She chuckled into his mouth, nudging his hand lower where he'd been aiming for her breast again. "Robert, stop that," she scolded, her laugh removing the threat of any anger. He didn't answer her accusation, kissing her again instead and she relaxed against him. Exhaling against his mouth, she gripped his shirt collar.

He smoothed one hand up her back, pulling her closer. Breaking the connection of their mouths, he switched to her neck, she moaning softly and tilting her head back.

"Jesus..." She swallowed thickly, her eyelids fluttering, "R- Rob- ohh.."

He was a better kisser than she'd expected – even knowing not to judge a book by its cover, so to speak.

She crowed in the back of her throat as his mouth found the spot in her neck where her pulse rushed, his lips and tongue and teeth making her forget how to speak. Digging her nails into his shoulder, she let him guide her to her desk, she perching on the edge of it. His mouth found hers again, his rough hands gliding up from her knee and displacing her skirt just slightly as he ran his hand up her thigh.

But his hand didn't stop, continuing to follow the dip in her side before starting for her breast again.

She nipped at his lip, lowering his hand again and setting it back on her hip. She pulled back, exhaling thickly, "Robert." He chose, again, to ignore her accusation, pressing closer to her where she was perching and stepping between her legs – she could feel his erection pressing tauntingly along her inner thigh, just above her knee – before nosing against her throat again. "Ro- oh," she stopped when he started kissing and sucking her neck again, her eyes drifting close.

Much better with his mouth than she'd expected.

Her breath caught in her throat for a moment before she dug her fingernails hard into his shoulder, mewling. She shifted her weight forward, pressing her hips down into the desk to change the pressure, her back arching as she moaned loudly. She could feel him smiling against her skin, his hand gliding up her back again as he nibbled teasingly below her earlobe. And then he was sucking there, his mouth hot and wet. And his left hand was smoothing up her outer thigh again before teasingly running over her lap and pressing at the tent her skirt made where she'd spread her legs to leave him room. Heat roared within her, a moan clawing up her throat as he pressed there, her hips rocking against the pressure and trying to guide his hand between her thighs.

To where she was hot and wet.

And his mouth was still- "You're flushed," he repeated from the previous day, a knowing smile gracing his lips. He licked the spot by her ear before nipping the heated clot of blood.

"Christ, Robert... oh..." she groaned, her strict work boundaries crumbling entirely.

His mouth moved lower, lips and tongue tracing the line of her throat as his hand pressed warmly along her back. Gliding, up and down. And his tongue laved her collarbone, his teeth scraping, before following to the hollow of her throat.

"Robert," she murmured, her voice half-pleading.

His open-mouthed kisses moved lower, tracing the top of her sweater and teasing her with promises of more touching if she'd just give in to him and pull the sweater off. She'd moved her hand from his shoulder, reaching for the hem of her sweater to pull it off and expose more flesh for him to worship, when it happened.

He unhooked her bra, hurtling her back into the present.

What was she doing?

She couldn't... do this. She had-

She pushed him away firmly before clutching herself, "Robert."

"What is it?" he asked, his eyes fraught with concern. "Did I hurt you?"

She shook her head, "You can't just... do that."

He narrowed his eyes, realizing she wasn't hurt. "Do- Stella, you wa- didn't you want me to? You were-"

"I didn't want you to unhook my bra!" she hissed, holding herself with one arm and using her free hand to try to reclasp it.

"Isn't that where this was leading?" he asked, his eyes flashing with irritation.

"Well that's awfully presumptuous," she pursed her lips, her fingers fumbling with the clasp through her sweater.

He started to move closer before rethinking it, "Isn't that why you called me here?"

She scoffed, "No, Robert. You work in the library, remember? You were supposed to come in and take the book cart."

"What did you mean yesterday, then?" he returned.

She exhaled, "That we'd talk."

He shook his head calling her bluff, "No, Stella, I don't think that was it."

"Well it was!" she argued. "I didn't call you here so you could unhook my bra!"

"Why are you so scared of what's developing between us?" he demanded.

She shook her head, "I'm not!"

"I can't stand when people lie," he shook his head.

"Then go back to your cell and leave me alone!" she snapped, momentarily giving up on rehooking her bra in favor of waving a hand at the door. "Come back to work when you can be professional and not just another... testosterone-driven, wild animal!"

He exhaled, glaring, before turning around and leaving, nearly walking into Pablo on his way into the library.

"Yo, Miss C, what's eating Rebadow?" the teenage boy, watched the older man go, making a face of irritation.

She shook her head, expelling a soft breath, "Nothing, Pablo. Which book did you pick?"

He looked down at the book in his hand, raising it, "I started this one. I think I like it. I got pretty far."

She crossed her arms in front of herself before indicating he should wait, "One second. I just-" She faced the wall, her sweater riding up as she reached under it to rehook her bra before adjusting the wire so they were under her bustline. "Sorry," she offered a weak smile, turning around.

"Miss C," he started, evidently having watched her movements, "you been fucking Rebadow?"

She sighed, "Pablo, you know how I feel about that kind of language."

"That sounds like a yes," he decided, making a face of obvious disgust.

She crossed her arms again, pursing her lips as she moved closer, "Old people have needs too, as unsightly as you may find it at a young eighteen."

His features twisted as though he were thinking about it. "No, listen; see, it'd be hot but Rebadow is so old. It's, like, weird, ya know? Cause you could do better."

"I-" she blinked, stunned, and her cheeks flushed with color. "Th-thank you, Pablo."

"You're real pretty," he told her. "And funny."

She swallowed, exhaling and dropping her arms from their irritated, defensive position, "Thank you... You're a really sweet kid."

"You should be makin' it with someone younger, Miss C," he continued, reaching up to cup her cheek gently.

"Pablo, what're y- mmm!" Her eyes went wide when he cut her question off with his mouth, kissing her sweetly and wrapping his other strong arm around her waist to tug her against him.

Her eyes drifted closed despite herself, she submitting to the kiss and kissing him back, even raising an arm to run her fingers over his skin – it was surprisingly soft and smooth along his neck. His hand moved lower, his fingertips teasing her neck before smoothing over her shoulder.

And then down lower, his strong hand finding her plump breast without looking and working the flesh gently.

She gasped, pushing him away and crossing her arms over her chest, raising one hand to her mouth, "Oh, my God. Pablo, I'm sorry. We can't.. I can't do this or-"

"Cause of the breast cancer?" he interrupted.

She groped herself, cupping her breasts as her mouth fell open, "How did you know about that!"

He made a knowing face, looking down at her chest again before looking back up, "I felt a lump."

She raised her fingers to her temples, massaging lightly, "Oh, my God. This is- Christ..."

"It didn't feel that bad," he offered. "Mi madre had it. Worse than that and she beat it."

"You're not supposed t- oh, fuck," she swore, starting to pace. "No one is supposed to know. You can't... tell anyone, Pablo. And- oh, God. I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry I... I don't know, led you on? And.. I'm sorry that I can't... I mean, I shouldn't either way. And I let- I took it too far."

He chuckled, "Yo, chill out."

She shook her head, "You're a very attractive boy, Pablo, but I can't... I mean, you're so young. And I- it wouldn't be right professionally. And even besides, I can't. I mean... with the breast cancer and... I mean, I won't even really be a woman anymore."

"You're beautiful," he told her, moving closer. He pressed a chaste kiss to her mouth, reaching and lowering her hands.

"Pablo," she argued, shaking her head, "You don't-" He moved his hands, reaching under her blouse and cupping her breast again as he lowered his mouth to her neck. "O- oh... Pablo, w- we..."

He moved his hands to the hem of her top, whisking it over her head and dropping it on her desk before kissing her neck, sucking at her pulse point. "You're so beautiful."

She mewled, tilting her head back as his mouth moved lower, down her chest before teasing the swell of her breast as he kissed along the lining of her bra. His fingers dextrously popped the clasp of her bra, smoothing the straps down her arms before his mouth started covering her breast in soft kisses. She whined her pleasure, digging her fingers into his biceps as he kissed the flesh over the lump before his mouth found the taut peak.

"Ohh..." she exhaled, shivering.

"You'll always be a woman. And you're so beautiful," he repeated, kissing the rosy bud and eliciting a sharp gasp.

Heat pounded between her thighs and she let him push her against one of the shorter shelves as he started sucking, his hands finding her hips and lifting her easily on top of it. He stepped between her legs, his mouth leaving her breast and finding her plump lips. His tongue foraged her mouth eagerly, she curling her arms around his neck and moaning softly as one of his hands moved back up to her breast and the other slid down her thigh. And then up; up and between, his fingers brushing against her through her underwear.

"Christ," she whimpered into his mouth, the word leaving her mouth seconds before his mouth left hers again, his hot mouth returning to her breast as she leaned back against the wall.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, his lips brushing the peak again as he rubbed her through her underwear more insistently, her hips rocking back against his hand. "... Rebadow must be something," he mused, "Your cunt's real juicy."

"Language," she forced out, gasping when the statement earned her a teasing nip. Her head lolled back, a small moan leaving her as he pressed harder between her thighs, his mouth sucking hard at her nipple.

His fingers nudged the fabric out of the way, gliding along the soaking heat as his tongue flicked over the hardened nub of her breast. "You're so beautiful." She groaned loudly, her high-pitched whine of pleasure bouncing off the walls around them. "You're beautiful and sexy. You'll always be a woman." He slid his fingers into her, moving them slowly and watching her writhe. "It's in your heart. That's what makes you a woman."

She exhaled, letting out a bereft sigh when he withdrew his fingers, pushing her skirt up before pulling her underwear down. She expected to feel his cock replace his fingers, his thick shaft moving inside her, and gasped sharply when he licked her instead. "Oh! Oh, Pablo- oo..." Groaning, she spread her legs further for him, leaning heavily back against the wall. Her insides flared with heat as his tongue teased her, his mouth sucking hotly before blowing cool air, repeating the delicious torture and making her whimper and croon. She squeezed her eyes tight, gripping the edge of the bookshelf with one hand as her other smoothed along his scalp. "Christ... Oh, G- fuck."

"Language," he teased, his fingers sinking into her again before he started moving his tongue over her clit. She groaned loudly again, throwing her head back against the wall with a dull thud. He stopped for a moment, looking up at her and using his free hand to guide her hand away from his head and to her breast. "You're beautiful. Touch yourself."

Her fingers obediently worked the plump flesh, she ignoring the lump for the time being and moaning again. "Fuck... Pl-Please, Pablo... oh, Christ... yes." Her voice climbed an octave between desperate pants as his tongue moved harshly, quickly, teasingly light and then brutally hard. "F- fuck... Oh... ohhhh..."

He added a third finger, looking up at her, "Come on, Stella. Show me something beautiful. Feel it for me."

"Harder," she pleaded, her thighs trembling as she tried to spread them for him.

"Cum for me first; then I'll give you something hard," he teased, his lips brushing against her as he spoke.

She rocked her hips against his mouth, "Oh, fu- Christ.. Oh... please, Pablo.."

His tongue started moving in circles and her chest heaved with each labored breath, he inching her closer and closer and-


She gushed against his mouth, squeezing his fingers, and he eagerly lapped between her thighs, she moaning even though the motion kept her from relaxing backwards.

… She was used to men. Greedy men who figured one orgasm each was fair.

And here this boy was between her thighs, still licking her, heat coiling in her lower abdomen again. She whined with pleasure again, curling her fingers in the collar of his jumpsuit. "St- oh... stop-stop-stop."

He pulled back, standing and kissing her hard, his hand immediately going to her breast. She sighed against his mouth, leaning backwards slightly and trying to catch her breath, before reaching up and starting to tug on the buttons of his navy jumpsuit.

"We don't have to," he offered lowly, kissing her mouth lightly again.

She chuckled darkly, kissing him again, "You promised me something hard if I came."

He smiled, helping her with the buttons, "I did, didn't I?"

She nodded, smoothing the sleeves down his arms, "Mhmm." She slipped a hand past the elastic of his underwear, teasing him before curling her fingers around him. "Yeah... That's the hardness I wanted."

He stepped out of the jumpsuit, letting her push his boxers down before stopping her when she leaned to take him into her mouth. "Don't. I don't want you to."

"What's wrong?" she looked up at him.

"I can bribe one of the bitches to do that if I wanted it. I want you. I want a woman," he told her, petting her cheek. He lifted her off the shelf, belatedly bending to pick up his jumpsuit. He laid it on the table before gesturing for her to sit on it. "I wouldn't want you to get cold.

She breathed a smile, indulgently sitting on the jumpsuit before looking down. "Oh. My skirt. Do you-"

He shrugged, "Whateva you want, Miss C. Just leave the heels."

She shook her head, leaving it in place – she already felt vulnerable and naked in the prison anyway. No sense in giving up this last form of meager protection.

"Though we might stain it," he added, shrugging again with a smile.

She moved her hand back to her skirt, licking her lips before nodding that he was right. "... You're gonna get me fired," she teased, smiling.

He waited until she'd taken the skirt off, setting it aside, before climbing onto the table. He laid her down, covering her body with his as he kissed her, "But what a way to go. … Besides, better me than Rebadow."

"Now, Pablo, that's not fair," she scolded lightly, knowing full well she was...less than imposing while his naked body was pressed to hers. Even less so as her breath caught in her throat when he kissed her neck.

"What fun is ever fair?" he murmured, his breath hot in her ear as he ran a hand down her side.

She expected him to push into her, to start fucking her. … She probably should have realized by now he liked surprising her.

His fingers were between her thighs again, teasing her lightly even as his cock pressed hard against her thigh.

"C-come on, Pablo," she managed, her eyes closed now except when she forced them open. Her hands were shaking as she reached for him.

"Cause you're wet?" he pressed, kissing down her neck before focusing on her breasts again, his body keeping her from closing her thighs to stave off the coiling heat. And his fingers were still moving, alternating between thrusting and lightly circling her clit. And one of his hands had pinned both of hers above her head.

She moaned, he teasingly biting her breast as she arched, "Oh- oh, stop. Pab- Pablo, t-too much."

"Why?" he asked lowly, leaving her breast in favor of kissing her neck and then her mouth. "What'll happen if I don't stop? Tell me, Stella." He breathed a low chuckle against her cheek, "I like it when you talk dirty."

She nearly crowed, arching again and starting to tremble as his fingers started moving harshly against her clit, "St-st- ohhh... Stop or you'll make me cum."

He kissed her in reward, moving his hand away for a brief second and letting swallow air desperately. "You're so beautiful. Even more like this." She let out a small whimper, rocking her hips up for his before he pushed them back to the table. "Tell, me, gorgeous; Will I make you cum or will you do it for me?"

She rocked her hips back up, mewling, "Please, Pablo..." She arched before rocking her hips up again.

"Ah, ah, ah," he teased, kissing her throat again. "I want you to cum for me. But cause you want it, not cause I'm making you." She nodded eagerly as if anticipating his question. He breathed lowly, "Do you want it, Stella?" She nodded again, panting hard. "Do you wanna cum for me?"

"Yes!" she cried loudly, moaning and writhing beneath him.

He rewarded this with moving his hand back over her sex, letting it hover before rubbing her fiercely again, she moaning again and starting to tremble. "I would love it if you came for me, beautiful," he murmured encouragingly between her desperate, gasped pleas and loud moans.

"F- fuck- oh- oh!" her body started seizing, fighting his hold and trying to close around him. "Ohh- Pabl- OOH!" She crooned, climaxing again before she fell back against the table with small whimpers.

"Are you ready now?" he asked lowly, releasing her hands from above her head as though trying to give her space if she wanted to run now. She nodded weakly, feebly, and wondered if she could even make this any good for him with how exhausted she was. "... I'll take top this time."

This time?

She felt something press against her entrance and stiffened in anticipation, licking her lips and breathing thickly. Breath caught in her throat, her eyes squeezing against the stretching... And she realized why he wanted her to go twice.

"- oh..." she exhaled, her eyelids fluttering. He let out a small moan above her, acclimating to the feel.

"... You okay?" he peered down at her, one hand on either side of her head

She nodded, biting her lip, "I- G- fuck."

He balanced on one hand, still not moving, and brushed her hair away from her face. ".. I can stop."

She shook her head, breathing, "N-no. Don't. It's- it's fine."

"... Better than Rebadow?" he teased.

"I don't know," she admitted, "We hadn't done anything. Just.. some kissing and heavy petting."

And he still wasn't moving. Which was probably driving him wild.

She reached, petting his cheek, "It is okay, though, Pablo."

"Alright, beautiful," he smiled, leaning down and kissing her before he started moving, his mouth swallowing the small sound of shock that escaped her. "... I was real popular in high school," he bragged, still moving slowly. "With the girls, I mean."

She breathed a chuckle, curling one arm below his to grip his back and leaving the other at his neck, "I bet." She nodded, each of his moments less of a shock now, her body already adjusting to his impressive length, "Alright. .. I can take it."

"Not something I heard from a lot of the girls," he teased, continuing to sheathe himself in her slowly, her breath occasionally catching and making him smirk.

She surprised him, though, by curling her legs around him, returning, "I guess you needed a woman."

He smiled approvingly, groaning as he let himself move more naturally, "Which you will always be."

"Mmm... mhmm.." she moaned. Christ, he was thick. Not necessarily longer than the guys she'd been with. But – "Oh! Ye- mmm..." Definitely thicker. Oh, God, she'd never felt so full before.

She dug her heels into his back, he growling and moving faster- like a well-trained horse.

"Fuck, Miss C-" he groaned, biting and sucking at her throat as she arched beneath him and tossed her head back, her heels still digging and scratching at his lower back.

"Ohh- fuck!" she cried loudly, her voice bouncing off the walls. Her nails scraped his skin as she dug them into his back and shoulder, she clawing as she held tightly. "Y-yes! Oh, God- Pab- ooo, fuck! Right-right- Oh, yeah- that's- that's th- oh! There!" She nodded eagerly as she whimpered and groaned, her voice escaping in high-pitched, squealed snatches between her low groans.

He moved a hand to her hip, holding her in place as he started thrusting harder, "Yeah? You like that, Miss C?" She panted thickly, nodding again and letting out another loud moan. "You like when I fuck you like this?"

She nodded, arching and pressing her chest to his, "Y- oh, yes, Pablo. Oh, fu- yes- keep f-fucking me. Like- oh, just like that. J-just- just- oh- fuck! Pablo! You're g-gonna make-make – OH!" She cried loudly, squealing. She panted, her hips meeting his with equal fervor, "I'm g- oh-oh- OH! Fu- Pablo – oh! – OH!" Crowing with pleasure, she felt him release inside her, his hand instantly moving between them and rubbing fiercely at her clit before he lost his hard-on. "Ooo- oh! F- Pab- St- fuck! OOOH!" She climaxed as well, her body going limp beneath his as she panted desperately for breath.

"... Miss C, I didn't tire you out, did I?" he taunted, kissing her neck again.

She breathed a laugh, returning, "Y- you certainly were g-getting A's in your P.E. class." She exhaled, still trying to catch her breath.

He smiled, kissing her mouth lightly, "I did. … But I was thinkin'.. Maybe it's time I spent more time in the library."

She raised a hand, stroking his cheek, "Yes, I think that'd be in everyone's best interest."