Wonder Woman & Green Arrow – Beginning of Infinity

By DeChunk

Based on Characters by DC

"Hey, Male."

Oliver Queen woke up with sand in his hair and the taste of pure salt in his mouth. A woman stood in front of him wearing a leather cloak.

"Wake up. You're starting to be a burden." She then swiftly made for the exit.

He looked around the room. The walls were made of large sheets of rock, barren of most decorations. There was a window above his head without a window pane, and a block of wood that he only assumed worked as a bedside table. "Miss, uh, Ma'am!" The woman turned around as she was about to close the door. "Where… exactly am I?"

She gave him a glare and simply stated "The island of Themyscira. Now make yourself useful."

He sat up in his bed. "How?"

"I don't know. Ask around. Your friend's certainly done a good job."

"Friend?" She walked out without answering him. What is going on?

After putting on his clothes, soiled with dirt, sand, and saltwater, he ventured outside to meet the rest of the "Themyscirians". The entire village looked very primitive. Stone huts with straw roofs and not a sign of electricity to be found. The residents all looked at him with wary eyes. And that wasn't the only strange thing. He also seemed to be the only man around.

Oliver walked over to the nearest woman to him. "Where are all the men?"

She looked at him with a blank confused stare.


"You don't know?"

"No, I wake up and all of a sudden the whole world flips on its head."

"This is the island Themyscira-"

"I got that part, I just want to know where the men-"

"Themyscira," the woman raised her voice. "Home to the Cult of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, or as you would call it, The Amazons."

"Amazons?... You can't be serious."