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Lost and Found

chapter one

July thirty-first nineteen-eighty-five, while out in the park of the suburbs in which he lived, but did not call home, he was visited by a stranger that looked to be only a few years older than himself. It was night out, and the only the stars provided lights in the darkness as there was a blackout. The stranger wore a cloak of the night sky, and spoke such smoothness and gentleness that it was hard to believe that the stranger was an actual child, he thought that at the time the person was just short, but after speaking to him, he learned that the stranger was older, far older than any man that he knew about, the stranger had only chosen to look the age that he did.

"Hello child, silent night isn't it," the stranger said, "Ah, where are my manners, I am Har Aetas."

"Uhm..nice to meet you sir," the boy said, "I am.."

"I know who you are, I also know about the unkind hand that has been dealt you," Har Aetas interrupted.


"It matters not, for I have been tasked by my teacher to grant you a second chance or a second life altogether."

"W-what do you mean?"

"I am to do just as I have said, give you another life, but at a price of course."

"W-what's wrong with the way my life is now?"

"A lot of things, like the fact that your so called family do not treat you as such, like the fact that where you live isn't fit even for an animal, it is inhumane, but I can change that."

"W-what is the price then?"

"Your life."

"What?! My life? What does my life have to do with getting a new one?" the boy asked panicked.

"Everything, for you see, for you to gain a new one, you will have to lose the old one."

"I see..but if I don't want it, then what?"

"Then nothing..you continue down the path of misery that you are travelling now."

"Can you see the future?"

"I can see yours."

"And what is it?"


"Death? So either way I die?"

"Well yes, but if you chose to go for my offer, you will get a second life, and perhaps something more."

"What more could this possible second life have for me?"

"The same deal I got, though from a different package."

"What did you get?"

"Belief, just like love, is a very powerful thing. But if you accept my offer, you will skip those requirements, and advance to that which belief often creates."

"Which is?"


"I don't understand what you mean sir."

"I want you to think...What thing has the power to do anything?"

"I dunno, the prime minister?"

"No, try again."

"A freak?"

"close, but the right term would be magical person, but no that is still not the answer you are looking for."

"A fairy?"


"Uh...I can't think of anything else..sir."

"It starts with the letter 'g' and ends with 'd'."


"Remove one 'o'."


"Finally!" Har Aetas said exasperated, "A god, precisely the word you were supposed to think of in the first place."

"My package or rather the offer that I got allowed me to transcend the boundaries of all things, which led to my becoming a god."

"So...you're the dad of that guy on the cross?"


"But there's only one god."

"Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but there's more than one, ever heard of Allah, or Buddha, or say...Zeus?"

"Nope, never heard of them."

"Damn it, just trust me on this, I am a god, just not of this world, of another one, which I was named after too."

"Okay...say I believe you..what then? If I do become a god, what'll I do or have to do? Won't I have some kind of responsibilities?"

"No. It will be your life, though immortal as it will be, but yours to do with as you please, with minimal interference from the other higher powers in existence."

"So if I decide to change something, how will that affect the rest of the world, the rest of the higher powers?"

"Well, its like this, I have a world of my own, and my mentor has a world of his own. Meaning there are countless more world out there, countless other paths to chose from. So essentially you can do anything as the path you forge for yourself will..."

"Will what?"

"You know what, nevermind about how what you choose will affect the other higher powers, just know that they are there, be a bit considerate of them. Do whatever you please. Paint the sun pink for all we others care. Just have fun with it. Got it?"


"So you accept my offer right?"

"Err..I guess so..what've I got to lose, right?"

"Your life."

"But I'd lose that in the end anyway."


"So..how am I going to do this?"

"You'll know, I'll help with that aspect of course, but you'll know when to die. Trust me, I'm going to make you out to be a real tradgedy, I'll even make is so that your 'family' get punished for the years that they have not acted like a 'family' to you. How's that sound?"



The next morning as the boy was cutting the grass of the front lawn, on the news there was an ongoing story about a mad taxi driver that had suddenly decided to lead police on a wild goose chase all over the city. The more recent of the reports was that the car was heading for a residential zone. The boy was unaware of this, but he somehow knew that something important was going to happen this day. As he continued to cut the grass, he heard the screeching of a car that had just suddenly turned the corner of the street, he could hear the sirens, looking toward the street he could see a little girl, younger than himself chase a ball out into the street.

The boy moved as fst as he could, he saw the careening vehicle speeding towards where the ball was, and where the child would, in a few seconds, be. He dropped the clippers that he was using to cut the grass, and leapt for the little girl, pushing her and the ball out of harm's way, in the end, he was the one to get hit by the speeding taxi cab.

The boy died upon impact with the crazed taxi driver's car, but the car didn't stop, there driver had long lost any conscience that he might have had. He continued to drive his car away, the body of the boy latched onto the bumper of the car, his legs being crushed on the pavement, occassionally his feet or legs going beneath the wheels of the car. None of his body parts were ripped off while his body was pushed ever forward by the car that had somehow managed to forcibly attach his body to the bumper of the car. As it moved a ways away, the witnesses to the event were stunned still and into silence. But what woke them from their trance-like shock was the explosion in the distance. Some of them ran to their cars wanting to find out what had happened. Others turned to their televisions, all of them found out what had happened. The taxi ran into a wall, and exploded. The cameraman was not fast enough, and managed to catch the sight of the only thing in the wreckage that was intact, the head of the boy.

Later that day investigators return to the place where the boy had been hit, and interviewed all the witnesses, as their statement were needed for the report of the incident. When asked who the boy was, most of the community were unable to answer, his face wasn't one that any of them could recall ever seeing, and the one people that would have easily identified the boy were denying having anything to do with him, as if they were covering up something.

The mother of the little girl that was pushed out of harm's way by the boy was able to recall, after calming down and thinking as clearly as one could after seeing something like what she had seen, that she remembered seeing the boy cutting the front lawn of the house in front of her own. The residents of the house were the very same people that had been constantly denying that they knew the boy. But unfortunately for them, when their son was questioned, and shown the picture of the decapitated head of the boy, the officers' suspicions were confirmed, the adults of the household were indeed hiding something.

"That's the freak!" the little big boy said when he saw the picture of the boy's head, he happily said it too expecting that he would be praised by his parents as usual, when he received none he said, "I did good right? He's dead, so we should be happy right?"

The little big boy's question prompted the investigative team to forgo getting a warrant and stormed the house, cuffing the adults of the house in the process. Searching the house from head to toe, there was no indication that another little boy lived there, but when some officers checked the cupboard under the stairs, they had found all the evidence they needed to convinct the two adults, and by the looks of things their son would need to be retrained in a whole lot of things.

"Now that we know you are guilty of a few crimes, would you mind finally answering honestly?" one of the investigators asked the couple.

"What?" the husband asked.

"Since we already that the boy lived with you, mind telling us his name, we need it for the report."

"Harry Potter."