Origins: Supplements I

By Martin70



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Author's Note: The Supplements for this series are going to be a series of short stories. If the mood strikes me they may become longer or even a new story beyond the Supplements guideline I have in mind. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind support and I hope you enjoy this next installment of the series.


Prelude: P3X-595

SG-1 stepped through the Stargate and walked down the ramp at the SGC's Gateroom. Duncan and Sam wouldn't look at each other and O'Neill, Daniel and Methos were not looking at them as General Hammond steeped into the room and greeted the group.

"Welcome back SG-1. Debriefing is in one hour." The General said as they joined him at the bottom of the ramp.

Jack O'Neill and Methos exchanged glances and then O'Neill spoke up, "Sir, can we skip this one? It was a bit... embarrassing for Carter and MacLeod..."

MacLeod and Carter each turned red and shied away from each other as Jack was speaking. Hammond noticed this and said, "Do I really want to know what happened?"

Methos grinned, "I could tell you General, but you'd get embarrassed too, I think. Let's just say, 'Don't drink the water', has new meaning for the two of them..."

Duncan scowled and Methos and made as if he was going draw his sword. "Stand down MacLeod!" Hammond yelled. "Alright, listen up, I'll except a written report from Methos on this mission and you can all take a vacation at the villa for a week. Dismissed."

As SG-1 filed out of the room Daniel made a strange braying sound. Duncan turned and chased Daniel out of the Gateroom, Daniel laughing all the way...

Methos and O'Neill lounged on the beach in front of the villa as Daniel, Sha're and Rya'c played in the waves. It had taken Daniel several weeks to convince Sha're to put on a bathing suit. He'd tried to get her to wear a bikini, but she'd refused. Finally he'd gotten her to wear a one piece that wasn't too flashy, thanks to Samantha for the most part. Drey'auc had simply said no and that had been the end of that as far as she was concerned. Teal'c wisely kept his mouth shut and just smiled as his son played with Daniel and Sha're.

Skaara joined the group on the beach and laugh at Daniel and Sha're's antics.

"You should join them Skaara. They would love to have you down there." Methos told the boy as he watched.

Skaara's face barely hid his fear as he politely responded, "No, I still don't feel safe, not since I saw that fish attack another fish."

"That was a shark, not just a fish Skaara. I'm with you there too, I hate the ocean." Jack said as he watched too.

Skaara smiled, "Then I hate it too... but I like watching it."

O'Neill and Methos laughed at this. Jack looked at Skaara, "You're still homesick. It'll pass, and then you be able to go home and miss this place."

"Where are Samantha and Duncan?" asked Skaara, looking around. "Are they not coming?"

"Sam and Duncan are back at the SGC. Well, Sam is, I think Duncan went to Seacouver to visit his friend Richie Ryan." Methos responded.

"Why are they not here? I was promised a dueling match with Duncan." asked Skaara.

"Sam and Duncan are still embarrassed about what happened on P3X-595." Methos replied. "I doubt we'll see either of them together until they have to be."

O'Neill smirked and decided not to add a comment of his own. The worst part about it was that the two of them were on the verge of dating when they went to P3X-595. Now that might not ever happen.

Skaara sighed and then decided to head back to the villa. He was still fascinated with everything he could find there, electricity being one thing in particular. He was amazed by what could be done with it...

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