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Microfic #1, by mshig11

Originally posted on August 21st, 2009

After ordering their dinners off of the menus, John finally gets his chance to ask the question he's been denied asking all afternoon, "so, how did you convince mom to let us out of the house?"

"I have my ways," she replies along with a warm smile.

He smiles back at her, "I'm sure you do."

Suddenly the front door of the restaurant burst open and five robbers walk in, two with AK-47 full automatic assault rifles, one with a MAC-10 9mm sub-machine gun, another with a Remington 870 combat shotgun, and a final robber with a Ruger SR9 in his right hand and a large duffel bag in his left. All of them wore black ski mask, and homemade Kevlar vest, protecting only their torsos'.

Once they are all fully in the restaurant the two robbers with AK-47s fire a short bursts into the air, instantly getting everyone's attention.

"This is a robbery!" The man with the duffel bag and a pistol yells.

"Now I'm going to go around and collect all wallets, jewelry and watches in this here bag," he points to the duffel bag in his left hand with his gun. "And if you hesitate even the slightest or I suspect your not giving us all you got, I'll shoot you in the head!" With that he starts to go from table to table collecting all the valuables in a clockwise direction.

As the other robbers start to spread out around the restaurant Cameron whispers to John, "don't give him anything, just let me take care of it and get down when the fight starts."

John not having the time to respond, as the 'leader' is only two tables away, just gives her a slight nod as to not attract attention.

About 15 seconds later the crook reaches their table and says, "everything you got, now!"

John and Cameron don't even twitch, making the robber boil over with anger and continues with his threat, "put all your valuables in the bag or your girlfriend here gets it," as he readjust his aim to Cameron's head.

The couple still remains silent and just stairs at the man.

"Did you hear me? I'm gonna put a cap in you girlfriends head if you don't start-"

Before he can finish his sentence Cameron stabs him in the side of the neck with a fork, going right though his jugular vein and into his esophagus. Then in a blink of an eye Cameron punches the man full force in the solar plexus, breaking it along with most of his ribs causing mass internal bleeding, and insuring his death.

The man flies across the room like a ragdoll in a videogame, he hits the wall with a loud audible crack of his spine shattering, and the wall being indented slightly by the sudden amount of force. His body falls limply to the floor as profuse amounts of blood keep poring out of his neck and onto the floor around his body.

All the commotion distracted the four remaining robbers as they looked in shock as a seemingly 16 or 17 year old girl propelled their leader effortlessly into the wall across the room.

Cameron took full advantage of the robbers' dazed state and pulls out her Glock 17, with a two round extended clip (and one in the chamber, 17+2+1=20 bullets), out of her waistband in one fluid motion and proceeds with shooting the closest robber, who has an AK-47, in the head with a 9mm hollow-point round.

As the bullet penetrates the side of his head it expands inside his cranium propelling all bone, blood, and brain in the way and out the other side in a two inch (5.08 centimeters) hole, covering part of the wall in what was once the insides of a man's head.

The sound of a gunshot pulls the three remaining robbers out of their trance and they begin to turn their bodies away from their former leader's corpse and towards the person who killed 40% of their team within mere seconds.

But before they could fully turn around Cameron had already fired another shot, hitting the robber with the shotgun.

Turning his head before the rest of his body didn't help him at all as it gave Cameron a perfect shot to sever his spine, while blowing out his esophagus and trachea. Cameron didn't miss her mark, and the white wall that was behind him just got a new paint job of red, with little white fragments mixed in.

Cameron then threw her steak knife (which she picked up at the same time as the fork) from her left hand full force into the man with the MAC-10. The serrated blade going at high speed embedded its self into the man's right shoulder, penetrating down to the bone, making him drop his gun and scream at the intense pain as blood quickly gushed out of shoulder.

The only robber that was still alive and had a gun in hand opened up with his AK-47, but he obviously was feeling the full force of combat stress and was panicking at what happened to all of his comrades that instead of hitting Cameron he filled a lamp, about a foot from his target, with numerous 7.62mm bullets.

Cameron not taking long to adjust, aimed for his kneecap and took a shot, the bullet hit dead on and the man fell to the side, finger still holding down the trigger firing bullets as he fell down on his shot-out knee.

One of the stray bullets from his AK-47 just so happened to hit the other robber (who is still in great pain) in the head decorating the ceiling with fresh gore.

Cameron, not trying to be cruel and also completely elimination any threat to John, shoots the suffering man on the ground though his left eye, killing him instantly.

Cameron then turns around to John, who is hiding under their table where he saw everything. She kneels down to meet at his eyelevel, "John, it's time to go," she states with a small kind, and reassuring smile on her beautiful face.

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