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Chapter 6 fifteen (The story in this chapter didn't happen but there are some elements of truth here)

Macy was fifteen when she got her first boyfriend and Nick didn't like it. Nick and Macy were closer than they had ever been; they openly admitted that they we're best friends and they had both retuned to Mr Misa's soccer practices but both of them had been warned that they wouldn't get to play in any actual matches.

Nick kept waiting for his feelings to go back to normal just like their friendship did but it didn't happen. The day she turned up at his door all excited about her first date and the bottom fell out of his stomach he realized it wasn't going to happen.

Macy's date was with Carl "the shoe" a boy they had both grown up with. He had been on Mr Misa's soccer team for a while until he had moved and had to change to a team that practiced closer to his new home.

Macy bumped into Carl while she was out shopping with Stella and they had enjoyed catching up. He found it hard to believe that her father was still coaching and almost unbelievable that the team was still league champions after 6 years.

When Carl asked Macy out it only took a small amount of encouragement from Stella for her to agree.

Nick had always liked Carl he could be annoying at times but Nick had never had a problem with him until the day that he asked Macy out.

Nick watched from his bedroom window as Carl picked Macy up at her door

"You hate him right now, don't you?" Joe asked appearing beside him

"Very much" Nick hissed through gritted teeth

"Look Nick if you have feelings for Macy you have to tell her" Joe said putting a hand on his brother's shoulder

"The worst thing that happens is that she doesn't like you back, you have a couple of awkward weeks then things go back to the way they were before" he said in his most reassuring tone

"And what if she dose like me back Joe? What happens then?" Nick asked shrugging the hand off his shoulder

"Well then you get together and live happily ever after" said Joe as if it was the most simple thing in the world

"No we don't" Nick sighed

"We get together then I go on tour with you guys and me and Macy get ripped apart" he said sadly

"It might take some work" Joe admitted

"But if anyone can do it you two can" he told his little brother

Both Joe and Kevin knew how alike Nick and Macy were, they were both quick witted, strong minded and competitive but on top of that they were both in love with each other. Kevin and Joe were just waiting for one of them too make a move Joe was hoping that Carl would be just the push that Nick needed.

"Joe, we're 15" Nick told him matter of factly

"It doesn't matter how we feel, no one can hold a relationship like that together at 15" he explained as he moved away from the window and over to his keyboards.

"So you're playing the long game" Joe mused aloud

"I'm not playing any game" Nick snapped spinning to face Joe

"This is Macy we are talking about" he reminded his older brother angrily

"But if you were playing a game?" Joe persisted

"I'd be playing for keeps" Nick told him firmly.

Macy was 15 the first time she got her heart broken and Nick hated it. She turned up at his door the night before the league championship final.

Mr Misa's team was in the final for the 8th year in a row they had won the last 6 years and it was expected that they would win again the next day

"He used me Nick" Macy sobbed into his chest as soon as he opened the door

"Who?" Nick asked in shock even though he was pretty sure he already knew

"Carl" she sobbed harder

"What did he do" he demanded as he maneurvered her onto the sofa

Nick was so focused on Macy that he almost missed his older brothers joining them, Nick was suddenly very glad that his parents had taken Frankie out for the night he was sure that seeing Macy this upset would have torn the younger boy up inside as he had a not so secret crush on her.

"The only reason he asked me out was to get dirt on Dad's team" Macy told them

"He plays for the team that we are playing against tomorrow and he tried to get me to tell him any and all of our player's weaknesses" she explained sadly

"Oh Mace I'm so sorry" Nick whispered softly rubbing her back trying to give her some comfort

"We should tell your Dad" said Joe placing his hand on her shoulder supportively

"He could report Carl to the Ref tomorrow"

"No he can't Joe" said Nick

"Carl is a jerk but there is no rule against fishing for info on your opponents" he explained

"Besides I didn't tell him anything" Macy assured

"He wasn't exactly subtle with his fishing" she told them, she had calmed down a lot and seemed more like herself but the light that normally shone in her eyes was missing

"We can't just let him get away with this" Joe cried indignantly

"He's not getting away with anything" came a stony voice from near the door

Joe, Nick and Macy all looked up in time to see Kevin flipping hid phone shut. They were all shocked to see the cold look in his eyes none of them had seen him look so angry before

"Who were you on the phone to?" Joe asked, he and Nick hadn't even noticed he had been on the phone while they were talking to Macy

"Van Dyke and DZ" Kevin told them

"They know the situation and they are going to deal with it" he explained

Van Dyke Tosh and Dennis Zimmer(otherwise known as DZ) were the longest serving members of Mr Misa's soccer team. They were both older than Macy and considered her their younger sister and lucky charm

"What are they going to do?" Macy asked warily

"Let's just say I wouldn't want to be playing in Carl's boots tomorrow" Kevin said with an almost sinister smile

The next day Mr Misa's players claimed their 7th consecutive league championship and Carl spent most of the match eating mud. He was tripped, fowled and basically flattened so often that Macy almost began to feel sorry for him and was actually glad when his coach pulled him of the pitch, but even then he wasn't safe.

Kevin, Joe and Nick had come to support the team and where there were the boys of Jonas there were the fans of Jonas. The boys made sure that every fan in the vicinity knew just how much Carl had hurt their dear friend Macy. As soon as he was off the pitch they began to pelt him with abuse.

Carl looked so miserable covered in mud and bruises, being yelled at by a large group of angry young woman and watching his team get annihilated that she couldn't help but laugh.

Macy's laughter made everyone that heard it smile the Macy that they all knew and loved was back. Nick vowed then and there that he was going to do everything in his power to protect Macy from getting her heart broken again. Anyone who wanted to date her now would have to get though him first.

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