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Orla looked into the face of her lover sure he must be an apparition of her exhausted mind.

She couldn't bring herself to say anything, the shock of seeing Ronon's image had left her numb, she swayed slightly sure her legs were going to go from underneath her.

Ronon watched as Orla enter the room her face frozen in shock. He wanted to move to her, take her in his arms until he saw the hesitancy in her. Panic threatened to overwhelm him, she wasn't happy to see him. He kept his arms folded knowing his usually strong hands would shake with uncertainty.

"Orla?" Ronon hoarsely cried.

Orla closed her eyes she was losing her mind she was sure. She opened her eyes and he was still there, she tried to say something, anything, but she couldn't think, eventually she stared at him disbelief evident, "How... how... how did you get here?" she finally uttered.

"Daedalus," Ronon replied.

"Are... you real?" Orla asked as tears welled in eyes.

"Little one," Ronon huskily called out as he watched the tears fall freely down her face. As her hand flew to her mouth to contain the sob trying to escape Ronon moved toward her wrapping his arms about her, drawing her into him.

Orla felt Ronon's arms envelop her and lost all coherent thought, her legs buckled and she reached out to hold onto him, her sob buried in his chest.

"Orla," Ronon cried as he buried his face into her hair himself on the verge of tears.

They held onto each other fiercely until Orla raised her head from Ronon's chest and mumbled, "Why? Why are you here Ronon?"

"Take you home little one. Come home please," Ronon pleaded.

"How? I... it's not possible," Orla cried burying herself into him once more.

Ronon leant down picking up her up, he moved over to the couch. He sat with Orla curled up in his lap softly crying, hearing her cry was breaking his heart. "Orla," he whispered forcing her to look up into his face, he brushed away the tears from her face before slowly lowering his mouth to Orla's the contact making them both moan with desire.

Ronon gently brushed his mouth over Orla's once more before gently capturing her mouth, his kiss soft at first. He slowly increased the pressure of the kiss until they had to break the kiss, both panting for air and in need.

Ronon lowered his head wanting to taste Orla's kiss once more, as he did his tongue gently lapped at her lower lip. On hearing Orla whimper with pleasure he deepened the kiss, his tongue loving hers.

Ronon pulled back from Orla his hands cupping her face, "I want you Orla... I need you," Ronon breathlessly demanded.

Orla looked at Ronon's face, his eyes heavy with lust his face flushed with need. She wanted him so badly. Orla moved on his lap so she could straddle him, with need Orla ground herself onto him, she heard him growl with desire. Her own whimpers swallowed by Ronon's demanding mouth.

As they broke apart once more Orla uttered, "Ronon, please... I ... need you."

Ronon held onto Orla tightly as he stood, she in turn wrapped her legs about Ronon's waist. They moved toward her bedroom, Ronon placed Orla gently on the bed. He shook with need, his breath becoming ragged as he wanted nothing more than to bury himself in this woman forever.

Ronon gathered Orla into his embrace once more before rolling her on her back, his arms taking his weight so as to not crush her. He wanted her again but knew they didn't have much time before Sheppard would return and Orla would have questions.

Ronon kissed Orla's throat his tongue trailing a path downwards. He groaned in pleasure, how he'd missed his Orla.

Ronon touch was driving Orla insane, when he planted kisses on her throat she started to lose all reason, she'd missed him so much. She felt him gently lick at the hollow of her throat before moving lower, Orla trembled.

"Ronon, please... stop please, I can't..." Orla cried.

"Don't want to," Ronon growled in response.

"Please..." Orla begged. "John and Carla will be home soon and I've no idea what's happening here. Talk to me please?" Orla pleaded as Ronon rolled onto his back pulling Orla onto him.

Ronon explained what had occurred over the last few days to an astonished Orla.

"They used me?" she uttered appalled at how the IOA had so casually played with her life. She heard Ronon snarl and swear in Satedan before tightening his hold on her.

"I'd like to kill that Coolidge. He was a coward the last time we met now, he's just scum," Ronon hissed in distaste.

"I can go home?" Orla whispered.

"Came to bring you home," Ronon nuzzled into Orla's hair breathing in its scent reveling in its softness.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again Ronon," Orla admitted quietly.

"Neither did I little one. Lost it a bit," Ronon divulged tentatively.

"Lost it? Oh Ronon, what did you do?" Orla gasped afraid to hear Ronon's admission.

"Hit Lorne, held Woolsey at gunpoint that sorta thing," Ronon explained casually.

"Ronon!" Orla cried looking at Ronon, she was unsure if she wanted to know the story or not.

"It's okay, you're back. Never letting you go again Orla," Ronon growled gathering Orla into his arms.

Orla turned to face Ronon her face showing a sudden realization. "I have to pack Ronon."

"No you don't, not letting you get out of our bed for months," he chuckled.

Orla laughed, "What'd you have me walk about it? I handed back my uniform you know. Or maybe you wouldn't mind me walking to the mess hall in just my underwear?" she teased,

Ronon grinned aware Orla was teasing him. He rolled Orla onto her back, his reply a rumbling grunt, "I'd kill any man who saw you naked," he teased.

"What about Carson?" Orla giggled hearing Ronon quietly chuckle knowing he was trying to be stoic.

"Fine, any man other than Carson," Ronon replied. "Maybe you'd better pack," Ronon relented.

Ronon moved the few bags Orla had into the living room, as Orla hurried about the flat checking for anything she'd forgotten, they heard Carla's key in the front door.

Sheppard and Carla entered the flat and walked into the living room. "Hey kids we're home!" Sheppard hollered smiling as he caught sight of a smiling Ronon rolling his eyes at Sheppard.

"Hey Orla… You okay?" Carla asked as she came to stand beside Orla.

Orla smiled, "How could I not be?" Orla answered looking at Ronon.

Carla squeaked in delight and threw her arms around her friend. "I'm so pleased. I'm not happy you're leaving but I can understand you wanting to be with Mr. Mc Stud Muffin over there," Carla giggled nodding her head in Ronon's direction, the term once again lost on the ex-Runner.

Orla laughed out loud at the nickname Carla had chosen for Ronon. Walking over to Ronon she looked into his scowling face and put her arms about him, "My Stud Muffin," she chuckled.

The trio spent a little longer with Carla, talking about the meal they'd shared. Carla had introduced John to Indian food. He'd loved the spices and different flavors. Sheppard had sent Murray back to RAF Northolt, asking him to return a few hours later. When he did they bid farewell to Carla, Orla promising to visit the next time she was in England and Sheppard promising to return the dinner date next time he found himself back in England.

The vehicle set off for the base, it took thirty minutes to reach the RAF camp. Sergeant Murray escorted the trio from the motor pool passed the officer's mess to Group Captain Andrews's office. Sergeant Murray knocked at the door opening it as soon as instructed to enter.

"Sir, I have Colonel Sheppard, Specialist Dex and Dr. Grant here," Murray said standing at attention.

"Ahh Sergeant Murray at ease, please gentlemen and lady of course, do come in. Thank you Murray, that'll be all," Andrews ordered saluting the Sergeant before he left and acknowledging the three visitors.

"Sir," Sheppard saluted.

"At ease Colonel," Andrews said returning Sheppard's salute. "Dr. Grant, I presume?" Andrews continued offering his hand in greeting,

"That's correct Group Captain," Orla smiled.

"Of course Specialist Dex, good to see you again," Andrews greeted the ex-Runner.

Ronon nodded in reply shaking his hand still uncomfortable with the Earth greeting.

"You'll want to contact the Daedalus Colonel?" Andrews said matter of factly.

"Yes Sir, excuse me," Sheppard replied as he placed his radio microphone in place, Sheppard tapped the com link open, "Colonel Caldwell, this is Colonel Sheppard," Sheppard waited.

"Colonel Sheppard, are you ready to be beamed aboard?"Caldwell asked.

"In about one minute Colonel," Sheppard replied as he placed a small beacon in Orla's shirt pocket.

"Group Captain Andrews Sir, thank you for your hospitality. We'll be leaving now Sir," Sheppard announced saluting his superior one more time.

"Pleasure was ours Colonel Sheppard," Andrews returned, acknowledging Sheppard's salute.

"We're ready Daedalus," Sheppard confirmed.

A bright white light filled Andrews office, when it dissipated he was the only occupant of the room.

The white beam faded to reveal the familiar bridge of the Daedalus.

"Good to have you back Colonel Sheppard, Ronon, Dr. Grant," Caldwell greeted the trio.

"Colonel Caldwell," Sheppard replied.

"Ready to beam to the SGC? No offence Colonel, but you're being here is intruding on my down time," Caldwell exclaimed.

"Beam away Colonel," Sheppard replied.

The white beam engulfed the trio beaming them directly into the SGC's gate room.

General Jack O'Neill stood in the gate room smiling at the small group, "Welcome back, Dr. Grant, Orla. Good to see you again," O'Neill grinned walking over to the small scientist and kissing her cheek.

"Thank you General O'Neill," Orla brightly replied.

"The paper works been pushed through, so if you sign this contract Orla you're once again an employee of this wondrous establishment!" O'Neill gently mocked.

"Have a pen?" Orla smiled.

"Of course, I'm a General, we carry one for all emergencies," O'Neill teased handing Orla a pen.

Orla signed her name on the dotted line, taking a copy for herself she handed the rest back to O'Neill.

"I guess that means you're officially okayed to return to Atlantis," O'Neill remarked as he turned to face the glass partition. "Walter, if you please," O'Neill called out.

The chevrons locked into place as the Stargate dialed Atlantis' address. The SGC's IDC was sent through the General nodded in goodbye as the three figures stepped forward into the Stargate's wormhole.

When the three figures stepped through into Atlantis' gate room, a small gathering waited to welcome them home.

Mr. Woolsey stepped forward smiling "Ronon, Colonel Sheppard, glad you found our Dr. Grant. Welcome home… Orla," Woolsey offered smiling but clearly uncomfortable trying to be so casual.

"Thank you Mr. Woolsey," Orla returned the man's smile.

"Oh my god! Welcome home sweetie! Can't stand waiting for you to get around to us," Laura cried out launching herself at her friend.

Orla was nearly knocked off her feet as Laura ran into her. She hugged her friend, Teyla and Jennifer joining in as the Amigos were once again reunited.

As McKay waited for the Amigos to calm down he approached Ronon, "You may think as Orla's back I'll let you off the hook. I won't you know, we're not nearly even yet," Rodney glared.

Orla had witnessed the confrontation between Rodney and Ronon, she approached Rodney.

"Dr. McKay?" Orla called out.

"What? Oh, Orla, umm… welcome back," Rodney patted Orla on the back. "See you in the morning?" he asked.

A thunderous roar greeted Rodney's question, Rodney jumped, "Fine, I'll see you soon," McKay uttered walking off pouring scorn on all Satedan's.

"What was that all about?" Orla asked looking at a sheepish Ronon and a smug Sheppard.

"You might wanna bunk with one of the Amigos for a bit, Rodney still hasn't forgiven Ronon for being… grouchy. Your quarters I'm afraid remind me of that movie Pacific Heights," Sheppard chortled.

"Oh Ronon what did you do?" Orla asked as she threaded her arms around Ronon's waist.

"Umm, Teyla's also still sore about it too, she keeps hitting me with the bantos rods when I'm not looking," Ronon added almost pouting.

"So you deserved it," Orla giggled.

"Pretty much," Ronon added smiling at the woman in his arms.

Ronon slowly moved against Orla's naked body, he pressed his arousal into the soft form of the woman beneath him. Orla looked wide eyed at Ronon "Already?" she huskily asked.

"I missed you Orla, so much. You're my addiction and I don't want a cure," Ronon whispered as he gently kissed Orla's throat.

Orla smiled, "Ronon Dex, you going all romantic on me?" Orla gently chided her lover.

Ronon raised his head from Orla's throat. He looked at her grinning, "Would you prefer it if I slapped your ass and said good job?" he laughed.

Orla pretended to become indignant, "If you did, I'd shoot you with your own gun."

"Arrggghhh, now who's getting all romantic, spoken like a true Satedan woman," Ronon bellowed grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Well I'm from Earth so watch it. Earth women are far fiercer," Orla retorted as Ronon began nuzzling her neck once more.

"Knew I loved you for a reason," he chuckled.

"I love you too Ronon," Orla uttered silkily.

"I love you more," Ronon moaned as he silenced Orla with his hot demanding mouth.

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