Amanda shot up with a start and turned off the alarm. Her heart was racing and she thought "Oh, my gosh! I'm going to be late for work!"

As she flung the covers back to leap out of bed, she exclaimed "What, I never sleep in the nu...oh!"

She saw a man's arm reach over and pull her closer. She noticed a wedding band on that hand and she smiled!

Amanda heard Lee mumble "whaahyuhduhin" from the other side of the bed.

She deciphered that to mean 'what are you doing?'

"Oh, good morning Lee, I have a quick call to make." And Amanda reached over to the bedside table and placed her call.

A nasal voice chimed "Honeycutt PC, How may I help you!" on the otherside of the line.

"Uh, yes may I have Human Resources please." Amanda cleared her throat to knock the sleep out of her voice.

"HR! How may I help you!"

Amanda replied, "Uh, this is Amanda Ki..I mean ..Stetson and I'm giving in my notice..."

Amanda couldn't see the big smile Lee had on his face as he tackled her and wrestled her under the covers. She barely had time to hang up the phone...


Jamie and Phillip sat on opposite sides of the aisle on the plane trip back to DC.

Jamie started, "Mom seems pretty happy P."

"Yeah, J" Phillip replied, "Did you notice that silly grin she had on her face the whole time?"

"Yeah, Lee had it too." Jamie said as he leaned over, "You know, I think it's really cool that Lee asked us for Mom's hand in marriage before they even left for Texas.."

"Yeah," Phillip said, "That was cool!"


Francine looked at Dr. Smyth as he blew cigar smoke in her face.

"Well, Francine, looks like Scarecrow and this King woman have done a fine job. Let's see them on a more regular basis! Think you can handle that!"

Francine hated dealing with this egomaniac but for once he actually had a good idea...


Dottie turned to her husband as she flew their Cessna back home.

"Kurt honey, I just wish Lee would have met Amanda 20 years ago! Think how different their lives would have been..."

"Oh, don't worry about it honey," Captain Kurt replied, "This is just...