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Chapter 1

Parker was worried as she listened to Eliot talk about his upcoming date. She has a bad feeling but she doesn't think anyone will listen to her if she says anything. Silently she watches as Eliot gets ready and everyone talks about their plans. Nate and Sophie are going out together and Hardison has plans he refuses to talk about. When they turn to Parker she sighs and tells them she is practicing tonight. They give her the weird look since its their first night off in a while but Parker has no one she wants to date, except for her secret crush. She has been in love with Eliot for a while but she knows he doesn't feel the same.

"Parker it's dangerous for you to practice without someone there to check your harness." Eliot said with an arched eyebrow.

"I am a big girl I think I can take care of myself." Parker said annoyed. She grabbed her gear and left everyone behind to go home and rest before she was going to go and practice. She knew it was a bad night for it since it was supposed to rain but she didn't care.

Later that night Parker hooked up harness and was checking her line when he came out of nowhere. She glanced up just as he pushed her over the side of the building and she knew something was wrong. She grappled for a hold but she was falling to fast. She hit the ground hard and she knew she was hurt. She didn't know how long she was lying there before the same man came up to her and kicked her in the gut. She grunted and tried to figure out who he was.

"Tell Ford that I am going to make him pay Parker." The man said as a hitter came into view. Parker recognized him immediately as Eliots big enemy. He smirked as he to hit her a couple of time. She was bleeding and broken and she knew she couldn't call for help.

"Tell Eliot I said hi." The hitter said as he slammed a kick into her gut.

Parker had no choice. She needed help and fast but what could she do. If she called Eliot he would be in trouble. Then the two men left but they left behind a couple of goons and she knew she had to make the call.

"Parker this had better be good." Eliot growled into the phone.

"They tried to kill me. He left two men behind I am hurt bad. Ow." Parker screamed as she got hit again. The phone was yanked from her hands and she watched as one of the men talked on it.

"Spencer if you want your thief back I would hurry she wont last much longer." The man said as he continued his assault.

Eliot was beside himself as he hurried away from his date. He had thought it would get him over Parker and now she was in trouble because he didn't admit his feelings and just go with her to practice. He hurried to the address and stopped a block away. He snuck on foot to the scene and what he saw angered him. He watched as two men continued an assault on a down and bloody Parker. He ran over and slammed his fist into the two mens faces. He continued his assault till they were down and then he picked up a broken Parker and carried her the block to his truck. Once they were inside he made the emergency call to the rest of team to be at the office.

"He wants Nate. He is after the team." Parker murmurs. "Jake says hi."

Eliot brought the truck to a screeching halt. "Jake Mitchell?" Eliot asked as he stared at the blood all over Parker.

"He works for the man who pushed me off the roof. They hurt me and they want to hurt Nate." Parker said slowly.

"We aren't going to let that happen." Eliot said as he gripped the steering wheel.

They made it back to the office and everyone was shocked at Parker's condition. Sophie had ice and a first aid kit but everyone knew she needed a doctor.

"This guy is after the team and he hired my old enemy Jake Mitchell." Eliot growled as he sat and cradled Parker in his lap. She was clinging to him and everyone could see it was useless to try and pry them apart. Everyone knew the two of them liked each other but wouldn't do anything and now they were inseparable. "I am so sorry I wasn't there for you." Eliot whispered to Parker who was sobbing in pain.

Hardison pulled up Jake Mitchell as well as who he was currently working for. Parker glanced at the picture and a shudder went through her as she looked at the man who pushed her off the building. As everyone looked at the picture they could feel nothing but hatred for the two men. They had to wonder what they were going to do and who would get hurt next.

Parker was scared to be left alone and she was in pain. Eliot gently cleaned her face with a wet towel and then grimaced as it already started to bruise. She clung to him as they sat in the bedroom. Sophie, Nate and Hardison had insisted she go lie in bed but she wouldn't let Eliot leave her.

"You saved me." She said with a smile and then a wince.

"I care Parker, I wasn't going to leave you there." He whispered to her. She snuggled closer into his lap and body causing him to fill the stirring of feelings he knew now wasn't the time to admit. He could feel her breathing even out and he knew she was asleep. He didn't want to leave her but he needed to talk to the others about the two men he had taken out and he was sure they wanted to know about Jake Mitchell since he had only told Parker about that. He leaned over and kissed her forehead and then got up to face the others and see what this other guy had against Nate.