Author's Note- This story! It started in 2009 after I watched the Wolverine Origins movie. After only two chapters posted, the future chapters I'd written were lost on an old computer and I was stubborn to not continue without them and didn't believe I could re-create them properly.

So four years later, I got them back and am re-writing and editing all the chapters and will be posting them up here. The end of the story isn't written or set in stone yet, though, so there is still plenty of room for opinions. So thank you for everyone still reading or sticking with it!

It's set sometime after X-Men:The Last Stand, and Origins plot is definitely included in it.

Disclaimer- If I owned X-men the third movie wouldn't exist. There will be a lot of vulgar language and bloody fighting in this story. It's Wolverine and Sabertooth, what can you expect? Nothing past that though.


Snarls and angry noises echoed through the forest. Any local of the area would tell you that it was an animal fight. Bears maybe, perhaps a few wild dogs ran into each other, something of the sort. Sounded nasty whatever it was. They didn't really bother to look further.

Then again, these locals aren't entirely incorrect. For there were two animals fighting deep within the forests perimeters.

These animals are not what the travelers fear in their minds, or the locals expect. It is not bears, or dogs, or any other sort of natural animal. These animals belong to a different kind of kingdom, that of man. More specifically, the newest branch of humanity; mutants.

It is two mutants, two brothers, two warriors, and two animals that clash like thunder in the deepest folds of the forest. Away from the recesses of civil life and society, they clash. Like the animals within them, their anger is released with snarls, roars, and growls, the release of sixteen claws, two sets of different claws with the same purpose.

To fight, releasing the animal within out of pure, mindless rage.

This fight, the fights to come, the fights long forgotten in unmentionable years, will bring out what isn't truly so mindless of these animals. Deep withheld pain that they buried, the truths they hid, the memories they concealed and ignored.

It is the fight to reveal two lost brothers to one another and to find out what really lurks at the darkest corners of the soul. Is it a mindless animal, or is it more?