Hey everyone, Johnna here. So this idea of a story randomly came to me today, at like nine in the morning!(I stayed home sick from school, and I ended up writing a whole first chapter!) Just one thing you need to know is whenever - is at the end of a section, it means I am switching Point Of Views. P.O.V's only come from Trent, Gwen, Courtney or Duncan! I hope you enjoy this chapter! Please let me know in the review, thank you so much!

I sat down on my freshly made bed. The comforter a navy blue, the sheets green. I had just made my bed, like my mother had asked me to do twelve different times. I reached over to my left, and grabbed the neck of my guitar, and brought it over to me. It rested on the side of my painted white wooden bureau.

I rested my guitar on me, and I pulled my red guitar pick out of my pocket. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes, and began strumming my guitar. Waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit me. It could be about anything. Love, hate, waiting for someone, missing someone, break ups, anything. I have written songs about all those things, but I have never been in love. Yes, I have had several girlfriends who I did at the time love, but I was never in love with them.

It might sound bad, but the only person who understands what I mean when I explain that to her is my best friend, Courtney. Courtney and I have been friends since kindergarten. But, we both have different versions of how we became friends. Mine goes a little something like this, our teacher let us out on the playground for recess. None of us new each other before that day, and no one really cared, so we all just played with whoever wanted to have fun.

I was running to the monkey bars. Which at this time is still my favorite pastime. I remember the monkey bars like it was yesterday. They were brand new, a bright fire engine red color, hard metal texture, I remember my fingers feeling cold because of the metal bars. It had rained for a week straight and that was the first sunny day.

I climbed up the ladder for the monkey bars, and reached out for the first bar. I swung out and I had to be at least six feet up in the air, but at the time it felt like one hundred feet. All the other kids were scattered around the playground. Maybe on the swing set, taking turns on the slide, playing tag, but she was in the sand box.

Sitting on her knees, being very careful and still. She took a yellow shovel, and filled sand into the purple pale. Once it was filled she would turn it upside down on the sand, and slowly pull the pale up. Trying to make the perfect sand castle. She had three castles aligned perfectly, although I couldn't be sure, it looked like she was looking for a stick to place on top, making it a flag.

I was amazed by her concentration and how perfect she made her castles. I swung to the next bar, making my away across the monkey bars. I looked out to the sandbox. I saw her standing up, with her hands on her hips. Looking upset at the boy standing in front of her. Her sandcastles were knocked down, and the boy looked like he had a mean smile of his face.

The boy stomped on what was left of her sand castle, and he began laughing, as her mouth dropped open a little, her face looking hurt. After I saw that, half way through with the monkey bars, I let go of the metal bar, dropped down to the ground. I walked over to where the two were, and poked the boy in the shoulder.

"Did you mess up her castle?" I asked.

The boy snickered, "What's it to ya?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest. I shrugged, "Nothing I guess. But that's not nice." I said.

The boy began laughing. "I don't care about what's nice." He said bitterly, and stormed away from the sand box. The girl turned to me. "Thank you." She said kindly.

"No problem. My name is Trent." I remember sticking my hand out. She looked at my hand, and ignored it. Instead she waved, "My name is Courtney. My mom says I should not touch anyone I do not know." I remember giving her this strange look, which offended her. Then I apologized, and we have been friends ever since.

Entering our junior year in high school, we're still friends. Courtney has her good side, and her bad side. Her good side is this really fun girl that I love to be around, she can be funny, and outgoing, and generous. But her bad side, is just awful. She can be pushy, bossy, and controlling. In school her bad side comes out a lot, which could be the reason why she doesn't have many friends.

Courtney is on the debate team, the international club, girls soccer team, and the academic decathlon team. Our freshmen year of high school she tried out for the cheerleading team, she didn't make it to reasons I still yet to know why. But she still claims that cheerleading is for stupid, trashy, bimbos who have nothing better to do with their time. I never argue with the fact that, that is what she wanted two years ago.

You might think that doing those extra curricular activities she would have a few friends, believe me, I thought once we made it to high school we would somehow stop being friends, but Courtney is complicated. I have been to most of her soccer matches, her parents have never been to a single game. Courtney is not captain of the team, but she sure acts like it. She calls the plays, and intimidates the captain into listening to her. But, Courtney is always right, and they practically never lose a match.

Courtney takes all her aggression out on soccer. How her parents never listen to her, or have time for her. Courtney thinks that she has to be the best for her parents to notice her, and love her. But, that is not true. Her parents love her unconditionally. They are just not good at showing it.

The first time I met her parents I was about ten. We were partners in our school's Annual Science Fair project. I walked into her large mansion. The yard was amazing, flowers blooming everywhere in the garden and bushes. The lawn so green and freshly cut. When I walked into the house the maid took my backpack and jacket, along with hers and we walked into her fathers study.

He sat on a large brown polished desk. He had a calendar at the bottom, a black telephone on the far right corner of the desk. He had his checkbooks stacked in a tall pile on the near left corner. He had his planner placed in the center. Her father was on the phone sounding more angry than the second before.

The study had a maroon color carpet, and painted beige colored walls. He had a tall, and long book case taking up a side of one of the walls. On the opposing wall, was a long and large family portrait, of Courtney and her parents. Courtney looked about five in the picture. It was painted perfectly. Except, none of them were smiling. They looked still, and maybe a little unhappy.

Behind Courtney's father, and his desk were four long windows. Courtney's father sat in a large leather swivel chair. Beside him in a corner was a long lamp, with a white shade over it.

"Uh, daddy?" Courtney asked in a small voice, once her father angrily hung up the phone. Her father didn't look up at her, and only began writing in his planner. Her father had light brown hair, with some gray slowly growing on top. He had fairly tan skin, wrinkles forming in his forehead. He looked really stressed out.

"Yes, Courtney?" He asked.

"Um, this is Trent." She introduced me, her father looked up, I gave a smile and a wave.

Her father looked un amused. "No." He firmly said.

"What?" Courtney asked.

"I said no. You're too young." He said again.

"Too young to work on my science project with my partner?" She asked. Her father looked foolish and embarrassed.

"Oh, my mistake. I'm Courtney's father, Mr. Mason." He stood up, and walked around his desk, and stuck his hand out. I shook his hand and nodded my head.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"Very well then, Courtney if you do not mind, I must be getting back to my work. Your father is a very busy man, you know." Mr. Mason said walking around his desk, and sitting back in his chair. He picked up his phone, and began punching in numbers.

"Okay dad." Courtney said, leading me out of the study.

We walked out of the study, and into her kitchen. The walls painted perfectly white, with a black and white tile flooring. The kitchen was generally large, with a marble gray island in the center, with four chairs on either side of it. The counters matched the island. The counters went around the whole kitchen, stopping at the silver refrigerator. There was a sink under the small open window, and an oven, dishwasher, and trash compactor under three separate counters.

Courtney's mother was sitting on one of the stools beside the island, she was looking at a recipe book, humming to herself. She had her blond hair cut short, to her shoulders. No wrinkles, no sign of stress. Her brown eyes glanced up to Courtney and I.

"Hello Courtney. Who is this?" She asked her.

"Hi mom. This is Trent. He is my science fair partner." Courtney explained.

Before her mom could say anything, her cell phone began to ring. She looked at the caller ID, and picked up the phone.

"Barbara! How are you!" She said answering the phone. Courtney and I walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs into her room, and we worked on our science fair project. He won second place that year. We lost to one of those lame volcanoes.

When Courtney didn't make it on the cheerleading squad, I convinced her to go out for the debate team. It started out as a joke when we were fourteen. I always teased her about how she got her argumentative side from her lawyer of a father. I remember we were at our lockers, first period was beginning in two minutes, which was actually plenty of time.

"Trent can you please hurry up! We are going to be late, again because of you!" Courtney said impatiently.

"Says the girl who always insists that I should spend more time at my locker, so it can be clean and perfect, like you." I shot out, searching for my algebra notebook.

"Ugh, I didn't mean now!"

I chuckled as I pulled out my algebra notebook. "No time like the present, right? Hold this will you?" I asked handing her my notebook, as I began to straighten out my books.

"Trent! Hurry up, you know how Mrs. Manning gets if we're late! Detention!" I laughed and slammed my locker shut, and took my notebook out of Courtney's hands.

"Oh right, we wouldn't want detention, because then you would miss tryouts for the debate team! I totally forgot." I said as we began walking down the hallway.

"Debate team?" She asked as we took a turn around the corner.

"Uh, yeah?""Cool." Courtney smiled and we entered class.

Since then, Courtney has been kicking ass on the debate team. I kept strumming my guitar, nothing was hitting me. My cell phone rang its ring tone, and I stopped strumming, and placed my guitar down on the side of my bed. It was Courtney.

"Hey Courtney." I said casually, laying back on my bed.

"So did you understand number fifteen on the Calculus homework? I swear Mr. Boulet has finally lost it with the homework, and it's not even October!" Courtney said skipping the her greeting.

"Oh yeah, I did that one, it's tough." I said thinking back on the homework.

Even though Courtney and I were still juniors, we were both in the advanced classes, we both had been getting straight A's since grade five. Our calculus class is mostly seniors, with three other juniors in the class as well.

"Ugh! I guess I'll have to go over it, again! I am so done with this class already."

"Oh come on, Courtney. It's not that bad." I say.

"Yeah, but our teacher sucks." It always had to be someone else's fault according to Courtney, but this time she was right. Mr. Boulet could be a better teacher.

"Yeah, he should just stick to teaching freshmen year French classes." I agree.

"So what are you doing today?" She asks me.

"Nothing, trying to write a song for the winter talent show." I say.

The winter talent show was a pretty big deal at our school. I performed my freshmen year, and my sophmore year. It gets easier every year. There is usually a cash prize, and a small trophy. I have yet to won though. I have been beating myself up about finding a song since school began.

"Already? The talent show isn't until December." Courtney said a little surprised.

"Well, I want to win this year."

"That would be good." Courtney said.

"Do you want to hang out?" I ask her.

"Sure, your house?"

"Sounds good." I say.

"See you in ten." With that we both hung up our phones.

I got off my bed, and looked at myself in my full length mirror. My typical weekend clothes on, cargo pants, long sleeved camouflage shirt, with my t-shirt layering over it, with a hand logo stamped on front. I shake my hair our a little, and walk down the hallway and into my kitchen.

Neither of my parents were home. My mom is a principal at an elementary school uptown, she had a council meeting today, and my father is a real-estate agent. He was out on some kind of business meeting in the states, I think in the headquarters, located in Philadelphia. I am an only child, when I was younger my mother was pregnant, I was about four years old. When she was about six months in she had a miscarriage. In was one of the saddest things to hit our family.

Although I was only four, I could see the hurt and pain in my parents eyes. She was suppose to be a girl, I remember they wanted to name her Maria. The reason for the miscarriage was due to the cause of overwhelming stress. My mom's sister, my Aunt Christina, was going through a painful divorce, from her abusive ex-husband, my ex-Uncle Danny. He cheated on her, denied it, he hit her twice, had a horrible temper, and was constantly screaming.

The stress kept getting to my mom, and then one horrible day the miscarriage came. She screamed, and cried, on the floor. She was sent to the hospital, and the doctor delivered the news. We don't talk about the baby, even though it was over ten years ago, it still affects us in strong, painful way.

The doorbell rang, and I walked to the main living room, where our door was located. I opened the door, revealing Courtney, giving a wave. I unlocked the screen door, and let her inside the house.

"Thank you for saving me from the boredom contained inside my house." She said.

I chuckled. "No problem."

"So can I hear your song?" She asked, taking off her corduroy cropped jacket, and hanging it on the coat rack behind the door.

"Uh, well it's not exactly done yet." I admit rubbing the back of my neck.

"Who cares, let's go." She said leading me out of my living room, and into my room.

She walked into my room, and plopped herself onto my wide sized bed. She kicked off her shoes, and placed them perfectly by my door, and crossed her legs, and waited for me to take my guitar and sit beside her on my bed. I grabbed my guitar pick, and began strumming.

"I don't have any lyrics yet, but I am really feeling these cords." I say continuing to strum.

"Yeah, it's nice." She says listening. I change the cords up, forming a different beat I was thinking of doing for a chorus or a bridge. Then I stop playing.

"So what do you want the song about?" She asks.

"I'm not sure yet. Most good songs are relationship songs, which I have a feeling could get me to win first prize at the winter talent show. But," my voice trails off, and I place my guitar down.

"But what?" Courtney asks.

"I never felt, love before." I admit sheepishly.

"Oh no, not this again." Courtney says rolling her eyes tiredly.

"What! I want to write something real, my music is me, and if I can't that feeling, then what's the point?" I argue.

"Trent, you can't make yourself feel these things. It just happens when it's suppose to." She tells me.

"I know, but it's just so confusing. I have had dozens of girlfriends, and I still haven't found that one."

"You have had dozens of girlfriends only in this town. Hello, our town is pretty small." She reminds me.

"You'll find the one when you're meant to. Love finds you, you don't find it." She finishes.

"I guess you're right." I give up.

"Oh, I know." She says giving a half laugh.

"Well, what do you think." I ask her

"I just told you what I thought, didn't I?"

"Not about finding the one. You know, your perfect match, your soul mate." I say laying back on my bed, staring at my ceiling."Oh, that." She says sounding a little stumped.

"I think that is a load of shit." Duncan said turning to me as we exited the arcade together.

"It is not!" I argue.

"Please, true love, and soul mates, is for sissy boys. Look at me, do I look like I give a care about finding who is 'meant for me.'" Duncan said rolling his eyes.

"You are so full of it." I roll my eyes as we walk down the street together.

"Gwen, we're sixteen. We have for the rest of our crummy adult lives to find our 'soul mate.'" Duncan said rolling his eyes, and putting the word soul mate in quotations.

"Why do you care all of a sudden anyways. It's not like there's anyone special in our school anyways. I mean, besides me." Duncan shrugs.

"Yeah, we don't have any modest guys like you anymore." I say sarcastically.

"Right. Besides there is no one I'm interested in our school, all the girls are uptight or insane." Duncan finishes.

"Whatever dude." I finish.

We walk into the pizza parlor, Antonio's Pizza Parlor and I slide into one of the red leather booths. With a red and white checkered table cloth. Duncan sit across from me, and grabbed the menu in front of him and began looking for something to eat.

Meet Duncan. My sarcastic, rude yet funny, trouble maker of a best friend. People have the sense to keep away from him when they first look at him. I mean he has a green Mohawk, and multiple earrings on his face and ears. But, I think they're cool. Duncan has been judged his entire life, everyone in his family is somehow working for the law. They're all mostly cops. You would think Duncan would be like them, but he's a rebel. He really is misunderstood, no one will ever listen to him, or give a care about what he has to say.

To the world he is one person, to me he means the world. He is a my best friend, he will always be there for me. He isn't exactly reliable, but I can depend on him for anything. He's almost like the older brother I never had. I remember us meeting in kindergarten. I know that sounds corny and sentimental, believe me I am not like that at all. I'm not into labels, but everywhere I go I am the weird Goth girl.

It was recess and we were all let out to the play ground. At first I was just walking around, trying to find someone to play with. I was actually playing with this one girl, Heather. We were playing hop-scotch. Even though those were the first, and last minutes we were civil with each other, I can't help but have the grudge to hate who Heather has become over the last eleven years. She is a life ruin-er. No exaggeration there.

So we played hop scotch, and it was my turn. I tossed the rock, and it went too far. It actually flung across the whole playground. I sighed, and Heather laughed. "Now you have to hop on one foot and cross the whole playground to get the rock back!" She laughed. Even then she was pretty awful. For some reason, I believed her. So I hopped across the play ground, to the sandbox to get the small gray stone. Which was ridiculous, there were a dozen rocks just like it.

I bent over, on one foot and picked up the rock, and quickly wobbled, losing my balance, falling head first falling, into the boy in front of me. At the time, I did not know it was Duncan. He let out a yelp, and fell into the sandbox, on top of one girls sandcastle. At the time I didn't know her name, but now I know it. I also can't stand her. Courtney. She let out an upset cry, and stood up angrily, placing her hands on her hips.

"Ouch!" He shouted, rubbing his head, as he stood up. I stood up, and checked myself out, making sure I was okay.

"Gwen!" I heard Heather call my name, and I grabbed the rock, hopping back to her.

We continued our game until we had to go back inside for snack time. Snack time was right after recess, a half hour before lunch. I walked to my cubby, and pulled out my small blue lunch box, and took a seat at my table, next to the boy I fell into. I remember being nervous, hoping he wouldn't know that I was the one that fell into him.

He looked upset, and he didn't have a snack. So I offered him some of mine, it was the least I could do. He happily accepted, and we became friends since then. I never thought we would still be friends. When we were fourteen he began getting more and more piercing's and I dyed my hair a darker shade of black, and added in blue steaks. I cut my hair shorter, because that was how I liked it. I began to change. So did he. He shaved his shaggy black hair, and created a Mohawk, and died the color green.

"So what should we order? One large pizza, with everything?" Duncan asked looking through the menu. I snapped back to the present, and nodded my head.

"Yeah, sounds fine." I fold the menu, and walk to the counter, and waited for my turn. I looked at my booth, and Duncan drummed the table with his fingers, waiting. I wondered if he was considering on a dine and dash. Knowing Duncan he didn't have any money. I put my hands in the back pock of my shirt, and checked for money. I pulled out a twenty, and smiled gratefully.

I made it to the counter, and looked at the teen with the black curly hair, dressed in the red polo shirt, and jeans. He gave me a smile, "Can I take your order?" he asked me. I recognized him. He was a sophmore at my school. Even though I was a junior I was only in regular geometry. Instead of being in Algebra 2 with the other average kids my age, I wasn't very good in math. I looked at his name tag, Derek.

"Yeah, two diet cokes and one large pizza with everything on it. Except anchovies, ew." I say. Derek chuckled a little, and wrote down my order.

"Alright, that will be eleven ninety five. You can pay for it up front, or when you're finished." He tells me, putting down his pencil, and looking up at me. I slip him the twenty, and he makes me change, and place it in my hand.

"You're order number fifteen, I'll call the number when it's ready." I nod my head, and stuff the change in my pocket, and walk back to my booth, sliding into my seat.

"How are you grades so far?" I ask Duncan.

"Are you kidding me? It's not even October, and you're seriously already checking in on me? Are you my mom?" He asks me.

"You almost failed three classes last year, I saved you. It's sink or swim, you need to quit treading water." I say crossing my arms.

"What is with the water analogies. Corny, much?"

"See you're just ignoring the whole concept! What class are you already failing?" I ask rolling my eyes.

"Chemistry." He says giving up.

"I knew it!" I say snapping my fingers.

"It's only because Ms. Harper hates me. Sure, she is an attractive blond teacher, but she is rough."

"I have that class with you, and Mrs. Harper is perfectly fair. Maybe hitting on her, and calling her sweet cheeks, by checking out her butt isn't as flattering as it may seem." I point out.

"You don't know anything." Duncan says rolling his eyes. I began laughing, as I heard the bell on the entrance door ring, as the door open. I stopped laughing as I saw out of the corner of my eye who entered the restaurant. Duncan stopped laughing too, and began to growl a little under his breath.

Trent from my period seven music theory class, and Courtney from my period four gym class. They were talking, until they saw us. Courtney sent a weird look in our direction, and Trent led her to one of the tables away from us.

"Man I can not stand them." Duncan growled.

I shook my head and looked down. Duncan has never liked Courtney or Trent, for the longest time. Courtney and Duncan had always had a grudge against each other, when Duncan fell into her sand castle. Which he and I now know was my fault, and accidental. Yes they both got over it, but they both always found a reason to get at each others throats. But, that was how it all began. Duncan always had a small grudge against Trent only because he was friends with Courtney. I didn't have a personal problem with either of them, except for the fact that they didn't like Duncan.

We always just kept our distance from one another, even though it became harder once we all occasionally had classes together. "Table fifteen, your order is ready." I looked up at Derek who spoke into the microphone. I got up from the table and got into line to pick up my order. Once the man in front of me was finished putting in his order, I walked forward and Derek from behind the counter handed me the red tray with the pizza on it, and two cans of diet soda.

"Thanks." I say taking it out of his hands.

"No problem, see you Monday." He says, I give a small smile, and turn to the right to get straws, and two paper plates. I stopped myself before walking into Trent, who was blocking the cup of straws, he was staring up at the menu. I became irritated, "Uh, can you move?" I ask trying to keep my attitude under control.

He glanced and looked at me for a minute. He didn't say anything, and just studied me. I furrowed my brow, and repeated my self, "Can you move?" I say a little slower. He nodded his head, and stepped aside. I grabbed two straws and paper plates. I walked around Trent, trying to ignore him.

"By the way," I heard his voice say to me before I walked too far away from him. I stopped and turned around, "I liked the song you presented in music theory, well I liked the lyrics, is what I mean."

"Oh. That. Yeah, it was no big deal. Lyrics are just like poetry. No big." I say turning back around.

"Cool." I heard him say. I walked back to my table ignoring him. I placed down the tray, and dropped the paper plate in front of him. I sat down into my booth and Duncan took a slice of pizza and asked me, "What did he want?" I opened my can of soda, and put the straw into it.

"Nothing." I shrug, taking a sip of my drink.

"Whatever." Duncan took a bite of his pizza and chewed annoyed, I could tell he was trying not to look at Trent or Courtney.

I took a slice of pizza and began eating, we ate in silence for the first few minutes. The more time went by, the more I tried not to look at Trent and Courtney as well.

"What a creep." I protested, glaring at Duncan and Gwen who were eating their pizza. Trent rolled his eyes, and gave a chuckle.

"What's he doing this time?" he asked me.

"Ugh! Just look at him Trent! He has more earrings then I do, and his hair? Seriously, what is that." I said glaring at him. I looked back at Trent, who looked slightly amused. "When will you give up this grudge?" Trent asks.

"It's not a grudge! It's a constant ongoing argument between he and I." I simply said.

"I'm not even going to comment on that.""Oh, but you just did." I say smirking.

"Table eighteen your food is ready." One of the workers called into the microphone.

"I'll get it." I say sliding out of my seat, and walking to the counter. I walk up to the counter, and collect the food Trent ordered, a large cheese pizza with two sodas. I walk to the side and collect a few napkins, when I suddenly and rudely shoved to the side, the food almost spilling onto of me. I scoffed angrily, and looked at Duncan, who was rushing to grab napkins wiping his face, and his shirt.

"Hello! What is your problem!" I shouted angrily, placing the food tray back on the counter.

"Sorry princess, but I had a slight problem." Duncan said cockily.

"What did you just call me!?" I demanded.

"Princess. You know someone spoiled, and annoying?"

"Excuse me! You don't even know me!"

"Thank God for that!" He said putting his hands together as if he was praying.

"You are such an ogre!" I shouted. I grabbed my tray and walked around Duncan and stormed to my table.

"What was that about?" Trent asked concerned, peering to the side to see Duncan who was now walking back to his table.

"Just the common stupidity of the common man." I say passing the food towards him.

"Ah, same old, same old." He joked.

"Pretty much." I say taking a bite of my pizza.

"You wanna ditch this place?" I ask Gwen as I slid back into my booth. She was chewing her pizza before responding, "What was that?"

"Ugh, nothing. Do you wanna go or not?"

"Fine, I'm just about done anyways. I already paid too, by the way. I knew you'd want to pull a dine and dash." Gwen says to me getting out of the booth.

"You know me so well." I smirk.

We exit the Pizza Parlor, and walk down the street, "Where to?" Gwen asks me.

"Anywhere. The book store." I say to her. She leads the way to the bookstore, and we walk in together.

"Since when are you the reading type?" She asks me walking backwards onto the gray carpet of the bookstore. I snort, "I am not." I reply, and walk to the magazine section.

I grab one of my favorite magazines, Bikes, Girls, and Dirt. Gwen scoffs when she sees me holding the magazine, staring at the girl on the cover.

"You're kidding me right?" She asks over my shoulder.

"Should I be?" I ask looking at her.

"You know all those girls are fake. Airbrushed? Hello." She says to me, tossing the magazine down.

"Airbrushed or not, they're hot." I smirk bending down and picking up the magazine again. Gwen rolled her eyes and walk around the corner to the poetry section. I look out the large window, the sun was setting slower, and slower. From a distance, I can see Trent and Courtney exiting the Pizza Parlor. Courtney had her arms crossed, and Trent looked calm and relaxed. I glance at the magazine, and sigh. I put it back on the rack.

I walk around the corner looking for Gwen. I find her opening one large poetry book. She looks thoughtfully studying some of the pages. "Let's go." I say to her, she glances up.

"No, you go. I want to stay." She says to me closing the book.

"Whatever you say, Gwen. Don't you need a ride home?" I ask her leaning on the side of one of the book cases.

"I can call my mom." She shrugs.

"If you're sure. I'll see you Monday, Gwen." I say walking away from her.

"Bye, Duncan." She called out at me.

I walk out of the book store, and walk out of the plaza, and into the nearby parking lot. I pull out my car keys from my back pocket, and walk to my car. I unlock the door to my old beat up 1999 red Camry car, and slide into the front seat. I sigh, and run my fingers through my hair. I put my key into the ignition, and let the car start up. I roll backwards out of the parking lot, and onto the main road. I begin driving until I get to a stop light. I was behind a silver Jetta. The light turned green, and the car remained there. I tapped my fingers annoyed on the steering wheel.

I honk the horn, twice. The car didn't do anything. I groan and pull out of my spot, and attempt to go around the car, and before I got fully around the car, the car now decides to pull forward, and hit my car, smack dab in the side. I lost control, and pulled my foot off the pedal, I slammed to the side of my door on impact. My car lurched to the side, and bounced back into place. I saw fumes coming from the other car. I quickly take off my seat belt, and open the car door.

"What the hell was that!" I shouted angrily. I walk over to the other car, where the gray fumes were getting in my face. I broke out into a coughing fit, and avoided the front of the car. I walk to the passenger seat, and try to look into the window. Courtney? I try to pull the car door open, once it jammed open, she fell out of the car, and fell onto the pavement, she also broke out into a coughing fit.

"Trent. Driving. Go, get him." She said in between coughs. I nod my head, and run to the other side, and pull open the other car door, catching Trent as he fell sideways out of the car. He began coughing too, and stood himself up, and tried to catch his breath.

"Thanks man. Our doors were stuck." Trent says calming down.

"Don't thank me yet." I grumble.

"Courtney! Are you okay?" I follow Trent who walked on the other side of the car, I look at Courtney who was already on her cell phone.

"Who is she on the phone with, man?" I ask Trent annoyed with Courtney."I don't care if his wife is giving labor! I was just in a major car accient! I need my lawyer now!" She shouted into the phone.

"Lawyer!? Are you kidding me!" I shouted. Courtney pulled her phone away from her ear, and covered the receiver part.

"Yes, since I'll be needing one due to the idiocy that is you! Crashing into me!" She shouted.

"Hey, you drove into me, princess!" I begin to become tense.

"Oh you better watch it, I will smack you with a lawsuit so fast, you won't know what hit you! And my name is Courtney!" She shouted, and put the phone back to her ear.

I roll my eyes, and reach for her cell phone, snapping it shut. Her jaw drops and her eyes narrow, "Your lawyer is busy. Feel free to call him back later." I say with a smirk.

"You must think you're so funny. Hand it over!" She demands sticking her hand out.

"What? This?" I drop her phone, and step on it. Before Courtney could begin screaming Trent stepped in.

"Hey, dude what is your problem?"

"My problem is this control freak over here, thinking she can sue me, and acting all righteous when she doesn't know the whole story!" I say closing in on Trent.

"Maybe you should just calm down." He suggests.

"Maybe you shouldn't tell me what to do!" I say my voice getting tighter which each second.

Now we were squinting at each other until one us blinked, which was not going to be me. He sighed and stepped back.

"My car." I heard Courtney groan.

I glance back at Courtney who had her palm to her forehead. "I'll call the police, at least we can get a report filed." Trent says digging for his cell phone in his pocket.

"Whatever." I say checking out my car, with a giant dent into the right side, and two of the windows shattered. I sit on the hood of my car and looked at Courtney freaking out over her car. At least she can get a new one, I had three more payments on this one!

"Okay, okay. Thanks." Trent hung up his phone, and turned to Courtney.

"They're sending someone over here to get the cars, and give us a ride to the station. We can call someone from there." I overheard him tell her.

So I guess I would wait with them, and see where it would all go from there.

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