Chapter 6

Conan's POV

I was currently trying to reread The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but there was a small problem with that, and it sounds like-

"Is he here yet?"


"Is he here yet?"

"(Sigh) noo."

"Is he here YET?"


"Are you annoyed yet?"


I gave up trying to read and threw my book at my now smirking best friend who dodged it easily. "Don't you have something better to do?"


I was just reaching for another book when Toichi hopped up in his seat and shouted "He's here." I thought he was still trying get a rise out of me when there came a loud 'BANG' that shook the whole house. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't an earthquake but someone knocking at the door.

I hurried to catch up with Toichi and reached him just as he opened the door. What we saw caused both of us to stare directly upwards.

Standing on Hakuba-san's front porch was literally the biggest man I had ever seen. He was HUGE, with a long black beard and wearing a big brown coat. He was babbling something about meeting Toichi once when he was a baby, but the two of us were too shocked to really listen.

Finally he must have noticed out glazed looks because he said, "Oi, is somethan wrong?"

All either of us were able to say was, "Kyodai."

The Japanese word confused him, but he just shook his head and grabbed Toichi's arm. "Come on," He said, "Lots ter buy."

That pulled us both out of our stupor as Toichi had to run to keep with Giant-san's pace and I hurried to catch up with them.

Giant-san glanced down at me, "Yer not supposed ter come."

Toichi and I both shot him pleading looks. "Please, Giant-san," begged Toichi. "Conan's my best friend and he already knows about all the stuff about me being a wizard, so what harm would it do."

We both finished that off with a pair of Innocent looking pouts that had caused even someone a serious as Haibara-san to cave. Giant-san was no different.

"Er, well, if you say so Harry. And weren't yer listening before, my name in Hagrid."

Toichi and I clapped high-fives as he replied, "Will do Hagrid-san, but only if you call me Toichi. And like I said, this is my best friend Ku- er Conan Kudo."

We traveled by subway (Hagrid-san complaining all the way) till we reached a busy part of London when I decided to ask. "Ne Hagrid-san, I saw the supply list in Toichi's letter, where are we going to find stuff like that."

Hagrid-san grinned at me, "Quite easily, if you know where to go."

We kept going till we were standing between an old flower shop and a bookstore. "Here we are, the Leaky Cauldron" said Hagrid-san, and then I realized him and Toichi were staring at the wall between the two shops.

"Ano, what do you mean?" I asked.

Toichi glanced at me in surprise, "Don't you see it."

Now I was more confused, "See what, the wall?"

Hagrid-san chuckled, "Ther reason he can't see it is because he's a muggle (non magic folk). And this pub has spells on it to keep muggles from enteren." He explained.

I turned back to the wall (which still looked like a plain old wall to me), and squinted hard. After a few moments instead of a wall I saw what could possibly be another building, but it was like trying to see threw a thick fog. "I can see it, kinda."

"Really," said Hagrid-san, impressed, "I heard o' some muggles who could see threw barriers better than most, usually means one o' there ancestors was a squib or somethan like that."

Before Toichi or I could ask what a squib was Hagrid-san grabbed our arms and pulled us toward the pub. Which was a good thing because as I got nearer I had to fight an overwhelming urge to turn around and go back. The feeling evaporated once we got inside.

Toichi's POV

Aside from the dim light, and the people in strange clothing, the Leaky Cauldron just looked like a regular old bar. The hunch-backed man behind the counter glanced up as we came in, "Hello Hagrid, the usual."

"Not today Tom," replied Hagrid-san, gesturing to me. "Just here ter pick up some school supplies."

The barman- Tom-san took one look at me and said, "Bless my soul. It's Harry Potter."

A silence filled the bar, then I suddenly found myself being mobbed by just about everyone in the bar, all of them talking at once. English after all is not my first language, so when a roomful of people began blabbering it at me at a rapid pace all at once, it got annoying real quick.

Conan recognized the look on my face and ducked behind Hagrid as I set off one of my special smoke bombs which quickly filled the room with sparkly pink smoke. Then during the diversion I grabbed Hagrid-san's hand and pulled him toward the back door with Conan still clinging to him.

As I burst out of the pub I barreled into a man with a turban who was already out there. Hagrid-san seemed to recognize the man as he said "Well Hello there Professor Quirrell. Toichi, this is one of the teachers yer gonna be learnen from this year."

Quirrell-sensei stood up and dusted himself of and said something to me, but he was stuttering so bad that I couldn't understand a word he said. He than ducked inside the pub as I tried warn him about my smoke bomb.

Hagrid-san glanced down at me, "Wha was that smoke anyway?"

I decided it would be best not to let him know about the after affects of my diversion, so I made up a lie about buying somewhere. Hagrid-san bought it, but I could tell from the way Conan was glaring at me that he wasn't fooled.

":No really what did it do?:" He asked in Japanese once Hagrid-san's back was turned.

I smirked, ":Anyone who stand in it for three minutes has their hair turn glittery pink and smells like strawberry bubblegum for a week.:" Was my reply.

Conan rolled his eyes and we turned our attention back to Hagrid-san as he tapped on the back wall of the alley with a pink umbrella. The wall immediately began to shift until an opening was revealed.

"Welcome boys, to Diagon Alley."

End Chapter 6

A/N like I said, milking it for all it's worth. I think one of the problems is that my muse flew south for the winter, now that it's Spring it is back with a vengance. So the obvious answer for Toichi aka Harry is that of course he'll go to Hogwarts, who wouldn't want to go. It's obvious that Kaito has rubbed off on him those poor bar dwellers. FYI Kyodia is Japanese for Huge. Also I don't remember is I've done this yet but I'll do it anyway, Disclaimer: I own nothing (except the idea and some of the kids) all characters belong to their respective authors.