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It had to be a dream, didn't it? I mean, a pair of ghostly white arms offer me a bright red apple, which looked delicious, by the way, it's not going to be real life. But, then why was there a bright red apple, which looks delicious, lying by the trunk of the tree I was sitting in?

Well, I was in an orchard. The apple could've come from anywhere. There are plenty of trees to choose from.

I sighed and jumped down from my sturdy, albeit uncomfortable, branch. Underestimating my height, I landed with thud next to the apple. The vibrations from my landing must have set it rolling down the nearby hill. I ran after it as quickly as I could, but it was just a blur of red, and I could easily be seen. I think the apple must have dropped into the rabbit hole at the bottom of the hill. My raven black hair swished in front of my face. I noticed the colour of my arm and paused. Ghostly white. I had offered myself the apple? How is that possible?

'Well, of course it's possible,' I reminded myself 'it was a dream.' I jumped, then put a finger to my lips; quietness is key when there may be rabbits about. That's what my mother always said.

The rabbit hole looked just big for a small girl. Maybe the rabbit had been and gone, and the hole was collapsing in on itself? I probably shouldn't go down. Mother will be calling me in for supper. However, the apple... the delicious-looking apple.

'Mother won't be happy.' I whispered and bent my knees, ready for a drop.

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