AN; Hi everyone, this story started as a bit of fun. My brother challenged me to take our parents real life stories and retell them using JONAS characters. It turned out that I had so much fun doing it that I thought I would post it. I have used some creative licence in most of the chapters; a lot of them are only inspired by the stories. Some I have embellished others I have made up completely. Very few of them are the whole truth. I will tell you witch is witch at the beginning of the chapter.

Disclaimer; I don't own the JONAS characters and any of my parents stories that I have used I have there permission to do so.

Summery: milestones in the lives of Nick Lucas and Macy Misa (Slightly AU)

Chapter one (all of this is the truth)


Macy Misa was six years old when Nick Lucas and his Family moved in across the street from her. Macy doesn't remember much about that day just the awareness that there was a new family on Jonas Street.

The first time Macy interacted with Nick was on his first day of school. A large group of older girls had surrounded him and were chanting "Lucas Pucas" over and over again as loudly as they could.

Macy was much smaller than the other girls (she had always been small for her age) but she wasn't going to stand by and let them spoil Nick's first day.

She came barrelling though the crowed pushing and shoving her way to where Nick was cowering (to this day Nick denies ever cowering)

"Leave him alone" Macy demanded as the crowed began to dissipate (even at six Macy could be pretty intimidating)

"He's new" she said stating the obvious.

"No leave then alone" Nick told Macy firmly

"I fancy them" he explained before chasing the disappearing girls (Yes even at six Nick was falling too hard and too fast)

Chapter 2 (this is partly true)


Macy was eight years old when Nick joined her father's under eighteen's soccer team. Over the past two years Nick and Macy had become firm friends. They never used the term best friends but that would be a good way to describe their relationship.

They would meet up every morning at Nick's house and walk to school together. It was only a ten minute walk but the two of them felt very grown up walking on their own. Nick would even get up 10 minutes before his brothers so he and Macy could leave without them.

What neither of them knew until years later was that every morning they were followed by either Mr Lucas or Mr Misa and watched until they were safely though the school gates.

Macy helped Nick practice his soccer, her farther had played soccer all his life (that's why he was chosen to run the local youth teams) Macy couldn't remember a time when she hadn't understood every rule of the game or not wanted to play it.

Nick was extremely good to begin with but with Macy's help he was soon the best player on the team.

Nick was competitive to a fault. No one could understand how such a gentle mild mannered child could become so dangerous on the soccer pitch.

In practice his team mates gave up attempting to tackle him they knew if they tried they would just get flattened. Macy was the only person brave enough to get in the way when Nick Lucas had a soccer ball at his feet and as much as Nick adored Macy his competitive nature wouldn't allow him to take it easy on her.

Macy didn't always succeed when she tackled Nick but he wasn't too proud to admit she always gave him a good run for his money.

Nick was almost as protective of Macy as her own father was. He hated that his team mates would some times pick on her for being a girl. There were times when he went as far as to threaten to leave the team if they couldn't treat Macy with the respect that she deserved.

Even at age eight Nick knew it was important to treat lady's well and even if Macy didn't act like any girl he had ever known he still knew she was still a girl.

Macy would never officially be on the team because her farther didn't want her getting hurt but Nick always made sure she was treated like a team mate by all those around them.

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