The Beast God

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Sumarry: What if when Naruto fell off the cliff he awaken something that he forgot. Something that was from before he was Naruto. NarutoHarem

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Naruto had just demanded the Kyuubi's Chakra for staying in his body. The reaction he got was expected, but the response wasn't. "HAHAHAHAHHAhahaahah Why should I give you my power when you could use your own powers." Kyuubi asked after laughing.

"W-what are you talking about?" Naruto asked confused.

"Tell me boy, do you know who you were?" Kyuubi asked still chuckling under his breath (Not evil, just amused)

"I'M NARUTO UZUMAKI, THE NEXT HOKAGE!" Naruto yelled in response

"No that is who are, you were someone else before that day 13 years ago, but you no longer remember it." Kyuubi said calmly

"What do you mean before that day, that was the day I was born?" Naruto asked increasingly confused

"If you want to remember, then I will help you remember but, there's no going back after this." Kyuubi informed

"I-I want to remember, but why are you helping me?" Naruto asked

"I refuse to have a weak vessel and with your true power, you may be the greatest mortal to have as a vessel." Was Kyuubi'sresponse but his thoughts were a little different and somewhat excited. 'But then again, I'm not even sure he could be considered a mortal with that power.'

"Fine, w-what do I have to do?" Naruto asked a littled worried.

"All you have to do now is stand there, but you may want to turn around." Kyuubi said now looking behind Naruto.

"Huh?" Naruto turned around to a giant mass of green completely blocking the way out. "What is th""ROARRRRRRRRRRR!" The mass suddenly roared with the roar of an infinite number of beings, charged forward and seem to be absorbed by Naruto.

After Naruto left Kyuubi said only one thing "Lets see how this plays out."

Jiraiya had been waiting on Naruto to summon a Toad for more than a minute now and was getting worried "Oh shit, please don't be dead please don't be dead please don't be dead." Jiraiya chanted this several more times will using his telescope desperately trying to catch even the faintest hint of Naruto on a toad.

After several moments he left to the Hokage's Tower with a tear running down face. "I'm Sorry Minato, Kushina, Naruto, I'm so sorry." he said in barely a whisper. What the Sannin didn't notice was the golden eagle flying away from the village.

The day of the finals had finally come and the stadium was packed. Officals, clan heads, merchents, and people from all over had come to see the event. All the competitors were there except two: Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

When Sandaime heard about what had happen to Naruto, he was over run with grief and anger. As for what happened to Jiraiya, well lets just say the Anbu guards hidden in the room would have faced every S-rank ninja in the bingo then the angered Sarutobi. After nursing his wounds a little Jiraiya left to help prepare for the invasion.

"Where's Naruto, he should have been here by now?" Sakura asked worried about her teammate. Her worries were shared by a few others including Ino and Hinata.

"Will everyone other then Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji please leave the arena." Genma, the referee, announced.

"I see the deadlast got smart and decided not to show his face" Neji said smugly

Everyone except Neji had left. "If Uzumaki Naruto isn't inhere in the next to two minutes he will be disqualified." Genma announced

In the next two moments several things happened:

Every seasoned ninja was suddenly on edge.

Akamaru started whining in fear with Kiba shaking a little as well.

Shino's bugs started acting up, telling him to leave and now.

And perhaps the oddest thing that happened was that Gaara suddenly stiffened, and if listened carefully enough you could hear the sand swishing in the gourd. He only said "Something's here" in voice that contained a slight eagerness in it.

"Since Uzumaki is late, h""What do you mean I'm late?" Naruto said appearing right behind Genma shocking everyone. What was even more shocking was his appearance: green streaks in his hair, black cargo pants, black T-shirt that show off muscles and six pack nicely, and a dark green trench coat with the words 'Yajuu no Kami'(1) written in black letters.

"Wh-when did you get here?" Genma asked shocked that this Genin snuck up on him without him noticing. Many off the females in the crowd, however, were thinking 'When did he get so hot' with slight, mostly perverted, variations.

"I've been here the entire time." Many people either looked shock or disbelieving. "Now can get this started, I've got some bones to pick with this Hyuuga." Naruto said before grinning a feral grin. This caused most males to shiver in fear and many woman who thought it was sexy, namely a certain snake mistress.

Genma looked at the Hokage, who was still shocked that Naruto was alive, nodded.

"Match One: Uzumaki Naruto VS Hyuuga Neji Begin!"

(1) I think that's Beast God

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