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Lost and Found

chapter seventeen

The school year had just ended, and already, not even a day into summer vacation, his friends were already hounding him about him finally doing something this summer. They had already made plans in their heads as to what or how the lot of them were going to spend the two months with him. They'd been doing it ever since he first took up the position of professor for France's premier magical learning institution.

There was Nicholas Flamel that insisted that they go explore the hidden barren wastes of Switzerland and seek out the elusive Crumple Horned Snorkak and beat Xeno Lovegood to the punch. Why they'd need to go exploring when he could have one materialize before them was something that Clement couldn't really comprehend until after he realized that it was just another ploy devised by the alchemist to get him out of either his office, his private quarters, or his Bell Tower.

There was Alexandre Malfoi who had a love of inviting him or trying to trick him into going out of the country, as well, and see the sights of the world as well as find as many business opportunities as they could. It was mixing business and pleasure, nothing of the flesh though as Alexandre had a strict moral code of his own that he followed to the letter, most of the time. The man could just have one of his underlings do the work for him, but no, the man insisted that they travel, together. Yet another ploy, similar to that of Nicholas' own.

Then there was Thomas Delich, one of his first friends, had tried to haul him off and spend time across the pond, not the channel, and see what necromancers and liches were like over there. Thomas was curious about others like him, though that wasn't saying that he hadn't encountered anyone else like him. It was just that going acrss the pond was even farther than any European country could ever be.

All three were not the only ones that plotted against him and had plans to void his own plans for the summer, each and every summer. His family were others that tried to get him to go on real vacations, sure he'd willingly gone out of Notre Dame, but that just got him to add yet another location that he frequently haunted.

There wasn't really much of a difference and his friends and family had even managed to set up a betting pool as to who would be the first one to get him to agree without having to use any other manipulable or underhanded mens. There was a betting pool to see who would manage to get him to go on an actual vacation, and even one about when he would go on a vacation willingly without prompting.

But due to their thinking that it wasn't likely that it would be this summer, they plotted against him, not with about summer, but for the rest of the school year. They plotted and planned on how to get him out of the country for most of the rest of the school year.

It was a bold move on their part, but there were more than just his happiness and theirs on the line, there were also lives on the line. Or so some of the plotters liked to believe.

Belief was powerful of course in its own right, and thus it would play a small part in their forceful intervention.

It was his three friends arriving at the same time within his personal and private quarters, which he had already warded against them, yet they were able to somehow get passed them and he wasn't quite sure why. Though he had a nagging feeling that they had manged to trick him and try to use something from himself against him.

Not that it really mattered in the end. They were bound to get their way, especially once the alarm bells in his head started ringing or blaring loudly.

Alexandre and Thomas were the physically strongest of the trio, and thus it was they who physically carried him up while Nicholas led the way, all three of them trying their damndest and hardest to distract him from what he was potentially being forced into.

The quartet, one fourth of which was rather unwillingly there, arrived eventually at the doors to the Office of the Headmistress of the school. Madame Maxine promptly beckoned them in once she heard Nicholas' knock against the door.

The muscle dropped Clement in a chair that had been placed directly in front of the headmistress' desk. It was placed there for the purpose of this one meeting.

He was forced to read a piece of parchment that the headmistress slid across the desk for him to peruse. It was a written letter to the headmistress in the form of a petition to make sure that Clement Notredamos was one of the professors that would accompany the student delegates to the Tri-Wizard Tournament that the governments had been planning to have once again, and notifications of it pushing through having been sent to the three participating schools already.

How the Notredamos clans knew about the thing was quite simple if one cared to think about it. The family was quite politically powerful in their own right. There was hardly any opposition to them when it came to France as even the royal family counted themselves as members of such a House.

The petition held the signature of everyone of importance to Clement, from the King of France all the way down to the latest addition to his bloodline and House.

If that didn't scream forced vacation, Clement couldn't guess what else could.

"So...I'm being...coerced into chaperoning our school's representatives to this tournament," Clement stated, rather than inquired.

"Precisely," Olympe replied, "You are the best and ONLY man for the job. It'll be you, me, and the students. I'm sure that between the two of us, we'll be able to keep the students' academic standards up to par with the ones that will be left behind. Potions Professor you may be in job title, but we all know that you are more than capable of this task."

"Fine, it's not like I have much of a choice in the matter," Clement said, leaning back and slouching slightly at the same time, "I'll go on one condition."

"Oh? He's agreeing? That's not a good sign," Nicholas commented, the other two looked on and listened gravely.

"Indeed," the two muscle said as one.

"What's the condition, I'll agree to only hear it out, but not approve it," she said, "Though I will discuss it with the other signees before giving you a 'definite no'."

"Oh, its simple really," Clement said, deciding that it was finally time to give in and do something a tad bit spontaneous on his part, "Inform my family that I'd like four tickets to the Quidditch World Cup, VIP and all that. I shall be attending it with the three idiots behind me whose jaws are probably touching the floor right about now. Is that agreeable?"

"..." she fainted.

"Its a good thing that I can simply will things into being the way I wish them to be," Clement said to no one in particular, but didn't do as he claimed, he simply delivered a written note to the sometimes head of the family, also known as his second-in-command, regarding the issue of tickets and accommodations.

It was few minutes later that the headmistress came to and the three idiots were forcibly removed from their shocked or surprised states, thanks to Clement hitting them. Let's let the where remain a mystery.

It didn't take his family long to get him all that he would be needing and a little bit more, even considering that the game was in around to less than a month's time. They were that good, surprised, shocked, and a bit sullen, at the news that he had willingly taken a vacation. Though as far as betting polls went, they waited for a written and verbal report from the three idiots regarding the trip on whether or not it was more pleasure than business.

Business could be involved after all, who really knew what Clement was thinking, he could have some ulterior motive to his vacation plan after all. It wasn't something beneath him. He would do something underhanded like that.

He'd done it before after all. He'd done so many things to get their hopes up before. They'd even heard rumors that he'd laughed rather loudly or heartily at their failure to get him to go on vacation.

Alexandre left his businesses and whatnot in the capable hands of his own second-in-command of the Malfoi family. Nicholas got chased out of his house by his as he was running late and she'd rather have him arrive fashionable on time than deal with him due to her still having her period even after all of this time. Thomas didn't really need to inform anyone of his leaving but he did inform the so-called or so-dubbed Notre Dame Night Terrors of his departure, those that remained within the cathedral.

Clement on the other hand didn't really have much of a choice once the date of his departure finally rolled around. He was physically tossed out of the cathedral by the residents, followed by tied up and hurled forcefully into a waiting hearse, driven off to the ferry that would take him across the channel, then once again physically thrown onto the deck of the boat to the cheers of his family and friends. The three idiots arriving just as he had been thrown of course.

Even members of the French monarchy were present to witness the event. They'd declare it a national holiday, but everyone in government knew that that might just truly intolerably irritate Clement, which was never a smart thing to do.

The last person that tried was You-Know-Who, though he wasn't referred to that in his own home country, they reserved that title for someone else entirely.

The boat ride was quite pleasant, short too. They arrived on the docks of England in good time, and lo and behold the ones that would be housing them during their stay on the island nation was none other than one irritated Sir Integra Hellsing, who had only agreed due to the Queen herself making the request on behalf of her French cousin-of-sorts and counterpart.

She was racist in a way or in a sense, in that she could not tolerate the existence of the monsters that continually existed in the world. The only ones she did tolerate were the ones that were and proved to be an asset to her. She was loathe to play host to four individuals that screamed abnormal and supernatural.

Had she had her way she would personally put a bullet in each of these people's heads and be done with it. Surely such individuals would not be missed in the world.

"You may try if you so wish," Clement whispered mockingly in her ear, for only her to hear, "But you will find that killing me is an even more futile endeavor than trying to kill Thomas, whom you've already tried to eliminate."

"What in the world are you talking about," she more or less demanded in a no-nonsense manner and tone.

"You know perfectly what I am talking about," Clement stated, "Your pet vampire could try and would eternally fail, for he is one that would have no power were it not for myself."

"What are you claiming?" she asked him, curious for she had never heard of another that could and would dare to claim to be some sort of source of power for her top agent.

Sure the man that stood near her and was speaking to her was more than a match for her vampire, grossly more powerful than the king of the night. But who was he to claim such a thing, it was preposterous.

'There is no way that he could possibly be on the level of a god..' she thought, it was a personal thing, but for one with more than just the power but was precisely what she refused to believe...

"Then you have no idea what my kind is capable of," Clement whispered once again before rejoining his friends in their wait for their transportation to bring them to their temporary accommodations.


The ride wasn't that long of one. It was a short and obstacle free trip as if any potential nuisance from the more monstrous side of the world knew not to mess with the Beings that rode the transport vehicle. It was that or Clement and his friends simply exuded a palpably dangerous aura that kept everything below them on the food chain from bothering them or thinking of bothering them.



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