Note: This fanfic happens 100 years after the events of Invader Zim, and 150 after the events of Earthbound, neither of witch I do not own by the way.

She was lying on her back. She opened her eyes. It was dark. Dark and cold. Then there was a bright light and...

"HI!" Suddenly standing over her was a little robot with a huge grin on his face, "I fixed you, Tako-human!" Tako? The japanese word for octopus? What was he blabbering about? 'Tako-human' sat up to ask what he meant, but was too surprised by what she saw to say anything.

She was in a lab of some sort, sitting in box-like machine. The machine had an on/off button on it, witch the robot had apparently 'fixed' her with. Beyond that she could see nothing else, as she seemed to be near-sighted.

Getting to her feet, she asked the robot, "Um, can you maybe tell me what's going on?" He responded by running around the room a few times yelling things like:"The red thing made a BIIIIIIIIIIG HOLE so master put you to sleep!", "TACOS!" and "I've bin' tryn' ta fix ya a LOOOOONG TIME!" then he came to a screeching halt in front of 'Tako-human' and declared in a very loud, very annoying, very hi-piched voice "YOUR NAME IS ONE POINT ONE, BUT I WANNA CALL YOU TAKO! YOU'RE A CLONE THINGY!"

"Okay, OKAY! I get it! I'm Tako." Tako whimpered. She then realized that a less complex question was in order.

"Where are we?"

"We're in a lab!"

"Where's the lab?"

"In master's second base!"

"Where's the base?"

"Why ya' askin'?"

"Because I'd like to know."

The robot looked confused. "But Tako, you helped master and me build it." She didn't remember that. Or much of anything else, for that matter. Aside from a few random facts, her memory was blank.

"Hmm, that's interesting…" Said a teenage girl with curly blonde hair, as she finished reading an old newspaper article. "What is it Iwi?" Asked a boy who

was helping her sort the stuff in her attic. "Sid, look at this newspaper's headline!" The red-headed boy looked apon the paper in Iwi's hands, and was surprised to see, not only was it printed eighty-five years ago, but it's headline directly contradicted what he learned in history class: Giygas Alive!?….

Sid started to panic, "Iwi… t-tell me this is a joke! Tell me you made this to scare me!" Iwi's face drooped, "No, Sid…" she began, "it's very real…" the pair's gaze fell to the picture below the headline. It depicted a large red shape in front of a green house with what appeared to be the door from a men's washroom.

Yay! Chapter one complete! Maybe the next chapter will say what Tako looks like… and the robot's name is unknown to her for a plot related reason.(as if any Invader Zim fan wouldn't know who he is.)