Characters: Tim McGee, Ryan Wolfe, Ziva David, L.J. Gibbs, Tony Dinozzo, Tim Speedle, Horatio Caine, Harry Potter, Danny Messer, Don Flack, Mac Taylor

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Wolf's Pack

Chapter 3 Safe Haven and Horatio Caine

He waited for a couple of minutes for them to wrap their heads around what he had just said. He was amused at their expressions as he told the story.

"But wait, that's only two of your brothers. What about the other two that you said you had?" Tony finally asked.

"We met Harry next and then Tim but I don't think I have time to go into that now as I hear a car." Their talk had taken a lot longer than they had thought it would. Tim looked at the time and saw that 5 hours had passed already. Tim headed to the window to peer out to see who was here. He saw 2 cars and recognized one of them as his bosses. He watched Danny get out of the driver's seat and Gibb's from the passenger seat. Don and Mac got out of the other car. The two wolves greeted Don and Danny and then went back into the woods. They then headed inside and Tim walked back to wear he was and waited for them to get there. He figured they would have questions so they might as well talk comfortable. He heard the door open and shoes come off. He then heard Don call for him.

"We're in the living room Donny. Come on back." Timmy called back. He heard them start to head their way and knew it was only a matter of seconds until they arrived. Ryan seemed to be buried in his side knowing he was about to be descended on.

Donny was the first to come through the doorway. Danny came next, then Mac, and finally Gibbs. Danny had moved over a little to let the rest of them come through. Danny stayed beside him. Everyone seemed to be just looking at each other. So Danny took it upon himself to break the ice as the saying goes. He walked over to Ryan and pulled him up off the couch. He then hugged him and held him at arm's length and looked him over. "Are you ok?" Danny asked concerned. You could hear the worry in his voice. He had felt how thin his brother was and wanted to know what had happened to make him get this thin.

Ryan tried to smile and nodded yes. He had been getting used to the job. It was very stressful. Plus he was trying to find their lost brother Speed. Danny hugged him again and then Don came up and gave him a hug too. Danny moved toward Timmy and slugged him in the arm.

"Ow…"Tm said rubbing his arm. He was grinning. He knew that was his brother's way to say hi. Don laughed and gave him a one armed hug. Timmy just laughed and hugged him back.

Don let Ryan go and moved in front of Timmy. He stood right in front of him and just stared him right in the eyes. There was an awkward moment of silence. Timmy's co workers were staring as they had never seen Timmy act this way even with his sister. Ryan and Danny were standing by each other watching their brother's interaction.

Mac was just watching them in wonder. He was wondering how he couldn't notice how they acted around each other.

Don finally seemed to relax and he started to grin. "It's good to see you. Glad to know you're ok." He said. He hugged him long and hard. Tim had started to relax when Don did and returned the hug. The brother's were close so when was mad at another it was quite a rough time for the other's as they didn't want to take sides. They were usually in harmony with each other but the littlest thing could knock them out of harmony if it concerned one of them.

Tim pulled back and decided he should act as host.

"Does everyone know each other? No? Ok. These are my brothers Ryan Wolfe, Don Flack, and Danny Messer. I'm sure you'll meet our last two brothers sooner or later. Guys, these are my co workers Ziva David, Tony Dinozzo, and L.J. Gibbs my boss. Last but not least is Mac Taylor Danny's boss." He pointed to each person as he said their name. Everyone said Hi to each other and they all settled down in either the chairs or the couches. Mac and Gibb's took the only chairs in the room this time so Tony and Ziva sat on a couch. Ryan, Don, and Danny sat in the other couch. Tim was soon the only one that was still standing.

"Does anyone want anything to drink? We have soda, water, milk, alcohol pretty much anything you can want." Tim asked.

"I'd like a glass of Coke." Don said.

"I second that." Danny said.

"Me too." Ryan said.

"A glass of scotch." Gibbs said.

"I'll take a glass of Scotch too." Mac said.

"Water, please." Ziva said.

"Coke, Probie." Tony said.

Probie excused himself and went to get the drinks. He came back with a tray and gave everyone their drinks keeping a glass of wine for himself. He sat down on the arm of the couch his brothers sat on and unconsciously leaned into Don who was sitting next to him.

There was a moment of silence. Gibbs was the one to break the silence this time.

"What exactly happened that you were looking for your brother though he is supposed to be dead?" He asked.

The brothers looked at each other and Ryan decided he should start as it mostly because of him that everyone was here.

"I'll start. After I graduated High School, I decided to join the Miami Dade Police and go to college at the same time so Speed came with me to make sure I stayed out of trouble. I went into the academy and he went to the Crime Lab. He had been working there for 6 years as I had graduated from College and was working at the Police station more. He had been at a scene with his boss Horatio and when he went to fire his gun, it didn't fire. He looked down at it and that was when he was shot. But there was no way his gun should have stuck like that as we cleaned our guns together. He had already been lucky once where he was almost killed and didn't want that to happen again. He was supposedly dead but when I transferred to the Crime Lab after he was gone, I looked at his file. I looked at the gun that was with him and it wasn't his primary gun, it was his back up. That's when I called my brother's and told them what I had found out. We all got together to try and figure out who would want everyone to think our brother was dead. We finally came to the answer of one of the agencies of the government. Timmy had taught me how to hack incase I ever needed to find something and he couldn't do it for me. So Timmy and I decided it would be a good idea to each hack an agency and then go over whatever we find. I was hacking at my house as I didn't want to get caught at work as my co workers don't like me as it is. They think I'm trying to be like Speed but I never would want to do that as Speedy was his own person. Anyways, I hacked FBI and Timmy was hacking CIA. I guess I made a mistake though I have no clue where." Ryan finished. He took a long sip of his drink and when he brought the drink down he was hugged by Danny. Ryan leaned into him and gave him a grateful smile. Tim took over at this point as he knew more on the hacking side.

"Ryan, you actually made a really small mistake and I'll help you fix it so you won't have problems next time. You forgot to put up a certain wall so you wouldn't be detected." Tim commented. "As you know, he then called me and we rushed down. I think we should come up with a plan on what to do now that we have some of our facts straight."

They all agreed. Tim grabbed paper so he could write all their ideas down and stuff.

"I hacked the CIA and FBI on the way down here and got all the info I could find. I printed it and made copies so everyone can see what we found. Apparently, Speed was killed so he could work undercover for the government. He's been sent overseas and isn't expected to be home for another two weeks. The CIA had more info hidden about him like where he stays when he comes home. They watch him to make sure he doesn't do anywhere for the first night and then is left alone. I was thinking we could send one of the wolves to him so he knows we know and are looking for him. They make sure the house is clear the day before but don't check it the day he gets home. So if we sneak a pup in we can leave it there for him to find with a little note for him. To tell him we are coming in two days to talk. That way he knows everyone is looking for him and trying to get him back. Maybe he could give u some information to help get him away from them." He was breathless by the end. He hadn't taken a breath after he started to talk and follow his train of thought. The others looked thoughtful as they thought about what was just said.

"That could work. Harry would have to be the one sent in as he can get in undetected and silently. He should also probably be the one to get one of the pups in." Danny commented. His brothers nodded their heads in agreement. With Harry's powers he could do those things. The others were curious but held off their questions as the brothers wanted to wait until they met Harry so he could tell them what he wanted them to know.

"We need to find more evidence." Gibbs said.

"Maybe we should get Horatio. He would be able to pull Speed's things to use as evidence." Ryan said quietly.

They thought about it.

"It would make things easier. Can you call him Ryan?" Timmy asked.

Ryan nodded his head. He grabbed his cell phone and headed outside to call Horatio

"Hello?" Horatio answered.

"Hi Boss. I need to ask you something?" Ryan answered.

"Ok Mr. Wolfe."

"You might want to head somewhere where no one will hear you Horatio."

Horatio raised an eye brow but headed toward his office so he could talk privately. "Ok, Mr. Wolfe. I'm in my office. What did you need to ask me?"

"Did you ever personally look at Tim's weapon after he was killed?"

"Mr. Wolfe, why does that concern you? You weren't even here yet."

"Tim and I were very close. I was concerned when I heard Tim's gun didn't fire as I know he cleaned it as I helped him. We cleaned our guns together almost every night. He never wanted to have what happened before happen again. He liked his life." Ryan said. You could hear the emotions in his voice. He was very close to crying.

"…" there was a moment of silence on the other end. "Why did you never say anything Ryan? I'm going to assume you checked his weapon already." Horatio said quietly.

"Yes Horatio. I checked it soon after I started to work there. That weapon is his spare. It's not his main. That's missing. I wanted to be respected for the work I did not because I knew Speedy. I didn't want to have friends just because Speedy was my brother in everything but blood." He was yelling by the end in frustration over how he had been treated since he started to work for the crime lab.

Horatio thought about was said and decided he need to check the gun himself. "I'm going to check the gun myself. Then I want to see you so I can get all the details on what you know." He finally decided.

Ryan was hesitant here. "I'm not in Miami right now…" he trailed off.

"WHERE are you MR. WOLFE?" He growled.

"I'm in south Carolina…. With the rest of my brothers."

"You have more than one brother? Never mind, send me directions to where you are. I'm coming up there as soon as I finish looking at the gun." Horatio said with finality.

Ryan gave in and gave him he directions. He just didn't want to fight. At least not over the phone. He would see when Horatio was there in person. They hung up and he headed back inside after taking a deep breath.

"So what happened?" Danny asked.

"He's checking the gin out. Then he is heading up here." He said the last part quietly. His brothers just nodded their heads. If they could invite people then Ryan should be able to too. "It'll be awhile before he gets here."

Ryan sat back down and they got to work on their plans.

5 hours later

They were finishing up their plans to get to Tim and stay away from the government when a voice called out.

"Guys! Where are you?"

Danny called back, "In the living room Ry." They heard footsteps heading toward the group and soon the people who didn't know who it was saw the person. The person had shoulder length black hair that had emerald green highlights in it. It was wavy and messy. He had emerald green eyes that seemed to glow. He was wearing faded jeans and a black t-shirt that had a green design on it that seemed random. He also had on black boots. He stood at the height or 5' 11". He had never gotten that tall from the treatment from when he was younger. He stepped into the room. This was their other brother Harry Potter. Danny and Ryan moved over to him and gave him hug. They hadn't seen him in awhile as he was still in college getting his third major. He already had two Bachelorettes in Anthropology and Archeology. He was now going for Classical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archeology.

Harry hugged them back and then headed for Don and Tim who had gotten up after Danny and Don moved to hug them. The rest of the group had gotten up by that point and waited for their greetings to be done. The brothers turned to them. Harry gave a look to his brothers as the last time he checked they weren't allowed to bring anyone to their Safe Haven or tell anyone about it.

Tim stepped up first to introduce his co workers.

"Ry, this is my boss Gibbs and my co workers Tony and Ziva." As their names were said they nodded their heads in hello.

"And this is my Boss Mac." Danny commented stepping up. Mac stepped up and shook him hand in greeting.

Harry gave them a smile before turning to his brothers.

"Mmhmm. What happened to never telling anyone about this place? Or bringing anyone here? Why are we even here? What happened?" Harry questioned. He was kinda mad at his brothers for breaking their promise but he was mostly anxious as to why they were there and what exactly had happened to Ryan.

"Let's sit down and I'll start explaining everything." Don said trying to make peace.

"Fine. Have you guys eaten at all?"

"No. I was just about to suggest we start on dinner." Danny said.

"Then let's move to the kitchen. I'll cook while you talk." Harry said. He liked to cook even though his relatives had made him cook for most of his life when he was younger. They headed into the kitchen and settled around the island and the table in the little breakfast area. All the appliances were top of the line and stainless steel. They kitchen cabinets were stained a Cherry color and were clean lined. The island was huge. The whole kitchen was huge. Whoever designed the room had taken everything into consideration and had spared no expense.

Harry noticed there looks. "Speed and I designed this room as we both love to cook." He explained.

Mac and Gibbs nodded and watched Harry as he started to prepare the food to cook. Ziva and Tony were watching what he was making and how he prepared things as they were the cooks in their little group.

Tim explained everything that they had discussed so far while he cooked and over dinner as it took awhile. Harry had cooked Chicken Alfredo and had made a salad and garlic bread to go with it. He got a lot of complements over dinner on how it tasted. It was extremely good.

When they were done dinner they headed back into the living room and had to rearrange where they sat. It looked like this: Tim, Ryan, and Harry on one couch, Ziva, Tony, and Gibbs on another, and Don, Danny, and Mac in chairs. They had to bring more chairs into the room as they were running out of space.

"Have my brothers told you anything on how we met?" harry asked.

"No. They said they would get into how they met you and Speed later." Mac answered.

"Ok. Well then, I guess I should explain it.

They settled down and Harry started to explain how he had met his brother.

But before he could get too far into the story Ryan's phone went off. He answered it. It was Horatio. He was at the end of the driveway and needed help getting to the house. Ryan headed out to help him and was soon back thirty minutes later. Horatio was introduced to everyone and they settled down so Harry could talk.

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