You know, among all the Harry Potter crossovers that appear with Naruto's world, I have not actually seen one where Iruka plays any role in it beyond concern nth party to Naruto's general health. So, this fic is to fix that slight. Enjoy, my dears. Mwahaha

This is going to be an experimental fic, so it'd probably be semi-crackish. Therefore, brace yourselves dear readers.

Umino Iruka had always prided himself for being a sensible man. One had to be in order to keep a cool head among very young children training to be killers. It was especially important when it came to pre-empting what those nasty little vermin had planned in order to stop them in their tracks before someone gets too injured or die.

Therefore, when a sudden surge of energy engulfed Naruto, and started to sort of suck him into the vortex like a summoning contract thing, Iruka was understandably upset. Being the only ninja within a hundred feet radius capable of dealing with summoning technique (he had a contract with flying squirrels, useful little critters those); he did what he thought was the sensible thing at that time.

He leaped into the vortex in an attempt to grab Naruto out of it.

In hindsight, it was probably not such a good idea. A man who was capable of admitting his own mistake goes far, according to the Sandaime, and Iruka was a good study of Sandaime's work, so he was quite prepared to admit his less than sensible decision.

In the far bits of his mind, he knew what was inside Naruto. He was also peripherically aware that there would be some very nasty and ambitious people who were prepared to do all kinds of terrible things to harness that kind of power. He just didn't expect it to be so soon, as in now, right in front of Ichiraku's ramen stand. He had been treating Naruto to his thirteenth bowl when the glowing vortex thing happened, and now they were stuck in some enclosed area with flagstone floors covered with strange seal writings. He had never seen the any of the seals that covered the floors before, which worried him a bit. He may not be a master in the Sealing Art, but Iruka had spent many days as a mischievous little shit, as his genin sensei lovingly called him, studying the best ways to utilize them in his pranks. It had all stopped when he became a teacher at the Academy. There was simply no time to pursue his little hobby beyond the occasional tweaking of the random explosive tag. Or the colour changing tag, now that had been some cool innovations if he could say so himself-

Ahem, back to the matter at hand.

While some may scoff that of course a school teacher like him would not recognize most seal writings, Iruka would like to correct that guy by drafting a modified shock tag on his pants, right after he powdered them with ground fish bones and set some hungry cats loose. He might not have recognised these seals but what he did recognise was the sense of Doom that befell them. Bad people wishing for unhealthy things on their bodies' kind of Doom. The flagstone floor was a helpful clue. Apparently, Naruto recognise that Doom as well, his orange clad student kept still under him, tensed for action. Waiting for a direct order from him, ceded to his authority as a teacher and a superior. Iruka hoped that trust was not misplaced.

Faint flickering light surrounded them, the kind that suggested lighted torches or candles. Evil summoning atmosphere checked. Something moved in the darkness beyond the edge of seal, Iruka continued not to move. He had five kunais; two rolls of ninja wire and a new pack of shuriken all within easy reach. After that incident with Mizuki, he had started to arm himself with something more than a single kunai, bandages and anti-sceptic creams.

It seemed being prepared paid off, though he wondered if it was enough to get them out of this summoning vortex mess. A foot step into his line of sight; it was a boot with dark robes brushing the tops of it. The highly polished black leather looked really expensive. Sounds of other footsteps closed in, Iruka kept his hand light on Naruto's bicep. Not yet.

A voice barked harshly across the room. Iruka didn't recognise the words, but he knew anger and impatience when he heard it. Something had gone wrong with the summoning. Then, his instincts screamed for him to move, so he did. Heaving to his feet, a blast of red light missed him by centimetres, creating a crater at his feet.

"Naruto! Kage Bunshin!" he yelled, throwing the boy to the air.

A rain of Naruto fell on the enemies. Some henged into his form, others popping from different coloured light blasting from all sides. He darted to the closest one, flung a shuriken to the source of light, a stick, snapping the weapon in two. There was a fizzle and a howl of frustration. Iruka didn't stop his momentum; he crashed his elbow low in the gut, and bashed the masked face using all the force behind his powerful upper body mass. The man toppled and fell like a civilian.

He ducked to the left by instinct, a shuriken left his hand in deadly accuracy for the vulnerable area just under the mask. Blood spurt from the stabbed throat. Taking his cue, Naruto charged the enemy bodily. None of the enemies were fast enough or strong enough to withstand his meagre taijutsu. That was, until they started to use the shunsin, or a variation of it, catching the boy by surprise with a red light. Fortunately, the clones caught the worst of it, but Iruka was not prepared to risk waiting around to see what else they could do. Hoping the language barrier extended to the other side he shouted.

"Let's get out, cover our retreat!"

"But, sensei, we're winning!" shouted one clone just before it was blasted to smoke.

"Let's go, now!" Iruka thundered.

More clones popped into existence, a hand slipped into his, and Iruka grasped it hard enough to hurt, making sure it was the real one. A grunt answered him.

"Come on," he said in a low voice, "Up the walls,"

Under the havoc of the exploding clones, they ran from lights, leaving the summoners to fight among Naruto's clones into the dubious safety of the shadows. He had no plans beyond getting out of the fighting range. The goal was to find the wall first, from there to track down a doorway of sort, and hopefully find a way outside to determine their current position.

That was the plan at least, until the wall under their feet blasted inwards.