fighting the monsters, each of them with their own special weapon. You started at each of them, half deciding to make a run for it and get help. You soon realized you had no time for that, the dark monsters were approaching you and you threw the skateboard toward them. It didn't seem to do much damage to them, as they kept approaching you, making your heart rate rise ten times more than normal. They were yards away…feet away…inches away...

*Help!* You thought, hoping with every inch of your heart that some form of help would arrive.

Sora noticed you and shouted, "Hey look out!" and pointing behind you.

When you turned around to see what he was pointing at, you saw that it was a monster, getting ready to jump on you and you crossed your arms in front of you, hoping it'd somehow disappear. In that same moment, a flash of light appeared around you and a key materialized in your open hand. It was silver with a black metallic handle. It was just like the one in your dream.

"Whoa…" you muttered softly.

*This isn't possible…* you thought and decided to try it out on some of the monsters, just like you did in the dream. You slashed some of the small creature and they vanished in a haze of darkness.

"Hey, look out!" Sora yelled, coming to your aid and slashing out the creatures easily and quickly. He killed them off like he did this a million times before. As for the others, they seemed like they had the same experience: Donald was shooting fire out of his wand, quickly eliminating the closest enemies around him. As for Goofy, he spun with a shield that was used for both defense and offense. But as for you, all you did was stand around in the same place, hacking at the surrounding monsters while Sora did most of the work of destroying the creatures.

"Won't they give up?" you shouted, noticing that Sora, Donald and Goofy were slowing down and the monsters kept on coming.

"It's no use," Sora groaned, "There's too many of them!" with that, Sora, Donald and Goofy collapsed, leaving you to deal with the surrounding creatures.

"Oh crap…" you muttered when they kept advancing. You looked over at Sora and the other two. They looked seriously worn out and they were in no condition to fight anymore.

Putting your brave face on, you thought to yourself * It's just another Struggle match…just with a thousand scary black things that want to hurt me…I can do this…*

Before you could take the first strike though, a short black hooded figure with large round ears jumped in front of you and finished the monsters swiftly and quickly.

*Whew…talk about being on time* you thought in relief. As you took in his features (mostly his distinctive round ears) in to view, you realized this was the person Olette, Hayner and Pence were talking about! You turned to the others to tell them, but you didn't need to since Donald and Goofy both exclaimed "Your Majesty!"

*Woah…a real king..* You thought in awe. You've always imagined royalty to be all high and fancy and minded only about themselves but this guy made you think twice about that.

"Shhh…" the King whispered, thrusting an orange pouch in Sora's hand, "Take Reina along with you. The train will know where to go." He said softly.

"But-"you started. How can some stranger just tell you to go with 3 other strangers?

"You would want to," he told you, "You'll find what you're searching for." You shut your mouth, dumbstruck. How did he know that you were looking for someone?

"Take care, and good luck." He said giving a half-glance at you before he disappeared, leaving you confused. When he left, the weapon disappeared from your hand.

"Anyone wanna explain this?" you said after a long silence, turning toward them.

"The Heartseeker!" Donald exclaimed, pointing at your hand. You looked down and saw the key-like weapon.

"Heart...seeker?" you repeated. What an odd name for a weapon. Donald snatched it from your hand and examined it closely with wide eyes.

"Hey! Give that back!" you said, reaching out for it, but Donald moved it away from you, still looking at it. You didn't need to try to take it away from Donald twice though; the Heartseeker magically reappeared in your hand.

"Wow…" you muttered softly.

"So that's why the King is telling us to bring her along!" Goofy said, as if he figured out a huge problem.

"Why?" you asked.

"The Heartseeker's something that the King told us about ages ago. I think he said something like it was a 'Second Key' or something." Goofy replied, scratching his head.

"I don't remember much but the King told us that the Heartseeker and the Keyblade have some sort of connection. But I don't think he found out the connection yet, though." Donald added.

You looked down at the Heartseeker. It looked like Sora's Keyblade but at the end, instead of a having a crown design, there was a heart design with a tiny crown etched above it.

"So, I guess I'll have to stick with you guys, huh? Until that King-guy figures out whatever this connection is." You said raising the Heartseeker to the light. It shimmered than disappeared, and you knew it would come when you needed it.

"Right, all for one and one for all!" Sora said, grinning and putting his hand out. Donald and Goofy put their hands out, palm down, and you smiled and put your hand in too.

"I have a question, though. Have heartless been coming here for a long time?" Sora asked you.

"Heartless…?" you repeated blankly.

"Those little black creatures." Donald explained.

"No, but…" you said hesitantly, "I saw them and the Heartseeker in m dream. And I know it isn't just a coincidence either. It seems like something more." You said, omitting the fact that Sora and the necklace were in the dream too.

"Then it's destiny." Sora said simply.

"How?" you asked.

"That same thing happened to me" he said with a smile, "At first it was like, 'this too unreal!' But then I realized that it was what I was supposed to do, that it was destiny. "

You looked down at the Heartseeker. Maybe you were supposed to use this to help Sora and his friends…and to use it to find Roxas. Yeah, that was it. You nodded to show that you understood.

"So, when are we leaving?" you asked eagerly. You wanted to leave as soon as possible, to start your journey on finding Roxas.

"We should be leaving right now." Sora answered.

"You should really get your stuff ready now. We still have a couple of minutes left, so hurry." Donald said.

"Okay, I'll be right back!" you said cheerfully, before speeding off.

Sora's POV

You watched as she as she sped away around the corner and disappeared from veiw.

"…Sora, are you even listening?" Donald shouted. You scratched the back of your head.

"Sorry…" you muttered, still thinking about Reina. There was something about her that you recognized...Something about her felt familiar.

"Sora!" Donald screamed, obviously frustrated.

"Gawrsh, Sora, are you OK?" Goofy asked.

"Sorry, sorry.." you apologized and pushed Reina out of your mind. Besides, you were gonna stay who-knows-how-long with her and you'll be able to figure it out in no time. ..

Reina's POV

You were walking back to the station, with a roller suitcase and your friends in tow. You told them all about the journey and, surprisingly, they accepted your idea. You talked to them excitedly about your journey and promised them that you'll come back soon. You finally reached the station where Sora was purchasing tickets.

"Thanks" he said to the ticket cashier while putting the orange pouch back in his pocket. There was something familiar about that…

"Hey" you greeted with a smile.

"Hi. So you're ready?" Sora said, returning your smile.

"Yep. Let's-"before you could say 'go', Hayner pushed you aside and said, "So you're Sora."

"Uh…yeah" Sora replied, surprised.

"Well you better take care of Reina then. If anything happens to her…" he said in a threatening way.

"Hayner!" Olette said reproachfully and you guys kept walking until you saw an odd purple train with star-shaped windows and a wizard's hat.

*That's funny...I've never saw this one before*you thought.

"Well, then, I guess this is goodbye." Pence said, turning to you. You gave him a long hug in response.

"I'll be back soon!" you said, hugging Olette.

"Y-you better be!" Olette said, tears evident in her tone.

"See ya soon" you said to Hayner, who gave you one of his rare, sadness-filled smiles.

"Yeah, I'd better see you soon, how can you expect me to pass History class without copying your homework?" Hayner said teasingly. You laughed and gave one, final hug.

"Hey…" Pence said, addressing Sora "Have we met before?"

Sora scratched his head while thinking. "Nope. Why'd you ask?"

Hayner looked intently at Sora for a moment, like as if Sora reminded him of someone. He finally shrugged it off with a smile and said, "I dunno…"

"You know…it feels like we've met before." Olette said smilingly.

Sora smiled brightly at you guys for a while but then a seemed sadness overwhelmed him and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Sora…why are you crying? Are you okay?" you asked, concerned. It was odd to see him cry, especially since there was no reason for him to water up.

"Huh?" he touched his cheek and looked surprised when he felt something wet.

"Are you ok?" Olette asked kindly.

"Yeah…dunno where that came from." He said, trying to play it off with a smile.

"Don't worry, you can see us anytime!" Pence said with a smile but his tone became strained for some reason.

"Right." He said with another grin and jumped onto the train. "See ya!" He took the suitcase with him, making you the only thing left that was supposed to be on the train- Donald and Goofy were already inside.

"Bye, then…I'll see you guys soon, I promise!" you said bravely, with an attempt not to cry; you knew that once you came back, there would be endless teasing on Hayner's part for just that one moment.

"Bye…come back soon!" Olette, Pence and Hayner said in unison.

You turned, taking Sora's hand into the train that would help you fulfill your destiny. A destiny in which there were endless sadness, happiness and very, very deep secrets.

You were blissfully unaware of them, driven with only with a single thought in your mind:

*I'm going to find you, Roxas*