Author's Note: I apologize for not being able to write for the past few months and I have no excuse for it. I am officially closing My Years in Organization XIII and Organization Phobia due to muse death.

Disclaimer: Neither plot nor characters depicted in this poem belong to me. It belongs to Disney and Square Enix.

Road To Dawn

A boy taking a midnight stroll

In a valley and up the hills.

Warmth the cold wind stole

As it screeched with shrills.

He wore a long coat

Black as the night itself.

His hair is like moonlight

And eyes of aquamarine.

His tired feet stopped

At an intersection of three

Where a man of crimson awaited

To talk and allow the boy to choose.

Three paths. One last chance.

It was his time to shine or fall.

He chose the middle road

With only a glance back.

"It's the Road to Dawn." He answered

When the red man asked 'Why?'

And kept walking on without regret.

The Sun began to smile.