A/N This story starts off four years in the future. Haibara managed to make a permanent cure for Shinichi. He and Kaito formed an alliance and Shinichi tags along on the heists to watch Kaito's back, also Ran and Aoko know everything and are married to them.

Magicians or Wizards

Chapter 1

Aoko's POV

Something I've always enjoyed no matter where my husband's career took us was an early morning walk. I could use that time to think about the last four years. For example I could think about when Kaito finally decided to let me in on the secret of his "night job" and all the rest, and how happy I was when he asked me to marry him, and our life together thus far.



'Now that's not something you usually heard on morning walks, well unless Shinichi-kun is around.' I turned and ran down the street till I saw who had screamed. It was a thin woman, who was staring in horror at the letter gripped in her hand, and at her feet was a basket that held a crying baby.

"Is something the matter ma'am?" I asked the woman. She didn't respond her face dazed. The baby was still crying so I did the only thing I could think of, I went over and lifted the baby out of the basket and began to rock him till he settled down.

A minute later a very large man with a thick mustache, "Petunia, what's wrong?" He then noticed me, "And who the devil are you?"

Before I could reply, the woman, Petunia-san, seemed to come out of her daze. "Vernon," She gasped, "Lily is dead and they expect us to take the boy."

Vernon-san's face then turned almost as red as my Otosan's when he is chasing KID. "WHAT!" he roared. He then turned on me, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING, WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM!"

I was speechless, but before I could say anything (again), the woman cut me off, "She's not with them Vernon, she just came when she heard me scream." She then turned to me and stiffly reached out for the baby in my arms. "I'm sorry for troubling you ma'am."

I was reluctant to give him to her. This woman and her husband obviously didn't want him and I hated to think what kind of life he would have if he were to live here. But still it wasn't as if I had any claim over him, so I handed him to the woman.

The two then turned their back on me, whispering furiously back and forth as the reentered their house. I started to turn away when I heard it.


Which was followed by the baby's wailing cry of pain.

I stared at the house, there was no way I could let those people raise that child. An idea was quickly forming in my mind. I memorized the address, Number 4, Privet Drive. I turned and hurried back to the apartment that we'd rented. I sure hoped my husband would agree to my plan.

Kaito's POV

"YOU WANT US TO WHAT!" twin voices shouted.

Any other time I would have laughed at how Kudo and I were so alike that we sometimes spoke in unison. But the thought didn't even occur to me as I stared at my wife in shock.

"Will you do it," she asked, her tone of voice making it clear that she was serious.

"You want me to steal a baby," I began slowly.

"And you want me to forge some papers saying you adopted him," Kudo concluded looking dazed.

"Yes, that's right," said Aoko. "I know you can get the papers Shinichi-kun, you got some for when you were Conan."

"Are you out of your mind?" I asked, "I may be a thief, but I'm not a kidnapper."

"But those people won't care. They don't even want him, I heard them hit him. We can't just sit back and do nothing."

"But this… I mean…" I stammered, while Kudo continued to stare at Aoko as if she'd grown a second head.

She sighed, "Look, you don't have to do it as KID, just take him secretly and see if those people even report him missing. If they do (which I doubt) then we'll give him back, but if they don't, don't you think that's reason enough to keep him from those people."

I caved, Aoko has always been the only one who has ever been able to win arguments against me. "Fine," I said, "But if we keep him I get to name him."

"So that you know, I think you're both nuts," was all Kudo said.

'I can't believe I'm doing this.' I thought as I picked the lock on the back door of the house Aoko had told me about.

I crept through the house silently till I reached the bedroom upstairs and peeked in. 'What was Aoko talking about, this kid is in hog heaven.' I stared around a room filled from wall to wall with toys. In the middle was a crib that held a fat sleeping baby.

Figuring Aoko had been wrong I closed the door and started to sneak out again. But as I passed the cupboard under the stairwell I paused. I'd thought I'd heard…

I heard it again, a soft whimper coming from the cupboard. I opened the door and gasped at what I saw.

Wrapped in a pile of rages was another baby, only I knew this one must be the one Aoko meant. The poor thing had his mouth tapped shut and a large bruise on his cheek. He stared at me with big green eyes.

Gently I picked him up, Aoko had been right. This place would be the death of this kid. Then with the baby in my arms I left.

The next morning after I'd rescued the baby, Kudo and I listened to a police radio the entire day, but there was no report of a missing baby. The next day was the same.

On the third day I accompanied Aoko on her morning walk and the two of us passed by the house. What we found was the house abandoned with a large 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn. Upon further inquiry we found that the day after I'd taken the baby the houses occupants had left in a rush and had hired some people to pack for them, and had not left any forwarding address.

It was official now, not even Kudo could argue with it, the baby was ours.

Kudo sighed as he worked on the documents to make it official with the rest of the world, "And what name would you like him to have?" He asked me.

I glanced at him in surprise, "Why Toichi, of course."

End Chapter 1

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