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That car ride on the way to the station had to be the longest car ride of my life. Not only did my car get toed, along with that Neanderthal, but I had to sit in the back seat of the police car, sandwiched between Trent and Duncan. You would think either guys would let me have the window seat.

Duncan kept grunting and making uncomfortable noises, staring out his window, or glaring at me. I don't know what his problem is. He is the one who was acting recklessly, trying to go around my car. He couldn't wait for me to go? I didn't see his car coming up from behind mine. He is such an idiot.

Duncan shifted his side, bumping his elbow into my stomach. "Excuse you!" I cried.

"What?" Duncan asked annoyed.

"Your elbow just slammed into my rib cage, thank you very much!""Well, excuse me, Princess. It was an accident. Kind of like the one we just got into."

I held my tongue, and glared. "It's Courtney." I corrected him, jabbing my elbow into his rib cage with all the strength I had. Duncan winced, and I smiled, pleased.

Trent shot me a disapproving look, "Cool it, Courtney. Save the damage for when we don't have a police officer chauffeuring us to the station." Trent whispered. I rolled my eyes, and sighed in defeat.

Trent and I were always balancing each other out, we kept each other out of trouble. Ever since kindergarten, when the idiot next to me fell into my sand castle. Trent and I have different versions of the story, but I know mine is exactly how it happened.

It was recess, and our teacher let us all out on the play ground. I knew I wanted to play in the sand box as soon as I saw it. I ran over to it, and grabbed a shovel and pale. I sat in the sand, carelessly making a mess. Then I had the idea to make a sand castle, like I had that summer, at the beach. With my two cousins, Jen and Ryan. They're thee years older than I am, fraternal twins. I sat in the sand, piling sand into the pale. Once it was filled all the way, I would flip it over, and let it sit there for a moment, then slowly pull the pale off, revealing my sand castle. I grinned when I successfully finished this process. I would fill more sand into the pale again, and repeat the process until I had three sand castles. Once I finished, I was searching for a stick, I would use this as my flag. When I found my stick, I saw Duncan on top of my sand castle,. I stood up shocked, I placed my hands on my hips firmly. "Why would you do that!" I cried.

"It was an accident!" He said sounding angry.

"An accident? You fell into my sand castle on purpose!" I accused.

"No, this is on purpose!" He began laughing evilly, and stomped his foot on the already destroyed sand castle.

Before I could scream or shout, out of no where, Trent was there. I don't exactly remember what happened at this part, but I am pretty sure they ended up wrestling each other to the ground. Boys are always so reckless. Don't get me wrong, I forgive Duncan for crushing my sand castle, but it's not my fault we constantly fight. He always starts it. He always acts like he's right. Even when he's not, he still fights to be! He is such an insecure, stupid, little, Neanderthal, who will never make it anywhere in life, because I absolutely positively ha-

"Alright, we're here." My thoughts were interrupted by the police officer who pulled over in front of the police station. Trent opened his door, and I quickly unbuckled my seat belt, and slid out of the car on Trent's side. I adjusted my outfit, and followed Trent and Duncan inside.

"Just take a seat, and wait for someone to call you up to the front desk." The police officer told us. I sat down in the far corner, next to Trent and the wall. Duncan slouched in his seat.

"What's the matter, does this look all too familiar to you, Duncan?" I sneered.

"Yeah, but who would think the girl who always brags about running for office would be here, I don't know how far you'll get with a record." He shot at me. My mouth dropped a little.

"A record! For what?" I shouted. Standing up from my seat.

"You hit my car!" Duncan shouted standing up as well. He stood right before me, he had to be towering at least three inches over me.

"You were recklessly driving! You couldn't wait for my car to move?"

"You were sitting at a green light for a good five minutes! How long should I wait, this isn't a merry Sunday, with driving Miss Daisy!" Duncan's voice began to raise. The police officer at the front desk glared at us.

"Look," I began lowering my voice. "I just want to get out of here, as soon as I can. Let's just get this over with." I muttered, sitting back in my seat.

"Whatever you say, Princess." Duncan smirked, and sat down in his car. I was about to stand out and begin arguing again, but luckily for Duncan's sake, Trent put his hand on my shoulder, signaling me to calm down. I took a deep breath, and tried some mediation exercises.

"You three, front desk, now." The man at the front desk said to us. How improper. We went up to the front desk, I read his name tag. Artie.

"I filled a report on our way here. The name is Trent."

Artie looked at some papers, and nodded his head. "It says here there was a car accident on the corner of Chalkstone and Miller street? In front of the red light. Is that you three?"

"That's us." I chirped in.

"Great." Artie said flatly. "Okay, you each get one phone call, before we take you in for some questioning on the accident. From there you can feel free to call your parents, lawyers, blah, I don't care." Artie said lazily, picking up the black phone and putting it on top of his desk.

I attempted to snatch the phone quickly, but Duncan, being the ass that he is, grabbed it first. He smirked, "Guess I'm just faster." Duncan shrugged and turned around and started dialing in his phone call. "Such a ogre." I muttered to Trent, who nodded in slight amusement.

I knew exactly who I would call, Gwen. I dialed in her cell phone number, because she always picks up. I listened to her boring dial tone as I waited impatiently.

"Duncan?" She greeted.

"Yeah, hey. Listen I need your help."

"That's what I figured." She sounded bored.

"I'm at the station."

"The police station?" She sounded surprised, for some reason.

"No, the train station. Yes, the police station!" I snapped.

"Calm down, what happened?" She asked.

"Car accident."

"Are you okay?" She sounded worried.

"I'm fine, can you come down here, now? I'm on the one near the Zip Gas Station and Market." I explained.

"I'm coming, I'm leaving the book store now." She said.

"Okay, thanks." I hung up the phone feeling relieved.

I turned around and faced the impatient Courtney, and un amused Trent. Lovely. Courtney snatched the phone away from me, quicker than I could blink. She walked to the corner while dialing in some phone number.

"What is that chick's damage?" I asked taking a seat.

Trent stood in front of me, arms crossed. "It's you, man. Why can't you like cool it for one second? I think it's obvious she's scared."

I smirked, "Of me, or the police station."

"See, you're doing it again! Man, what is with you? You act like you're so high and mighty, but all you do is get amusement by scaring people!" Trent threw his hands up in the air exasperated.

"Hey, you don't know the first thing about me. If anyone has a problem, it's you." I gritted.

"Oh, Mr. intelligent, please tell me, what is my problem?" Trent asked sarcastically.

"Well, since you asked." I sat up in my chair. "You have to stop babying Courtney, isn't she suppose to be sixteen? She has parents for that. You've been protecting her since kindergarten, with that friggen' sand castle incident! Oh, and your music sucks. No wonder you never win that damn winter talent show." I chuckled, a little.

"Who do you think you are!" Trent yelled at me. "You don't know me, or Courtney! She needs someone to be there for her, and that's me. You can't go around acting like you know everything! I've tried to cut you some slack, but it's pointless! Don't whine about being judged, because it's all you do!" He shouted.

My eyes widen slightly, and Trent bawls his fingers into a fist, and pushes the door open, leaving the station.

"Where is he going?" Courtney asked me, once she hung up the phone, putting it back on the front desk.

"I think the drama queen needs to cool down." I shrug.

"What did you do?" She immediately asked, placing her hands on her hips. Like. She. Always. Does. I roll my eyes.

"Nothing, can't you chill out, for like five minutes?"

She sits in the chair next to me. "Five minutes. That's all it takes." She said softly to herself. I couldn't help but wonder.

"Okay, humor me. What are you talking about?" I ask.

"You don't care." She said shaking her head.

"I never said I did. Never said I didn't." I say.

"It doesn't matter, anymore, Duncan. Do you ever think before acting?"

I didn't answer her question.

"I didn't think so." She shook her head.

Outside I sat on the front steps of the station. Frustrated. I could have punched Duncan in the face. I could have kicked him in the gut. I could have done a lot of things. I let out an upset groan, and put my face into my hands. I groan out loud, again. I run my fingers through the front of my hair. Who was I suppose to call? My dad isn't home, my mom would surely have some kind of break down. Maybe, I'll just catch a ride with Courtney. Yeah, my mom doesn't need to know anything.

"Trent?" I looked up, and saw Gwen standing in front of me. I don't care how much Courtney hates her, or how much I should hate her. I still think she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

"Gwen?" I say studying her confused face.

"Yeah. What is our whole school here or something? I got a call from Duncan."

"Duncan." I mumbled under my breath, being reminded of my sudden outburst I gave to him.

"Yeah the guy's inside."

"Okay. Thanks." She said stepping around me, and going inside the station. The cold wind came around, and blew against my face, cooling me off. I stood up, off the front step, and went back inside the station.

Courtney was impatiently tapping her foot reading a magazine, while Gwen and Duncan looked like they were having some kind of argument.

"Did you make your call?" Courtney asked me, once I sat down next to her.

"Nope. I'm just going to catch a ride with you."

"Oh, okay. Sure. But, what about your parents? Shouldn't they know?" Courtney lowered the magazine.

"Yeah, well my dad's on a business trip, and my mom would just have a break down." I shrug.

"Um. Okay, whatever makes you comfortable." Courtney closed the magazine and put it back on the table, among the other magazines.

I folded my hands on my knee, and tapped my leg up and down repeatedly, annoyed with this whole situation. "Look at them. Two trouble makers. It's like they were made for each other." Courtney whispered to me disgustedly. My stomach dropped a little.

"Stupid Goth girl, and mentally challenged Punk boy. God! I just hate him!" Courtney's voice became tenser and tenser.

"Court, chill out." I said to her. "it's going to be okay. Just calm down. Do your breathing exercises or something." I suggest to her.

"Fine!" She accepted defeat, and took deep breaths, closing her eyes. This received weird stares from Gwen and Duncan.

"Uh, is she okay?" Gwen asked me.

"Yeah, she's fine." I answer trying to hold back a chuckle, but I let out a smile.

Duncan shot me a death glare. "What is being weird part of her religion or something?" Duncan asked. Courtney opened her eyes, and stopped her meditation exercise.

"Why, is being an idiot part of your daily life?" She asked.

"That was weak." Duncan said rolling his eyes.

"Like you I.Q!" Courtney's voice began to raise.

"Okay, you four! Stop your arguing. You can now enter room thirteen for question on the accident. You can explain your case there." Artie from the front desk said.

"Oh, I'm not with them. I'm just the ride." Gwen says stepping back and sitting down on one of chairs.

"Whatever." Artie said.

Courtney led the way out of the waiting room, into the hallway, and into room thirteen. We each sat down in a chair behind a long white table, with stacks of paper on top of it. A police officer entered the room after us, and sat down on the other side of the table. He took out a pen, and grabbed one of the pieces of paper.

"Now, where should I begin?" He asked us.

"I'll begin!" Courtney said immediately. I scowled, I knew how this was going to go down. The cop was going to believe her and Trent, and I would get thrown into jail, or pinned with some kind of fine. All because of how I looked. I knew this cop was eyeing me funny from the second he looked at me.

"Trent and I were in my car, the silver Jetta. We left Antonio's Pizza Parlor, and we were going to drive back to Trent's house. We came along the stoplight on the corner of Chalkstone and Miller street. So I stopped the car and waited. Then my cell phone went off. Trent was going to pick it up for me, he saw the caller ID, it was my mom calling," Courtney told her story, and I just sat there staring at the cop who wrote all of this down. "Trent dropped my phone under his seat. He couldn't reach it, and my phone kept ringing, so I bent down to reach for my phone. I grabbed a hold of my phone, but by that time the call ended, so I just put my phone in the ashtray. I didn't notice the light had turned green, so I drove forward. Then out of no where this idiot crashes into me from my right side!" Courtney finished, and I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, that is not exactly how it happened, and you know it!" I snapped.

"Oh really?" She challenged.

"Yes! You were sitting at the green light for five minutes, I honked my horn several times. You weren't exactly moving, and I needed to be somewhere. So I tried to drive around your car, but since you weren't checking your mirrors, you couldn't see me coming." I argued.

The cop also wrote all this down. "Is this true, did you or did you not check your mirrors, Miss uh-

"Mason. Courtney Mason. My father is Kristopher Mason, the lawyer working at Cohen and Strause law firm. My mother is Lisa Mason." Courtney said proudly.

"Ah yes, Mr. Mason. I know him very well." The cop nodded his head.

"I would assume so." Courtney said a little smug.

"But, Miss. Mason, is it true you didn't check your mirrors before going forward?" The police officer asked. I hid my smirk very well.

"Well, I suppose that is true. But, usually a driver should not have to check their mirrors while going through a streetlight. The people behind them should wait patiently instead of recklessly driving!" Courtney's voice angered and as aimed at me. I just sat their still, which pissed her off even more.

"That may be true, but Mr. uh-

"Scott." I said giving the cop my last name.

He must be new on the force, I've been to this station plenty of times before. I've been in juvey plenty of times before. But, hey. Eighty-five percent of the time, I was framed! Okay, ninety-five percent of the time.

"Okay, Miss. Mason, Mr. Scott claims he honked his horn several times, which should have been signal enough to look at the street light, or check your mirrors to see why in the world a car behind you would honk their horn."

Courtney's jaw dropped a little, I snickered. She was actually losing, to me. I couldn't let her off easy for this next time she finds a reason to get into some stupid fight with me.

"But, Mr. Scott you also should not be driving around cars, it could have been worse. A third car coming from Killingly street could have been coming from the side, and smashing into you. I think the only thing I can do is put you, Mr. Scott, and you, Miss. Mason under community service for the town. The car damages are a different story, you may have to hire a lawyer for that, but the damages seem pretty similar. I am going to submit this permit for your community service hours. You each need thirty six hours. One hour a day."

"But, what about him?" I asked pointing to Trent, who was quiet this whole time. Who knew what the kid was thinking. He seemed out of it the whole time. The police officer stared at Trent. "Name please." The cop sighed, taking out his pen again.

"Trent Morrison." He sighed.

"Trent you were in the passengers seat, looking for Miss. Mason's phone, correct?" The cop asked. Trent nodded his head.

"Trent is not responsible for the damages in anyway, I think I can let you off easy." The cop decided.

The cop stood up, and opened the door, to let us all out of his office. "I'll need your phone numbers, I will contact your parents, and have a form sent in the mail requiring your community service duties."

Courtney groaned irritated, and Trent folded his arms. I shrugged as we walked back into the main room. Gwen stood up as soon as she saw us.

"So. What's the final conclusion." She asked quietly.

"Community service, Princess and I, one hour. Thirty-six thrilling days." I replied sarcastically, walking up to Gwen.

"Don't push my buttons, Duncan. You've already done enough damage for one day." Courtney snapped.

"Let's go, Trent. I had my mom get here early to pick us up. I am so dead when I enter that car." Courtney complained as she and Trent exited the station.

"Don't get my hopes up!" I called after her cackling. I looked at Gwen who wasn't laughing, and only looked disappointed.

"What?" I asked.

"Shut up, Duncan." She said, walking out of the building. I followed her outside.

"How are we getting home?" I ask walking beside her. The autumn wind swept through the air, making a cold chill run through my body.

"Like this." Gwen answered.

"Great." I said flatly.

"Yeah, well you only make so much money when you work at some lame music store. I can't afford car insurance, let alone a car!"

"Damn. Insurance. I should of thought of that!" I said slamming my hand to my forehead.

"Why, didn't you steal that car anyways?" Gwen asked, sounding annoyed.

"No! I bought it from the guy that stole it. I got a great deal on that car too." I said defending myself, even though it didn't actually help.

"Whatever." Gwen mumbled.

"What's your problem?" I asked her.

"Nothing! I'm always like this when I have to get my best friend out of jail!" She replied sarcastically.

"I wasn't actually in jail, Gwen! We were taken in for some questioning! Turns out I got off real easy, happy?"

"Super." Gwen said dryly.

I didn't respond, we just kept walking. We walked seven blocks, until we got into our neighborhood. Gwen and I live a block away, so I was almost home.

"So what are you going to tell your parents?" Gwen asked. The sky was setting, and the streetlights turned on.

"The truth." I shrugged.

Gwen raised an eyebrow. "Wow."

"Why, is that weird?" I ask.

"Coming from you, a little." She admits.

"Thanks. That means a lot, best friend." I say with slight sarcasm.

"You know what I mean! The truth isn't exactly your angle." Gwen says.

"Well, what are my parents going to do to me? Take away my TV privileges? Oh, I'm so scared."

Gwen and I laughed for a second. "I guess you're right." She shrugged.


"Well, this is my house." Gwen says, as we stop in front of her house.

The medium sized white house, with the red shutters. The lawn perfectly cut, and perfectly green. One car in the driveway, it belongs to her mom. I looked at the house, the lights were on inside, her mom was probably waiting up for her. But, it was only eight thirty, so who knew.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" I ask her.

"Probably nothing. I have work ten to seven."

"On a Sunday? That's gross." I say.

"Yeah, well. I need the money." She shrugs.

"Okay. Call me when you're done, I'll need entertainment." I joke.

"Yeah, okay. Bye, Duncan." She says to me, as she walks up her driveway.

"Bye, Gwen. Oh, and thanks. For bailing me out." I say.

"Someone has to." She says with a slight smile.

She opened her door, and let herself into her house. I sighed and looked at the street. I have one more block to walk, until I get to my house. I knew my dad was working tonight, and mom was probably home. I'm not afraid of my parents, in fact, I wonder if they're afraid of me. Cool. No, not cool. On my way home I practiced what I would say to my parents. I come to my front steps. My brick house, and red door. I put my hand on the knob, and let myself inside.

"Mom?" I call aloud. "I'm home." I step inside, and shut the door.

"Duncan?" I hear my mom's voice, she comes from the kitchen, with a pink apron on, her black hair in a bun. She had some kind of blue sweater on, that I've seen her in a million times.

"Where on earth have you been?" She asks me.

"The police station." I admit.

"What! Duncan what happened!" She demanded, as she took off her apron. Before I could explain, the door opened again. My dad stepped in the house. He took off his police officer hat.

"Duncan, Stephanie." My dad greeted my mom and I.

"Michael, our son has something to tell us." My mom says to my dad. My dad gives me this look that reads, 'don't tell me he's in trouble again?' But, instead he says, "Oh, really?" My mom nods her head.

"I got into a car accident." I say. My parents gasp, and my mom rushes to me, her anger gone. She puts her hand on my forehead, and my face, inspecting me for scars, or injuries.

"Mom, mom! I'm fine. Don't touch me." I say stepping away from her.

"I'm sorry, Duncan. I was just concerned, like how I am when I hear my son was in the station all night!" My mom puts her hands on her hips.

"Where were you?" My dad demands.

"Just stop! Let me explain!" I say loudly.

I take a deep breath, and explain to my parents the whole story. Giving them the beginning, from when I left Gwen at the bookstore, to the end where Gwen and I walked home.

"Duncan, you have no idea how lucky you got off!" My dad tells me. He is taking off his jacket, and hangs it up inside the hallway closet.

"I know." I say tired.

"It could have been so much more hurt." My dad continues.

"I know." I say getting a little annoyed.

"Especially with that Mason girl. Her father is a lawyer, he could get us sued." My dad says.

"I know."

"Be careful, next time. I don't know what to say to you Duncan, because well, you've heard it all before. Twice. Coming from just me. You know how to be responsible, how to act. It's your life, I guess all I can say is, do the right thing. Look before you leap, please." My dad says to me.

"I got to get to bed." He finishes with a good night, and goes to his room. That was easy. I walk to my room and shut the door, and lock it. My unmade messy bed awaits me. My green comforter, and white sheets. White walls, with no posters, and full length mirror next to my closet. I hardly spent time in my room, I was only in here to sleep. It never felt like my room. I did have a tall collection of comic books from when I was ten stacked under my bed though. I was into super powers, and hero's and shit. I can't believe it either.

I pick up my black t-shirt from off the floor, and take off my shirt. I put on the black shirt, in place of my other shirt. I change my jeans, and leave on my boxers. I throw my clothes on the floor, and hit my light switch. I collapse on my bed, and look at the ceiling. What a night.

After I escaped the third-degree my mom gave me, I took a shower, I needed to wash myself after being in the station for a good hour and a half. Something about the station grossed me out. Once I was finished I changed in my pajamas, and entered my room. I grabbed my diary from under my pillow, and a nearby pen, and open to a new page.

September 18, 2009. Dear, Diary.

What a day it has been. It started off okay, Duncan and I were walking around the plaza, and we decided to go out to eat at the pizza place. But, Trent and Courtney show up there not long after we do. So we do our best to ignore them, whatever. When I go to pick up me and Duncan's orders, Trent is like right in front of me, staring at the large overhead menu. I could have slammed into him. He stands there like a zombie, and then looks at me funny, which gave me a weird feeling.

Afterwards Duncan spelt food all over himself, he had to go get a few napkins, and he and Courtney start having an argument - SHOCKER. When we leave we go to the bookstore, and Duncan decides to get his car and go home. I don't know what happened next but, Duncan calls me. HE'S AT THE POLICE STATION. AGAIN. He got into a car accident with Trent and Courtney. OF COURSE. Of all people! So he's fine now, no one was hurt. Just the cars. He has to have community service. He got off so lucky, I wonder if he knows how lucky he is at times.

Tomorrow I have to go to work, from like ten, to seven. I will surely die. I hate my manager, the rude customers with lousy taste in music, and the smell of the store. Disgusting. I guess that's all I want to write about.

- Gwen.

I close my diary, and lay back on my bed. I try really hard, not to think about him. Because it's becoming really weird. I'm probably reading way too much into this anyways. He doesn't like me. Why would he? He could probably have any girl he wanted. It's weird to admit, especially to myself. But, whether he knows it or not, he has a hold on me. An attraction, like two magnets.

I'll just ignore him. Stupid teenage hormones. I hate being a girl, sometimes. I'll ignore him, and he'll eventually go away. Him and his stupid music cliché's. It's meaningless and a phase. Not even a phase. A small crush. Kind of thing. Yeah. Trent is just a small, meaningless, attraction.

I hope you guys liked that chapter! Let me know what you all think!

- Much Love, Johnna