It took my eyes a while to accustom to the darkness. When they finally did, I realised that I was in a curious cave that smelt of sickly sweet perfume. It's like the place I always imagined as the entrance to the "Wonderland" Mother always talked about. She'd say 'Alice, you're not all here! Your head is firmly in Wonderland!'

"I'm not all here, either, Alice." A seductive whisper told me. The sound covered my ears, all the while, a half formed smile slowly appeared before my eyes. On a normal person, the smile would have been welcoming, handsome even, but floating in mid-air...there was something sinister about it. Then came a pair of angry red eyes, which settled nicely above the sinister smile. Then a huge mane of bronze hair, which looked more suited to a lion. Finally, a ghostly pale body with clothes arrived. At this point, I realised just how tall the creature was. He wore a black dress shirt undone until his waist, which is completely beyond the norm. However, I still stared at his beautiful chest, sculpted in ways I had only seen in museums. I remembered myself and stopped staring at him. He did not seem offended that I had spent several seconds looking elsewhere, along with my mind. Instead, his crooked half-formed smile remained and his eyes turning from angry to boastful.

I blushed until I remembered that he could not read my mind.

"Well, look what the rabbit hole dragged in." He spoke this with an edge which alone would have made me feel uncomfortable, but him looking me up and down in a way that made me feel worse didn't help at all.

I opened my mouth to reply, but the strange lion-maned man had vanished before the words had a chance to form.

I began to realise how small the cave was, and it made me feel claustrophobic. A small candle, and I'm sure that wasn't there earlier, lit a path to an even smaller door. I crouched down to knock, when a voice told me 'curiosity killed the cat'. I pondered it for a while, then wondered how else I should get out.

My legs felt an odd sort of fabric on them. The bustle under my sky-blue dress had gone, and in its place: a key. A key fit for a tiny wooden door.

I placed it in the keyhole and carefully twisted the handle.

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