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Gwen P.O.V.

I haven't been in the book store since the day of the car accident with Duncan, Trent, and Courtney. It's pretty weird being here now. The last time I was here everything was so different. I pick up a book under the 'Best Sellers' section in the front of the store and scan the back of it.

Hmm…nothing I'm interested in reading now. I put the book away, and go to the back of the store, to the Poetry section. The section use to be in the front, but things have changed here too, apparently.

My cell phone vibrated in my front pocket as I kept moving through the store. I pulled my cell phone out, and answered it without checking the caller I.D.


"Where are you?" I know that voice better than any other voice.

"At the bookstore." I answer.

"I hate books." I snort.

"Yeah, I know." I roll my eyes. "Where are you?"

"Coming to the book store." He answers.

"You hate books." I remind him.

"Yeah, but I don't hate you so…I'm coming. Be there in ten."

"Bye Duncan." I hung up.

What does he want? We haven't spoken since the time I picked him up from jail, and he crashed at my house. I totally caught him and Courtney together, and he still hasn't mentioned anything about her to me.

I don't know why things can't be normal. Are you stupid? Of course you know why things can't be normal. Four completely different people can't all get along. Yeah, Duncan and I are a lot alike, but we're still different. He likes cars, dirt, and girls. While I like poetry, sketching, and reading.

But, I guess some things just don't change. As far as I know Courtney and Trent are starting to speak again. He called me earlier to tell me him and Courtney were hanging out tomorrow night, and that we couldn't hang out. Which is fine, I guess. I'll just be spending the Sunday night bored, and alone. But, really it's fine.

I roll my eyes thinking about Courtney and how bratty she acts all the time. I'm surprised her and Duncan can even look at each other without throwing up. I lean against the book case, and pull out a poetry book. I slid down onto the floor, and cracked the book open.

"Found you." I looked up, and saw a smirk grow on Duncan's face, as he leaned against the book shelf.

"So you did." I got up, and shoved the book back in its place. "What brings you to hang out with me anyways?" I ask.

"What do you mean? We're best friends." He says it like it's no big deal.

"I know, but I haven't seen you since your jail bird days." I lead out of the poetry section of the book store, he falls in step with me and we walk out the door.

It's a beautiful day out, I have to admit. The weather is warm, and the shopping center isn't crowded at all.

"Haha, very funny." We head in the direction of the gazebo, where it is the least crowded. I walk up the two steps, and sit on the bench. Duncan slides next to me without saying a word.

"So," he hums.


"How's the boyfriend?" He asks.

"How's the girlfriend?" I shoot back.

"She's not my girlfriend." He answers. "We just…""Make-out whenever you both have the free chance?" I fill in. He couldn't fight a smirk, and began to chuckle. "It's good to have you back." He punches my shoulder lightly.

"I never left." I remind him.

He nodded his head, "I guess not."

"What are you doing tomorrow?" I ask.

"Nothing, I guess. Why?""I think we should hang out. Catch up on things." I look at Duncan, who is studying what I just said. But, he's looking forward and watching everyone, and everything going on in the lot.

"Yeah, sounds good." He agrees.

Duncan P.O.V

After spending an hour with Gwen, I had to leave because she had to get ready for work. Which reminds me, I have to get to work in a few hours too. But, maybe I just won't show up. Maybe, I'll quit and move back in with my parents. Yeah, I think I will. I'm not the most responsible person ever, and I don't feel like having to deal with bills, and shit. I mean, I'm still a kid. I have the rest of my life to be living on my own.

I pull up in the driveway of my house. My old house, anyways. I get out of the car and let myself into the house. Dad is sitting in the black leather chair, with his square reading glasses propped on his nose, reading the newspaper.

"Honey, I'm home." I reply sarcastically. My dad lets down the newspaper, and looks surprised to see me.

"Duncan, I wasn't expecting you."

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting me either."

"What brings you?" Dad folds the newspaper, and puts it on the coffee table. He takes off his reading glasses, and tucks them into the top pocket of the blue shirt he was wearing.

"I want to get rid of my place." I plopped down onto the red leather couch.


"I don't like it there." I shrug.

No way was I admitting the responsibility was too much to handle. My grades keep slipping, no matter how much homework I do. I don't study, who has the time? I have a job.


"Yes." He's a cop, so of course every question has a follow up.

"That's all? How are your grades in school?"

I shift a little, "Fine."

"And how's work at the super market?"

"The same." Dad makes a little humming sound, as if the information is so interesting.

"So when can I ditch the place, and come back here?"

"Anytime you would like." Dad smiles.

"Thanks dad." I smile.

"Your welcome. Your mother and I can handle the condominium. Just have all of your stuff out of there soon."

I jump off the couch, "Yes, sir." I walk up into my room, and collapse onto my bed.

I never thought I would say it, and I never thought I'd say it, but I've missed this place.

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