I do not own anything to recognize from any of the shows or from Harry Potter. I do own anything you don't recognize. This is all the names and such that I know as of right now will be in the story. It might change so look here for anything new as this goes along. Any info that is wrong can be fixed if you tell me what part of it is wrong.

Character that will be involved

Ryan Wolfe

Timothy Speedle

Horatio Caine

Timothy McGee

Anthony Dinozzo

Ziva David

L.J. Gibbs

Danny Messer

Don Flack

Mac Taylor

Harry Potter

Wolves names

Sacha-Protector of man-Male

Valborg-Protector on the battlefield-Female

Alvaro-Nobel guardian-Male

Shamira-Guardian, defender-Female



Raksha-To Guard-Female

Rasheed-Rightly Guarded-Male

The brothersAges when met last brother

Tim McGee (Timmy)11

Ryan Wolfe10

Tim Speedle(Speed)14

Harry Potter(Ry)13

Danny Messer11

Don Flack12

Parent's names

Stacy WolfeCharles Wolfe

Mary FlackDon Flack Sr.

Sara MesserRoger Messer

Mindy SpeedleTimothy Speedle Sr.

Lily PotterJames Potter

Lauren McGeeWilliam McGee

I made the names for the parents up as I'm too lazy to go look for them. But if you do know any of them tell me and I'll fix it.