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Chapter Nineteen: Isle of the Gods.

"They've stolen the Lancelot?" Cecile gaped, the blue-haired technician's eyes widening in alarm as she clapped a hand over her mouth, even as several technicians tried to revive Lloyd. The Earl of pudding, upon hearing the news, had loosed a horrified scream, gripping the sides of his face in a 'scream' pose, coughing up a lungful of blood, before keeling over bonelessly. He was currently lying lifelessly on the ground, frothing at the mouth, not responding to any outside stimuli "How did they get past security?"

"We don't know…" one of the officers on hand admitted, looking stymied as he read over the report again "Apparently several technicians just got it ready, and a submarine came and loaded it on."

"This is terrible!" Cecile moaned, the blue haired technician holding her head between her hands as she thought of all the hours she and Lloyd had put into the experimental white Knightmare "Second Prince Schneizel will be furious!"

"There's…one other thing…" the officer muttered, looking uncertain as he accepted a sealed envelope from a nearby technician "This message was left for you…" he stated, holding it out to Cecile with a strange expression on his face "it's from Zero."

"Zero?" Cecile wondered, the Lancelot's co-developer blinking in confusion, only to accept the envelope, looking it over as Lloyd, who'd just revived thanks to the sound of an opened pudding packet, raged in the background.

'Miss Cecile Croomy' she read, marveling at the man's impeccable penmanship, a clear sign of a good education, as few bothered with old-fashioned, quill-tip pens these days except the nobles and the eccentrics 'by the time you read this letter, my men will have successfully liberated the Lancelot from your possession. I offer my humblest apologies for whatever grief this may cause you, though let me assure you that it shall not be harmed, as I shall be turning it over to the capable hands of your former colleague, Miss Rakshata Chawla.'

'So Rakshata IS involved…' Cecile noted, sighing at the revelation, partially relieved, because at least now she knew Lancelot was in good hands, and partially concerned, because good or not, the mech was still in enemy hands.

'By the way' the letter continued 'it might be presumptuous of me, but I always believed that dress you keep in your wardrobe for 'special occasions' suits you much better than that those military fatigues. I hope to see you wearing it someday, perhaps in more, PRIVATE, surroundings? Sincerely, ZERO.'

'HOW DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THAT?' Cecile demanded, her features turning bright red as she crushed the letter between her nervous fingers. She hadn't even shown LLOYD the dress, though that was simply because the man had the sexual drive of a suicidal lemming, and all the tact of a sledgehammer.

Despite her embarrassment, however, the blue haired technician had to admit it was, flattering, to receive such a compliment from a man, even if it WAS an indirect one, not to mention that the man in question was on the International Most Wanted List.

"DEPLOY THE ARMY!" Lloyd roared, the Earl of Pudding struggling in the restraining grip of the medical officers, flames spouting from his mouth as they tried to ram medication down his throat "DEPLOY THE NAVY! DEPLOY THE AIR FORCE! DEPLOY CHUCK NORRIS! JUST GET MY LANCELOT BACK!"

Black Knight Submarine...

"Fascinating…" Rakshata mused, the blonde scientist looking over the schematics for the Lancelot one a projector screen as her team of technicians examined the white Knightmare directly "The Earl of Pudding's work to be sure…" she noted, a bemused smile coming to her features "I can only imagine the look on his face when he learns we've stolen it."

"Try not to make TOO many adjustments." Zero warned, the masked revolutionary standing at the woman's side as he overlooked the Lancelot's examination "It's no good to us if we can't find a pilot."

"Don't mistake me for the Earl of Pudding." Rakshata countered, smiling coyly as she tapped the bowl of her pipe against the revolutionary's mask teasingly, other hand supporting her elbow "Unlike HIM, I don't assume the rest of the world should conduct themselves to my standards…" she sighed "Human's simply aren't built to order."

"Indeed, otherwise you'd have brought the Shenhu with you along with the Gurren." Zero agreed, the Indian scientist quirking one delicate brow, not entirely surprised that the masked man knew of her problem child "However, I believe that shouldn't be a problem for long."

"You make it sound like you have a pilot candidate…" Rakshata noted, her tone amused, though internally she was intrigued by the man's words, and a little eager if she was honest with herself.

"Nothing concrete yet." Zero assured her, inclining his head "But if all things go well, the Shenhu will soon grace the battlefield with its presence."

"I look forward to it." Rakshata offered, smiling as Zero inkling his head, before walking out of the lab, Kallen following at his heels, as always "Such an interesting man…"

Command Bridge...

"How long until we reach Kamine Island?" Zero asked, the revolutionary stepping onto the command bridge of the submarine, the Knights on hand snapping to attention at the sight of their leader.

"Not long now." Todoh assured him, the colonel's tone polite but firm as he inclined his head towards the masked teen "Shall we deploy forces to scour the island?"

"No." Zero countered, shaking his helmeted head as he eyed the map before him "Kallen and I will advance alone from this point."

"Shall I prep the Gurren?" the redhead asked, looking surprised, though honored, that the masked revolutionary thought so highly of her to bring her along.

"No need." Zero assured the redhead, his modulated tone laced with amusement, much to her confusion "We're simply going to meet with someone there…and to pick up ANOTHER piece that will aid us greatly in the coming war."

Kallen blinked, noting Todoh incline his head off to the side, the grim-faced Colonel's eyes filled with understanding that was lost on the rest of the Knights, only for the redhead to follow Zero out of the command room, leaving Todoh in charge.

Kamine Island...

"I see…" Euphemia wondered, the third Princess of the empire's tone laced with concern as she listened to Cecile's report, the blue haired technician filling the sub-viceroy in as to the situation on Shikine Island.

She and Jeremiah had made their escape in a small, VTOL that the base had provided, only to be forced to set down due to engine trouble on the beach of Kamine Island, several miles from the actual evacuation point they'd relayed.

"And how is Suzaku?" she asked, concern for the eleven, 'Japanese' she corrected herself, teen evident in her voice "And Earl Asplund?"

"Warrant Officer Kururugi…" Cecile began, only to pause to correct her self "That is, Suzaku, is unhurt…" she assured the sub-viceroy "However the fact that Zero just walked off with our Lancelot really got to him." She winced as the sound of something breaking in the background echoed over the communicator "And as for Lloyd…let's just say he'll be using plastic utensils for a while."

"I see." Euphemia noted, the younger li Britannia sweatdropping slightly at the sound of Lloyd screaming, in passable Klingon no less, in the background, the Earl of pudding running across the background, dressed in what looked like a makeshift kilt, complete with blue war paint, waving a giant wrench over his head threateningly, a crowd of medical officers hot on his tail.

"But enough about us." Cecile countered, the blue haired technician speaking up, drawing the stunned princess' attention back to her, blue eyes filled with in concern "How about YOU, your Highness?" she asked, looking the sub-viceroy over for any external injuries "Did Lord Jeremiah get you to safety?"

"He did." Euphemia assured the older woman, a smile on her face as she eyed her Knight, who was off to the side, communicating with the military outpost on his communicator "We're on Kamine Island now, my brother's excavation team is on the other side from our landing point."

"Prince Schniezel will be relieved." Cecile sighed, flushing slightly from her encounter with the handsome Prime Minister of Britannia "When he heard the Lancelot was stolen, his first thoughts were of your safety, so we're heading there right now on the Avalon."

"Tell him we're fine." Euphemia asked, smiling at the blue haired woman gratefully, looking up to see Jeremiah walking towards her, his features calm.

"Milady, I think it best that we keep moving." The former margrave insisted, looking around the beach they'd landed on in suspicion "It's not entirely safe out here. Far too open for my tastes."

"Very well." Euphemia acknowledged, the pink haired Viceroy ending the communication with Cecile, asking the blue haired woman to take care, before standing up, idly dusting a few grains of sand off her dress, before turning to her Knight with a confident smile "Lead the way."

"As you will." Jeremiah bowed, the green haired man inclining his head in a modest bow, before leading the way along the coastline, since a trek through the jungle was completely out of the question, not with Euphemia's impractical, albeit beautiful dress.

'Perhaps there's some merit to my sister preferring uniforms.' The younger li Britannia mused, lifting her skirt up with a giggle to keep the sea water from staining the hem, smiling as she looked out across the sparkling ocean, which stretched for miles in all directions 'Easier to move in, less hassle to repair…'

"Milady…" Jeremiah warned, the former margrave's tone low, Euphemia looking up to see him pause, his hand resting on his sword, firearm in hand as he eyed the rock formation before them warily "We are not alone…"

Euphemia flinched, only for her back to straighten standing firm as she stepped forwards, just behind Jeremiah's shielding form "My name is Euphemia li Britannia." She called out, her tone gentle, but commanding "We ask that you show yourselves, friend or foe, and state your business."

"Well met, Euphemia li Britannia." A familiar, modulated voice applauded, the sub-viceroy's eyes widening as Zero stepped onto the ridge above, a member of the Black Knights, the same redheaded female from the hostage incident it seemed, stepping up alongside him, firearm in hand "And good day to you, Lord Jeremiah Gottwald."

Jeremiah's POV...

"Zero…" Euphemia's Knight murmured, his grip relaxing on his sword, internally smiling at the sight of his TRUE Master, though he kept up appearances, steadying his firearm so that it was aimed at the masked prince "What brings you to Kamine Island?"

"Sightseeing, mostly." Zero admitted, holding his arms wide "I heard tell that this island has spectacular ruins and wished to investigate." he gestured towards the Euphemia "But nothing can compare to the sight before me now."

"It has been a while, Zero." Euphemia greeted, the younger li Britannia placing a hand on Jeremiah's shoulder, a silent reassurance that he could stand down, the princess looking up at the masked revolutionary without a hint of fear in her eyes, though she eyed his redheaded companion warily, having not missed the potent hostility in the young woman's glare "Have you been well?"

"Better, now that we are together again." Zero offered, his tone gentle, as he continued to gaze down at the sub-viceroy, the redhead at his side looking between them in confusion, and a hint if jealousy if the Sub-Viceroy wasn't seeing things.

"Zero…" Euphemia called out, her tone implying there was something she wanted to say, but holding back in the face of their present company "There's something I wish to speak with you about."

"I surmised as much from our conversation before." The revolutionary noted, inclining his head towards the sub-viceroy, before gesturing to the forest to the side of the beach with one gloved hand "There is a small waterfall basin further that way, if you wish to speak privately." He turned to the redhead, "Kallen," he called out, inclining his helmet towards Euphemia's Knight "please keep Lord Jeremiah company."

"But-!" the redhead exclaimed, looking at her leader with a look of alarm, even as Jeremiah voiced his own concerns to his princess "Zero-!"

"I am merely going to converse with the sub-viceroy." Zero assured the redhead, Euphemia blinking as he reached out to cup the redhead's chin with gentle, gloved fingers, "I'm entrusting you and Lord Jeremiah to ensure we aren't interrupted."

"…Alright…" the redhead allotted, lowering her masked gaze, shooting the sub-viceroy a look of guarded jealousy, Euphemia noting with interest that the redhead was blushing, before holstering her weapon and leaping nimbly down the rock formation to stand before Jeremiah, who put his own weapons away as a sign of faith.

"Come, Euphemia." Zero invited, the masked Revolutionary descending down the rocky path with decidedly more caution than his bodyguard, holding out one hand to the princess, as if asking for a dance "We have much to discuss."

Kallen's POV...

Kallen grimaced as she watched Zero walk of with Euphemia, the Sub-Viceroy's hands resting on the revolutionary's arm as he escorted her into the jungle, looking for all the world like a couple going for a stroll.

'Stop that!' she swore, shaking her head fitfully to rid itself of the image, which shifted to replace the viceroy with HERSELF on Zero's arm 'You're his bodyguard Kallen, not some brainless groupie!' she reminded herself, shooting Jeremiah a glare as the Knight walked over to sit on a nearby rock 'Besides, I need to make sure this guy doesn't try anything.'

"Thirsty, Kouzuki?" the man called out, Kallen's eyes widening at the former Margrave's use of her mother's maiden name, "It's certainly hot out, isn't it?"

"How…did you know my name?" she demanded, wondering if her cover was blown, and whether or not her mother was in any danger, only to blink as the Knight tossed her a bottle of water, a smile on his face.

"Relax, I'm hardly going to hand you over to the authorities." Jeremiah assured her, his handsome drawl almost teasing as he smiled at her, the anger and suspicion that had adorned his features replaced with a hint of…camaraderie "That would only serve to undermine my Lord's wishes."

"You mean Euphemia?" Kallen demanded, the redhead wondering how on earth the Sub-Viceroy had managed to figure her out, only to frown at the enigmatic smile on the man's face "What is it? What's so funny?"

"As hotheaded as before…" Jeremiah marveled, the former margrave shaking his head wistfully as he sat back on his rock with a sigh "You'd have made a fine queen…"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Kallen demanded, her face the same shade of crimson as her Knightmare as she gaped at the man, idly wondering if he was some sort of pervert.

"It's nothing…" Jeremiah offered, holding up a hand with a self-mocking scoff as he shook his head, a wry smile adorning his face "Simply the musings of an old-guard with nothing better to do."

"Right…" Kallen murmured, the redhead shivering slightly at the wistful look in the older man's eyes as she took a breath to calm herself down "So what does Euphemia want with Zero?" she asked, hoping to get some answers out of the Knight "Or does she not TRUST you with that information?"

"It is not my place to assume to know the mind of my lady." Jeremiah countered, though his tone was polite as he looked towards the jungle "Though I am certain she merely wishes to discuss a matter of mutual importance with Zero." He turned to face her, a wry smile on his face and a teasing look in his eyes "Why? Surely you didn't think they were lovers, did you?"

"BAKA!" Kallen roared, hurling her bottle of water at the Knight's forehead, only for Jeremiah to dodge, the former Margrave letting out a burst of raucous laughter as she seethed at him in embarrassed rage.

Euphemia's POV...

"It's beautiful…" Euphemia wondered, her hands clasped before her as she gazed upon the waterfall basin in wonderment, her reflection wavering slightly in the crystal clear water "It's so peaceful here."

"It is indeed." Zero acknowledged, the masked man standing at her side, his hands hidden beneath his cloak, which as usual was wrapped around him like a bat's wings "One of the reasons I fight is to preserve such peace, wherever it may be, from those who would destroy it for something as petty as greed." He turned to the Sub-Viceroy, "However, I highly doubt you came here to marvel at the scenery with the enemy of Britannia."

Euphemia sighed, taking a deep breath, as if to steady herself, before turning to face the masked revolutionary head on "Zero…" she began, gazing into his masked visage "There is something I wish to ask you."

"Ask away," Zero offered, bowing to her from the waist, one arm coming out from under his cloak to rest across his chest "I am, as I claimed, your servant, milady."

"Several years ago," Euphemia began, her tone hesitant "my younger siblings, Lelouch and Nunnally, disappeared in Japan without a trace." She held her hands "My brother, Clovis, accepted his position here because he wished to find them."

"Their BODIES at any rate," Zero muttered, causing her to flinch "Do not look so distressed Euphemia," he assured her "I doubt he would have had a hand in their disappearance. The man was a fool, not fratricidal."

"My brother was many things," Euphemia countered, her tone admonishing as she looked up at the masked man "Proud and arrogant true, but he wasn't a fool."

"My apologies," Zero offered, bowing towards the frowning sub-viceroy "That was remiss of me, I understand he was close to you." He looked up "Still, what does this have to do with me?"

"Please…" Euphemia pleaded, and here her voice took on a plaintive note as she gripped her hands together, looking into the masked man's hidden eyes imploringly "please Lelouch…I know it's you in there…I don't fully understand what's going on…" tears formed in her eyes "but please…at least show me your face…"

Zero stood, slowly, looking down on the trembling, wet-eyed woman before him, before reaching up, his helmet turned slightly to the side as the hidden switch released, the collapsible back of the helmet reverting as he removed the mask, baring his face for her to see.

"You truly are as sharp as ever, Euphie." The one-eyed Lamperouge revealed, his eye patch in place to prevent any unwanted accidents as he smiled at his half-sister "You always could read me like a book."

"Lelouch-!" Euphie breathed, tears falling freely down her cheeks as she gazed on him, only to throw herself forward, her arms wrapping around his neck as she hugged him close, knocking the elder Lamperouge to the ground "Oh Lelouch…thank God…!"

Lelouch's POV...

Lelouch smiled, returning her embrace, his nose buried in her long, rose coloured hair, breathing in the scent of the lilies she enjoyed so much as she continued to hold him close.

"I missed you so much…" he whispered, half to himself, and half to the woman that even now refused to let him go "It hurt so much…losing you…I never thought…never dreamed…I'd be able to see you again…"

"I'm here…" Euphemia sobbed, tears of joy streaking down her cheek as she held her half-sibling tightly against her, the two of them simply lying there, basking in the feel of the other's arms "I'll always be right here…"

"Euphie…" Lelouch choked out, too overcome with emotion to care as he hugged the woman he'd failed to save, the woman he'd been forced to kill, the first woman to hold a place in his heart to his chest, tears streaming from his eyes "I swear…" he vowed, "I'll never let you go…not again…"

"Lelouch?" Euphemia wondered, the former Demon Emperor looking down to find her gazing up at him, almost expectantly, her blue eyes peering into his solitary purple one, almost longingly.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, Lelouch brought his lips down towards hers, Euphemia's eyes widening slightly as she realized what he intended, only to close them, bringing her own up to meet his own, the two of them sharing in a chaste kiss that seemed, to them, to last an eternity.

It was Lelouch that broke the contact first, pulling back from Euphemia's lips with a strength of will he hadn't know he possessed, breathing slightly from the racing of his heart and the lingering taste of her that remained.

"Euphie…" he breathed, the pink haired princess looking up at him inquisitively, a slightly dazed expression on her face "There's something I need to tell you…!" he began, trying to work up the words, the same words he'd been going over so carefully in preparation for this very moment suddenly vanishing as he struggled to recall them "It's about-!"

He trailed off, blinking in surprise as one of Euphemia's gloved fingers came up to silence his lips, the Pink haired princess' other hand reaching up to hold his head in place. "Later…" she insisted, smiling up at him, her blue eyes seeing only him "We have all the time in the world."

So saying, she seized his lips with her own once more, holding his head in place with her gloved hands, Lelouch's surprise giving way to acceptance as his hands came up, stroking her back through the fabric of her dress, finding the catch and slowly bringing it down.

Elsewhere :D

"Lord Schniezel…" Canon Maldini called out, the aide de camp turning to look at his master as they overlooked the excavation of the ruins "Is something wrong?"

"Hm? OH, no…" Schniezel countered, smiling at his aide reassuringly even as he turned back to the towering form of the Gawain before him "Nothing at all."

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