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Midna stood facing the Mirror of Twilight, not truly wanting to leave but not truly wanting to stay either. She loved Link more than any other soul could, but her duty was with her people. Being a princess, she knew the two of them could not be. "Link, I... See you later..."

Link could see the lone tear drift forth from Midna's crimson eyes, not thinking much of it until he heard the terrible sound that followed shortly after. Link looked in the direction the crack came from not wanting to believe what he thought had happened. The Mirror of Twilight was a bright shade of purple and pink, mixed with white lines covering the entire mirror. Link took off in a run up the transparent steps that led to the portal. "Midna!" Link saw her fading away into the portal, making one last futile attempt to reach her, he lept putting all his strength into to his legs. Barely touching her hand before she disappeared completely from the world of the light.

No sooner had he touched her hand did the transparent stairs disappear, leaving him 10 feet in the air. Link tried desperately to flip around, but gravity won the battle forcing him to land face first in the sand.

Link looked up in time to see the Mirror of Twilight practically explode into millions of little pieces, each no bigger than the grains of sand they slowly fell onto. Except for one piece that had decided to stay afloat in the very center of where the Mirror of Twilight had rested. This piece was pinkish purple just like the mirror had been, except for a small area inside the Triforce engraved onto the mirror.

He slowly pulled himself himself up, not bothering to brush any of the sand that still clung to him off. Link scrambled up onto the platform not letting his eyes avert the one piece of Midna he had left. With tears building in his eyes, Link extended a hand softly wrapping his fingers around the shard.

Link slowly fell to his knees, examining the shard noting all of the little details. After he had examined every little nick on the surface, he once again starred into the very center of the of the triangle. Midna's tear had abruptly halted in the very center, shining like a star among the inky blackness of a clear night sky.

Zelda had watched, not daring to move a muscle as the scene played itself out before her. She could see the pain building in him as he starred into to the last piece he would ever see of the Twilight Realm. She was too afraid to speak to him, and too afraid to walk away. Slowly building up her courage, Zelda knelt next to Link, carefully placing her hand on his shoulder.

Link felt the hand on his shoulder, knowing it was the princess he decided not to shrug her off. He could feel his tears rolling down his cheeks as he tried to absorb what was going on. Each tear landed in it's own unique way upon the shard, making a slight droplet sound.

"What she did was well thought through, Link. Midna never meant to hurt you, believe me. If anything, she wanted you to be hers..."

Link looked Zelda in the eyes. "Oh sure. I love you but you are as of this moment sentenced to a loveless life. I saw it all princess!"

"Link! Just because your sad right now doesn't give you a right to blame her in such a way!" Zelda spat at him.

Link stood up and walked for the exit. "Come, Zelda. If we are to make it back before dark we must leave now."

Zelda stood up, anger boiling in her now. She and Midna had been practically sisters thanks to them sharing her imp body for a few weeks. It was hard for her to take in what Link said. "Link, don't hide your true feelings with anger. That's what brought Ganon's end."

Link just looked at her, tears streaming down his face. He let out a labored sigh. "Let's just, go..."

Midna saw the rising fear in Link's eyes as he jumped for her, slightly touching her disappearing fingers. Instantly she felt a pang of regret wash over her, but as she had told herself before. "Light and Shadow can't mix".

But still, the expression Link had given her... It would haunt her for the rest of her life. Even now as she stood in the Twilight Realm, gazing upon her broken world. She could still see him, as if the image had burned into both her conscious and subconscious mind.

"What have I done?" She whispered.

A small crowd had begun to form around her as she walked back to her palace. There were considerably more Twili in the square... Circle now that the land had once again begun to form around the castle, enabling the small islands that floated upon nothing out in the distance access to the courtyard.

It's too bad Link only saw a perverted version of my home... Midna thought to herself.

The first time Link and Midna came here, the only three buildings they could access were the Sol shrines, and the palace. Each building was infested with dark magic and ruthless monsters, all trying to keep the duo from victory. Any of the magic that couldn't fit in the buildings, spilled over where the waterfalls were once again flowing freely. Again making her home that much more beautiful.

The crowd of no more than 50 or so, Twili were whispering amongst themselves as Midna ascended the small hill that led to the front door of her humble abode. Although Midna could only hear bits and pieces of what they were saying, the topic was mostly the same all the way to her door step.

Midna lifted her hand to the door in front of her. Making it flash green, then open upwards into the door way.

With a slow stride, Midna walked up the many flights of stairs that led to the council's chambers. Though she doubted Zant had left them in their rooms. She knocked on each door along the way, hoping for a sign of resistance.

Midna came upon the last door in the long line of rooms, not once hearing a reply. She lifted a hand to the door with a flick of her wrist, creating a light rapping sound. Just as before there was no answer, but as she was turning away the door opened to reveal a small and frail old woman with dark green blue hair, and the usual red eyes.

"Midna!" The Woman gasped, not hesitating to throw her arms around her.

"Oh... what happened to you Laie?"

"Time, it seems... But I would be lying had I said that was the truth." The odd woman sighed. "Your good friend Zant decided that I was wise beyond my years, so he decided my body needed to catch up with my mind."

"I'm so sorry Laie... I wish there were something I could do..."

"No no, princess. There is no need to be sorry for me, I caused this." Midna looked at the woman with an eyebrow raised and her head cocked to the side. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know how smart mouthed I can get... Guess I shouldn't have told him how flawed all of his plans were, still I'll never forget how he over reacted with his little stomping fit." The two woman giggled, each remembering their own encounters with his childish ways.

"Excuse me for interrupting our fun, but where are the others?"

Laie paused. "I don't know your highness. I've been locked up here for so long, I don't even know what the outside world looks like right now."

Midna frowned. What if Zant killed them, or worse used them! "Thank you Laie, I've had a long journey and I wish to be alone. If any one turns up be sure to send them to my room, OK?"

"Yes Midna, I will. But please, don't hesitate to call me. You're the first face I've seen for a week or so." The once proud maid replied. Laie closed the door not saying anything afterwords.

Midna turned in the direction of her room, slightly worried about the other counsel men. Even if they made my childhood a living nightmare, they don't deserve the fate I presume they have fallen to.

She rounded the final corner that led to her room, then turned to face a door. Midna let loose a small spark of magic, lighting the door in green lines. The door opened the same way the one at the entrance did, but this time there was a second door that required a physical key or a very strong magic attack to open.

A small click could be heard as the Twilight Princess turned the key and opened the door, revealing a large room filled with obviously comfortable furniture. Off to the right there was a few book cases and desk with an open book lazily left open, with a small quill protruding from the binding. In the middle of the room there was a large bed, big enough for 3 people to comfortably sleep in, and on the left wall was a fireplace. From the looks of it, it most likely hadn't been used for a long time.

Might as well. She thought. Midna closed the two doors behind her, and walked over to the fireplace to light it. There were a few logs waiting in the fireplace, and few of to the side on a small metallic table like object. Though it was no where near big enough to be used as a table.

Once the fire was crackling happily, Midna walked over to a small door hidden from view by the fireplace. She turned the nob and stepped out onto the balcony where Zant had so thoughtfully hidden the key to the throne room on. She and Link had decided to take a break up here after the long climb to the top. They had joked about Zant, and his headgear for what had seemed like hours to her. The duo had sat on the edge of the balcony before, but now that the realm had begun it's healing process, there were once again railing around it's perimeter.

Midna starred up into the Twilight's welcoming sky, going over the many memories she had gathered the past few months. It hasn't even been an hour and I'm thinking about Link again. She thought, while stopping on one particular memory.

The duo sat up against a tree in Hyrule Field, looking at the unique patterns delicately woven through the night's sky. Link had told her they were known as stars, and that no one was sure of what they truly are. "Some say they're dots created by the Goddesses themselves, some say they are far off suns. But one thing they all agree on is that they are beautiful." Link said.

Midna looked up in awe, making sure she could imprint the picture onto her brain. "We don't have stars in the Twilight Realm... All we have is the same old purple, black, and orange clouds. We don't have a night or a day where I live, it's just the same thing all the time. Though I must admit, it's the same old beautiful thing..." She felt slightly clumsy after saying this, for she had not thought the words through before she said them, making her sound somewhat like a child.

The two listened to the small fire Link had started earlier that night. He said it was to keep them warm, but in her opinion the fire he had started did nothing but attract enemies.


"Yes, Midna?" The young Hylian looked over at his imp companion.

"Can I sit with you?" She asked timidly.

"Oh are you cold?" Midna just shook her head in acknowledgment.

Link scooted over to where she sat, grabbing a small blanket out of the bag that sat between them as he went. "Why didn't you say anything sooner? You know I would added a few more logs to the fire, or given you a blanket." He pulled Midna up onto his lap and wrapped the blanket around them. Wow she is cold. Link thought feeling her ice cold skin against his own.

Midna felt slightly embarrassed with Link's actions though she didn't say anything... It was all too perfect... She had felt more than friendship towards Link for some time now, but what could she do? She was still a repulsive imp! How can I make him want me like this?! If only I had never been cursed!

"You know, we should really go to sleep. We have a mirror to put back together tomorrow."

And a body to re obtain! Midna added silently. "Yeah... I guess your right... Hey Link?"


"C-can... Can I sleep next to you?" Midna you stupid idiot! This time you've gone too far!


Midna blinked a few times in bewilderment. "Really?"

"But of course. You're not exactly warm and with that small body you would get sick. Now we can't have that can we?" Link said with a light chuckle at the end.

Midna just sat there as Link wrapped his arms around her and laid down on the ground, too surprised that her flawed plan had worked.

With a small, coy smile. Midna drifted off to sleep...

Those were the days... She thought. There was a rather loud knock at the door, breaking her from her thoughts. "Coming!"

Midna looked up at the sky one last time before turning away to answer her now annoying door. "What is it?"

"Midna? Is it really you?" The Counsel man asked.

"Yes Jerska, it's me. Go rally up the others and call for a meeting set for tomorrow afternoon." Midna said before closing the door.

"Wait! I must know where you've been!" Jerska spilled out.

"All will be explained with time. Now, go!" She practically screamed the last part at the man.

Jerska gave a 'Humph' and left, mumbling something under his breath as he went.

There is going to be a lot of explaining to do. She thought while locking the second door. Oh well, I have a whole day to think on it. That's what she told herself, but as soon as her head hit the pillow, sleep claimed her senses. Not offering a dream to go along with it.

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