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It was exactly 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The gentle breeze blew lightly and the clouds drifted across the deep blue sky slowly; it was a lazy afternoon. A certain blond seemed to think so too as she lounged sheepishly on the leather sofa that was in the middle of her room. Yes, it was supposed to be a lazy day today. A very lazy day indeed. And lazy days were suppose to feel relaxing, weren't they?

... right?

'So why doesn't Misa-Misa feel relaxed at all?!' the blond thought, clearly frustrated.

She shifted her slim body a bit in attempt to get into a more comfortable position. A few seconds later, when she found that she didn't feel comfortable at all, Misa shifted to another position again.

And again... And again... And again.

And... again.

After trying out at least 10 different positions on the sofa, Misa finally settled for one; her delicate and tiny feet in the air, blond pigtails dangling limply upside down along with her arms. She stared up at the ceiling blankly in her current topsy-turvy state. A small, but audible sigh escaped her cherry lips.

Her vibrant green eyes moved slowly away from the ceiling to the menacing security camera that was installed at the top corner of her room. She frowned.

Stupid surveillance camera! Always watching her every move. What does a girl have to do to have a little privacy once in awhile?

Misa glowered at the piece of technology hatefully. She knew very well who was watching her from the other end. That stupid pervert of a detective, Ryuuzaki. Why must he insist on doing such pervertic things? Oh, why oh why? Misa liked attention. But this was going way too far.

The young model was so caught up in her mental rant of how much a pervert Ryuuzaki was that she almost forgot why she was so frustrated in the first place.


She found herself dropping the rant when that person popped back into her mind again. That particular person who had been occupying her mind for the last three days. That person who seemed to pop up in her mind unintentionally whenever there was nothing keeping her busy.

And strangely, contrary to popular belief, that 'person' was not Light Yagami.


... even listening to that sentence sounded pretty shocking.

The person she was thinking of was someone who someone who she didn't even take notice much of before. That person had always been... well, just a person.

That is, until now.

...And no, it wasn't Ryuuzaki the pervert, either.

Heck, that person wasn't even male!

Maybe that was why Misa was so frustrated. It was bad enough that the person wasn't Light, but instead another female? God, that was so wrong. So, so, so very wrong, in so many different ways, on so many levels. No, no, no! Misa shouldn't be thinking about this! About her. It was sick. And wrong. sickeningly wrong.

... so, why didn't it feel like it was sickeningly wrong?

Misa closed her eyes shut. She wanted to scream. She was so frustrated, it wasn't even funny. She swung her legs over the sofa in attempt to let some of that frustration out. Come to think about it, why was she sitting like this, anyway? It was such an unlady-like position. It made her look like a little kid. It would have been okay if she was alone, but she was being watched.

That's right. She was being watched by Light. Oh, and Ryuuzaki too, since they were chained together and all. She should sit properly, like a proper lady. Light wouldn't be very impressed if he saw her in this unglamorous position. She swung her legs a few more times before sitting up properly, her legs crossed over each other.

Misa eyed the camera again.

'Misa wonders if she's watching, too.' the blond couldn't help but ponder curiously. Ah. That's it. Yet another thought about her. Misa begun to wonder when all these weird, strange thoughts would stop haunting her.

When would that girl... that woman... stop invading her head?

What was it about that woman that she was so fascinated about? Her long, dark, ebony hair that seemed to flow like an endless river of silk behind her whenever she moved about? Her pale porcelain-like skin that was smooth to the touch? Her matching jet black eyes that seemed to be ever so full of mystery? What was with her eyes, anyway? They were weird. They always seemed so deep. So lifeless, too. Blank. As if she was always daydreaming. Actually, she probably was, most of the time. She was only interested in things that caught her attention, and unfortunately, the number of things that she found interesting were very limited. Misa remembered the words that she was so fond of using so much.

It was always, "I'm bored." or, "This is boring.".

That girl. She was always seeking something to kill her neverending boredom. Even though she was a no-nonsense person, she liked amusing things. It was a weird combination, a very odd personality. Her face, because of those eyes, always looked emotionless. If she stood still from a distance, Misa would have very well mistaken her for some kind of doll.

That woman, who was also part of the task-force, was known as Hope. Or, Ichigo, if you like. It was her so-called 'alias'.

Misa thought Hope was a pretty name. It sounded elegant. Though, looking at the woman, she made the name 'dark-sounding' in some way. Maybe it was because she seemed to like dark clothes. Misa didn't mind. She thought that the name sounded more elegant in that way.

As for her alias... Ichigo? Misa wondered what possessed her to pick that name. It sounded so cheery and bright. Not like her other name.

Ichigo... that meant strawberry. Does she like strawberries? Maybe that's why she chose that name. Or was it for some other reason?

Misa-Misa wanted to know...

...Misa was thinking too much again. She furrowed her thin eyebrows together in what seemed like anger.

It was her fault Misa was in this present state at the moment. It was all her fault.

If she hadn't gone and done that three days ago, this would have never happened to her at all! No, in fact, if she hadn't gone and done 'that' three days ago, Misa-Misa would still be oblivious to her existence. How dare that woman go on and do that to her? How dare she pushed her precious Light out of her head and waltzed about as if she belonged there?

Misa didn't want to even think about that incident that happened three days ago. It was so outrageous, so un-called for! She had been trying to avoid replaying the thought at all costs, but it seemed to come back each time, stronger, threatening to taunt her with it's wickedness.

It lurked somewhere at the back of her mind. Nothing but an unwanted memory.


- Flashback -

"Oh, Light-kun, Light-kun!" Misa chirped excitedly and ran up to her lover. She smiled as she held a sea-green glass bottle behind her back, praising herself inwardly for coming up for this brilliant idea all by herself.

"Yes... Misa? What is it this time?" Light held back a sigh, faking a half-hearted smile to the girl. Misa rocked back and forth on her feet, barely unable to contain excitement as she continued to smile brightly at the brunette boy. Ryuuzaki, aka L, the world's legendary number one detective, sat perched up on a chair in his usual sitting manner with his legs pulled close to his chest. He looked at the bubbly blond than turned to glance at Light in sympathy.

"Misa-Misa had just had the most brilliant idea!" she gushed, the smile on her face growing bigger with each passing second. It was almost as if it was going to grow so wide that her jaw might have fallen off. She pulled the glass bottle out from behind her back and showed it to Light proudly.

"A... a bottle?" Light asked slowly, looking at the bottle in the girl's hands. This was what she was getting all excited over? He had an expression on his face that it told everyone that he begun to doubt Misa's non-exsistant intelligence even more.

"Yes, a bottle!" The girl cried happily. "Let's play spin the bottle, Light-kun!"

Misa's plan became clear for the world to see. It was yet another one of her devious plots to get a kiss from Light.

"I don't know, Misa..." Light begun, unsurely. He so did not want to play that with her.

"What is that, if I may ask? I've never heard of such a strange-sounding game before." Ryuuzaki inquired, placing his thumb to his lips in question.

"Seriously, Ryuuzaki?" Light threw him a look of disbelief. "You're kidding me. You've never heard of spin the bottle before?"

Ryuuzaki shook his head slowly, his round unblinking eyes shining with interest.

This time, Light really did sigh. "Spin the bottle is a game where a person litterally spins the bottle. When the bottle stops, the person who spun the bottle would have to kiss the person which the tip of the bottle is pointing to."

"Kiss?" Ryuuzaki echoed, sounding slightly bewildered.

Misa's smile faltered. "What? Ryuuzaki-kun doesn't have to play it if he doesn't want to! I didn't even ask if you wanted to play! Come on, Light-kun, let's you and Misa play alone!"

"Misa, you can't play spin the bottle with just two people." Light said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But- but- but!" Misa stuttered in protest. "Misa wants to play with Light-kun!"

"I don't mind joining in for this certain game." Ryuuzaki asserted thoughtfully, chewing on his thumbnail. "This could be an interesting experience."

'Pervert!' Misa wanted to yell at him. She glared at the detective, fuming on the inside. She didn't want to spin the bottle and end up having to kiss him instead. However, she wasn't going to give up on playing this game if there was a chance that she could get a kiss out of Light from it.

Her eyes roamed around the room, searching for a solution. Her green orbs stopped and stared at the dark figure sitting at the far end of the room, quietly sipping tea and minding her own business. It was like she had blocked out the whole conversation, much more absorbed in the few documents that were held in her hand.

What was her name again? Was it Hope or Ichigo or Yuki or something...? Ah, whatever.

"Why don't we get Ichigo-san to play with us too?" Misa announced, clapping her hands together in glee.

Perfect! That way, her chances of having to kiss 'the pervert' would be lessened!

Before either of the two males could respond, Misa was already waving her hand in her air frantically, calling out for Ichigo.

"Ichigo-san, Ichigo-saaaan!" the girl called out, skipping towards her, swinging the glass bottle in her hand. She stood in front of the girl, a grin that was suppose to look inviting and friendly spreading on her lips.

Ichigo, who was reading the papers in deep intent, looked up calmly at the cheery girl, her deadpan expression never changing. She stared up at her in silence, waiting for what Misa had to say. Upon the cold greeting, Misa felt her confidence fading a bit.

'What's with this girl?' she thought to herself, getting a bit freaked out by her intense stare.

"Ermmm.. Ichigo-san, I was wondering if you would like to join us for a game of spin the bottle!" Misa tried to maintain her cheerfulness as she presented the bottle to the other girl.

Ichigo looked down and stared at the green bottle in Misa's hands for awhile before she turned her head away wordlessly, taking another sip of tea, her attention focusing back on the papers.

"How boring." She mumbled simply.

Misa felt her eyebrow twitch in annoyance and the rage started to build up inside of her. What! How could she just diss Misa so effortlessly when she came up ever-so-cutely just to invite her for a friendly game of spin the bottle? Who does this girl think she is?!

She wanted to give her a piece of her mind and start scolding her, but that would ruin the plan. Instead, she decided to play nice for awhile.

"But Ichigo-san!" Misa whined, shaking her shoulder with her free hand. She put on her cutest-sounding voice. "Misa-Misa really, really wants to play spin the bottle and it wouldn't be as much fun with just three of us!"

No response.

Misa growled mentally. Oh, so she was ignoring her this time, eh? She'll teach this jerk to ignore a pretty girl!

"Leave her alone, Misa." Light's voice came from behind. "If she doesn't want to play, you shouldn't force her to."

"But Liggggggggght!" the model turned around wailed. "I really want her to plaaaay!"

"Are you sure you don't want to join us, Ichigo?" L asked again in a monotone. He tilted his head to the side.

Ichigo looked back up at the three, studying the looks on each of their faces. She placed the documents down on the desk in front of her and looked at L.

"Pretty much." she replied bluntly, flipping the paper unenthusiastically.

"Pleeeeeeease, Ichigo-san?! Pretty, pretty please with a cherry and lots of icing on top?" Misa begged, clasping her hands together, giving Ichigo her best puppy dog-eye look she could muster. Ichigo just stared at her un-affectedly.

"Oh, come on! I promise if you play with us just this once, Misa will never bother you to play with her ever again!"

"...Alright, alright. Fine. But after this, make sure not to disturb me again." Ichigo finally agreed with a lazy roll of her midnight black pupils. She put her cup of tea down onto the desk with a loud 'clanging' sound.

"YAY! Misa promises!" Misa squealed, grabbing hold of Ichigo's sleeve. The overly hyper girl tugged eagerly at her sleeve and practically dragged her to the center of the room, where there was a big empty space.

She plopped herself hurriedly down onto the floor and set the bottle in front of her as the other three took their time in sitting themselves down. The four arranged themselves in a square-ish circle with the gleaming green bottle placed right in the middle.

"So... what should we do now?" Ichigo asked in her low, dull voice. She propped her chin up onto her palm and stared blankly at the shiny glass bottle in front of her.

"You havn't heard of this game, either, Ichigo-san?" Light asked, now looking at her. He was a bit surprised that even she hasn't heard of it.

"I don't have time for boring games, Yagami-san."

"Light-kun told me that whoever spins that bottle on the floor has to kiss whoever the tip points to." L interjected, pointing at the bottle calmly.


Ichigo stared at L without uttering a word. Then, she looked over to Light to make sure he isn't joking. Light just stared back.

"Right," the black-haired girl breathed, standing up robotically.

"Have fun playing then." she says and turns her back to leave, giving them a small wave.

She was about to take her first step when Misa went on all fours and crawled towards her, grabbing hold of the trench coat Ichigo was wearing and giving it a huge, forceful tug causing her to fall back down onto the floor.

"NO! Ichigo-san has to stay right here with us and play! You said you would!" Misa pouted childishly, tightening her grip on Ichigo's coat.

Ichigo turned her head and shot Misa a cold, hard glare, frightening Misa for a few seconds. The pout on her face disappeared for a moment, but it soon turned into one of her own glares that she shot right back at Ichigo. She refused to give up now.

L and Light watched on as the two girls engaged in a staring contest. It was so freakishly intense that they could do nothing but just sit and watch until one of them decided to break it.

At long last, Ichigo finally dropped the glare, sighing. She was getting sick of this boring fooling around.

"Fine, fine. Let's just get this over with quickly." She grumbled, turning around to face the bottle again.

Misa dropped her own glare and broke into a huge smile, clapping her hands in joy. "Yay!" she cheered, scrambling back to her own place.

"Misa shall start first!" she proclaimed, putting her hand on the bottle.

Nobody protested. Light couldn't really give much of a damn, L was just looking on quietly in engrossment, finger to mouth, and Ichigo just didn't feel like saying anything after that whole episode.

"Remember! The person the bottle points to has to kiss Misa no matter what!" Misa hinted and glanced up longingly at Light. Light didn't look impressed.

"Okay, here goes..."

She gave the bottle a quick spin and it started to turn rapidly, transforming into a whirlpool of glossy green that somehow matched Misa's eyes which were now glued onto the bottle.

It was slowly down...

Misa smiled wider to herself. She could taste Light's lips already.

Slowing down...

Misa could hardly wait.


Maybe she should have putted on some cherry-flavoured lip gloss before this?


She was going to explode from excitement.


Misa blinked and traced the direction the bottle tip was pointing to with her eyes. She expected to see Light's blue trousers... his buttoned-up maroon-coloured shirt... his locks of neatly-combed brown hair... his delighted face.

Instead, she saw a black trench coat, long black hair and a very bored looking face.

A female face.

"E-e-eh, but- What!" Misa sputtered and almost screamed, doing a double take. She looked up and down at the bottle, making sure her eyes weren't decieving her.

The bottle land on Light... neither did it land on L...

But Misa didn't think it would land on HER.

'W-what?! This isn't suppose to happen!' Misa thought, heart racing.

'U-uh, I think it's fine... I mean, we're both girls right? She wouldn't kiss me... yeah. I'll just tell her that I'll spin it again.' Misa calmed herself down. Ichigo walked over to the girl and squatted in front of her, sighing.

"Ehehe, Ichigo-san.." Misa smiled, laughing nervously. "Looks like I have to spin the bottle-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Misa felt a pair of soft lips pushed forward onto hers, causing her to freeze abruptly. She felt her whole body tense up and a sudden electric current jolted through her as she stared into closed eyelids.

Ichigo removed her lips calmly after a few seconds and reopened her eyes slowly, her impassive expression never faltering once.

"-again..." Misa felt the word leave her opened mouth weakly.

Ichigo propped her chin up onto her palm as she watched carefully as Misa's face started to change colour. First, it turned a light shade of pink. Next, it changed to bright red. Then, it changed into dark red.

Her shocked facial expression never changed.

Finally, the information started to sink into her brain and she hastily scrambled onto her feet, nearly tripping over herself as she pointed her index finger in accusation at Ichigo.

"W-WHAT THE HELL!" She screamed, her finger shaking and her eyes wide. An angry red blush was still painted over her face as she tried to convey her emotions.


"It was a kiss."


"Yes, but you said before, 'The person the bottle points to has to kiss Misa no matter what.'" Ichigo quoted with a mere shrug. "I was just following what you said."

"BUT- BUT!" Misa spluttered helplessly.

"Calm down," Ichigo told her flatly. "It's just a kiss."

Misa opened her mouth to yell something, but nothing came out. She stared at the impossibly calm Ichigo in disbelief before turning on her heels and sprinting to her room like a bat out of hell. But not before colliding with a lamp post that was in her way.

The three stared on speechlessly.


- End of Flashback -


"GAAAAAH!" Misa shrieked, covering her tomato-red face with both her hands.

"MISA CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE! THIS IS DRIVING MISA CRAZY!" Misa screeched, getting off the sofa and stomping about the room, throwing her arms about for effect.

Meanwhile, in the other room...

"Light-kun, Misa's screaming at herself again..." L stated lazily, unwrapping a piece of candy and popping it into his mouth as he watched the girl throw a fit around her room. He chewed slowly, watching as the girl proceeded to do some sort of weird dancing around the room.

"Again?" Light asked, in an all-knowing voice. He shook his head slowly. "She's been acting weird recently."

"Yes, indeed... ever since our little game of 'spin the bottle'..." L muses out loud, in between chews. Hope, who was typing away on her laptop heard this and twisted her neck slightly to give L a look.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't imply such things, Ryuuzaki." she grumbled, not stopping her typing.

"Imply what, Ichigo-san?" L asked innocently, popping another sweet into his mouth.

"Hm. You know very well what I mean." Hope continued to grumble, and started to click with her mouse.

"I'm just simply stating that... there's a very high percentage that Misa's behaving this way because of your past actions."

Hope paused in mid-click to think about L's words. Then, she started to click again.

"Well. I can't take back what I did now, can I?" she said. "...besides, It's not like I enjoyed it or anything. I didn't even want to play her boring little game, but she was insisting and eventually I was forced to." She added defensively.

"...Light-kun, what do you make of this..."

"... Are you even listening to me?" She asks in irritation, looking over to the two discussing over a document.

She turns back to the laptop, muttering some colourful words about being neglected and such.

"OWWW!" Misa exclaimed in pain from the screen. Her loud, shrill voice blared through the speakers.

"I believe she may have injured herself..." L muttered, glancing at the TV.

Light shook his head. "Ugh. Let's go check up on her, Ryuuzaki." he murmurs, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was no better than looking after a small child. He could already feel a huge migrane coming on.

"Alright." L agrees, setting one foot down onto the floor before the other. He shuffles out the room behind Light who was leading the way out in the front.

The room was quiet without the constant chit-chatting of the two and Hope eventually stopped paying attention to the laptop. She leaned backwards to strech herself a bit, gazing at the televion that showed Misa's room. The pair had already entered Misa's room and were talking to her whilst she held her knee which she seemed to have injured.

She stood up, looks in one of the drawers of the desk and grabbed a box before making her way out of the room.


In Misa's room...

"Light-kun! It huuuurts!" Misa sobbed, holding onto her bleeding knee.

"You shouldn't have been so careless," Light scolded lightly, bending over to inspect the wound. "It doesn't look that bad..." Honestly, sometimes Misa can be so troublesome.

"Does it feel that bad, Misa?" L asked, tilting his head. "It's bleeding."

"Obviously it feels bad, you-" Misa started to growl but stopped. Her eyes were now on the third person entering her room.

Just the person she didn't want to see.

She could feel her heart racing again and time seemed to stop. All intentions of telling L off vanished away in thin air as she suddenly lost her voice.

"I'll help you bandage that up." Hope offered in a soft voice. She walked over to the stunned and somewhat quieter Misa and opened up the first aid kit that she was carrying.

She dabbed some alchohal onto a piece of cotton wool and gently pressed it on the injury with upmost care. Misa winced a bit, but bit down on her bottom lip and said nothing as the alchohal stung her. Hope then took out a roll of bandages next and cut off a reasonable length to wrap around Misa's knee.

"There, it should be okay now." Hope mumbled to herself as she stood up.

"T-thank you." Misa said in a flustered voice, looking down at her newly bandaged knee.

She couldn't help but blush a little when she saw her staring back down at her with those deep, endless eyes again. Her heart almost skipped a beat when she spoke again, her voice acting like a tiny electric current zapping her.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Just a... a little..." Misa murmured, looking down quickly in embarassment.

What the hell was wrong with her? Why was feeling so tensed?!

"Next time, you shouldn't dance around tables."

Misa bit her tongue and wanted to protest. She wasn't dancing around tables!

'Misa-Misa was just walking around the room and got distracted by another thought of you to notice where she was going.' she almost couldn't stop herself from saying.

Though, secretly, she was a bit happy that Hope had came just to help her tend to her wound. She didn't know why, but she was just happy.

"It's rare to see you worry about someone so much, Ichigo-san." L commented, interrupting Misa's happy thoughts.

"It was just a bandage, Ryuuzaki." Hope rolled her eyes. She was squatting to put back all the things back into the First Aid Kit.

"T-that's right... it's just a bandage." Misa found herself agreeing, nodding her pretty little head vigorously. "It.. it doesn't mean anything big or something like that..."

"I'm kind of jealous..." L muttered admittedly in a pouty tone, putting his thumb to his lip. "When was the last time you should some concern like that for me, Ichigo-san?"

Hope's face deadpanned. The colour on Misa's face drained a little upon hearing those words.

"Are you sulking?" she asked dryly. "I don't know... maybe if you rammed your head against the wall or something..." she sugguested, sarcastically.

L frowned at her sentence.

"But if I do that, I'll lose about 5% of my intelligence due to the loss of brain cells..."

"... I wasn't being serious, Ryuuzaki."

"Then, if I really happened to hurt myself, would you nurse me back to health, too?" the detective still insisted on an answer, pressing his thumb onto his bottom lip. He stood beside her, gazing down in intent at what she was doing. His thumb never left his mouth as he watched her in simple fascination, like a kid watching his favorite cartoon on television.

"I don't know... depends." She stood up, the first aid kit in her hand.

"Maybe if you continue to interest me even more, I will." She teased lightly, a smirk playing in her voice as she passed the detective, who smiled vaguely against the thumb pressed to his mouth.

"The conversations you two have are all so particular." Light commented, peering at the man beside him at the corner of his eye. The small smile on L's face faded as soon as Light's voice ruined his daze.

"Yes, I suppose it's been a part of our normal routine."

"Ha. I never thought such a weird couple like you and Ichigo-san would even exist in the first place." Light jokes, as the two exited Misa's room.

"You weirdos are like made for each other."

Miss Misa Amane, who was now forgotten because she had already been taken cared of, was abnormally quiet as she sat on the floor, thinking.

She had been witnessing the somewhat casual 'flirting' between L and Hope, feeling very left out and unnoticed.

W-what was this...?

A strange, heavy feeling was bottling up inside of her and she clentched the edge of her skirt tightly...