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Gokudera frowned watching Tsuna walk into the Namimori's perimeter with Namimori Discipline Committee Chairman's arm wrapped around his waist. His frowned deepened seeing the bright smile on Tsuna's face as he talked with the quiet, anti-social chairman.

"What does Tenth see in that bastard?"

Yamamoto blinked and a bright smile appeared on his face. "Probably the same thing you see in me."

Gokudera's face flushed and looked away from his boyfriend. "S-Shut up!"

Yamamoto laughed and wrapped an arm around Gokudera's waist, pulling the shorter closer to him. He buried his face into Gokudera's neck, taking a deep breath. "Hmm…Tsuna loves Hibari and Hibari loves him. You should be happy."

"It's not that I'm not happy for Tenth; because I am. But why that bastard?"

"Because somehow Tsuna fall in love with Hibari…just like I fall in love with you." Yamamoto said lifting his head, giving Gokudera another bright smile.

Gokudera's blush deepened and a muttered, "I guess."

Yamamoto kissed Gokudera, his lips lingering long than should since everyone could walk into the classroom. Gokudera moaned sadly as the warm lips left his and the blush on his cheek grow slightly. The two stared at each other, love filled their eyes.

Everyone was their reasons as to why they love someone.

What's yours?

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