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Iwi was sure she was going to snap. The police bot had insisted she bring the newspaper when she dragged him down town for repairs. Also the human officer at the front desk said she had to stay there while he filed the report.

"Sir, Is this going to take very long?" she asked, an annoyed tone in her voice. "Usually it doesn't, but for some reason my terminal's not running very quickly today." The officer replied, before taking a sip of coffee, "So, Miss Airim, who's that young gentlemen who was in such a hurry to get to the town hall?" "My cousin, Sid Monotoli." The officer was confused. "You two didn't act like cousins." at this Iwi groaned internally. Sid and her's relationship was more like they where good friends rather than cousins. But some people assumed this was an unhealthy romance, witch both Iwi and Sid found very annoying.

The officer suddenly growled in annoyance, "I'm sorry to trouble you Miss Airim, but the terminal's not letting me file the report in the database. As per protocol I can't leave my desk, so you'll have to drop this hard copy of the report off upstairs so it can be filed manually." with that he returned to his work (and his coffee).

After about three hours of dodging phazite torpedos, and two more hours hiding in an asteroid belt, Gir and Tako had finally lost Tak. By that time Tako had puked in her robotic companion's head twice. "Mai head feeeels mooshie!" Screeched Gir, bobbing his head so that the bile made a swishing noise.

"Enemy no longer in range." droned the computer, "Returning to original course." Tako breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't fancy the idea of throwing up three times in the only week of her life she remembered at the moment.

About five minutes of dull silence later, the computer beeped in again, "Approaching destination. Prepare for landing." Ahead of them was a purple space station.