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Chapter 2

The laughing grew closer as Link tired. The endless corridors seemed to smile the same evil grin Ganondorf had given him one too many times. He didn't know who or what was following him, all he knew was that his legs felt like chu jelly. Link halted a moment at a fork, then against his better judgment, turned left.

Link saw the dark ring start to enclose around his vision. He was running out of time and he knew it, the laughing suddenly stopped along with his body. The world around him melted into what could be described as the Twilight Realm, but something was terribly wrong. Dark magic still flowed freely from the shrines, the world around him was still broken up, leaving the buildings in the distance to fend for themselves.

"Disappointed are we?"

Link Spun around to find Ganondorf's menacing eyes meet his. He stood there with his mouth agape and fear in his eyes. "What? Bu-but your... Dead!"

"Foolish child, as long as I have the Triforce I will always haunt you! You and that foolish princess! You can never escape, there is no escape... YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME! Hahahaha HAHAHAHA!" With that, Ganon Thrust his glowing sword through the hero's chest. Severing the heart from its arteries.

Link awoke with a cold sweat draped across his body, and bloodshot eyes. He looked around the unfamiliar room, with a question repeating itself in his mind. Where am I? What happened?

The room looked to be made of stone, though without any lines suggesting the stones were blocks cemented together. There was a torch just to the right of the bed he was on, and a small nightstand with a pitcher of water placed upon it. In front of him was a chest on the far wall, The Master Sword and Hylian Shield were propped up against the right side of the chest. To his left there was a door, small amounts of light poured in from the bars in the door, placed at about five feet up.

Link moved his legs off the right side of the bed, and placed them on the floor. Obviously I'm not a prisoner, otherwise they would have taken my weapons. He opened the trunk to find all of his equipment, and surprisingly enough his clothes. Link looked down at himself and realized he had been in the nude this whole time.

Not wasting any time he grabbed the hero's garb and dressed, slightly embarrassed. For he knew someone had undressed him, Link just hoped this person didn't try anything. After his attire had been fitted over himself, he loaded his weapons into the "Pouch" Midna had given him for storage. Thanks to this pouch he could hold all the weapons and items he would ever need.

Link fitted the sword and shield to his back and walked over to the door on his left. Much to his surprise the door was locked. Maybe I am a prisoner after all. He thought. Just then he heard a click from the door, and it opened to reveal a woman with dark skin and almost maroon hair.

"Hello, hero. I trust you slept well." Link nodded in acknowledgment. "Good, please don't think you are being held here as a hostage. We only locked the door for your protection."

"Protection from what?"

"Us. You see most of the Gerudo are very lustful, and for that I apologize." The woman replied.

Link knew he was popular, but he had never guessed some of them would go as far as raping him in his sleep. "Might I ask who you are?"

"Ah, yes where are my manors? My name is Tara, I am the warden here."

"Well Tara, do you mind telling me where I am? Better yet, where Zelda is?" Link asked in a more than irritated tone.

"If you speak of the woman we found you with, she is already speaking with our leader. As for where you are, you are in a secret area of the Gerudo Desert that very few know of." Tara backed up and motioned with her arm for Link to follow her. "Come, I was instructed to bring you before our leader when you awoke."

Zelda stood in a circular room filled to the brim with dark skinned, red haired women. That, from what she understood, were the last of the long lost Gerudo tribe. They were supposedly wiped out many years before, shortly after the first bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom came to the throne. She had ordered all Gerudo killed after the first bearer of the Triforce of Power attacked Hyrule, to make sure Ganondorf could not be reincarnated. Apparently, she missed a few.

The Gerudo were all fighting on if they should let her go, or use her as ransom. They apparently knew who she was, and how skilled she was with magic, because they had cuffed and placed her inside a circle of rune like objects.

A Woman of about forty or fifty years of age stood up, and the room fell into silence."Zelda, just to clear things up, how are you still alive? All of our records point to you being four thousand years old now."

"You must be referring to an ancestor of mine, her name was Zelda as well. Though we share the same name, I assure you, we are nothing alike."

The woman glared at Zelda, her eyes suggested the woman didn't believe her. "I have met this so called ancestor of yours. You look, sound, and speak just as she did. Give me one good reason to trust that you are not the same woman who ordered our kind to be eradicated."

Zelda was taken aback. How could she have met MY ancestor? Even if she was telling the truth, that would make well over four thousand years old!

"How could you have met that particular ancestor? The only way for you to have met her would be to obtain unnatural lengths of life. Or have a certain item that hasn't been seen since the Hero of Time."

"Don't play dumb with me princess. Now tell me how can I trust that you are whom you say you are, and not that horrible bitch that presume you are?" The room seemed to shift with the amount of hushed whispers going around.

"You can't, you will just have to ask Link when he awakes."

As if the devil himself came into the room, the large double doors behind Zelda opened up to reveal Link and Tara in it's wake. "Miss Nabooru, the hero has awoken."

"I'm not stupid Tara, I do have eyes." The Woman coldly replied. "Leave him here, and return to your duties."

"Yes Elder!" Tara quickly spun on her heals and was gone before another word could be spoken.

"Link. Forgive us, for attacking you. We had thought you long dead since you left for the fairy."

"Well, uh... Thank you for the apology, but with all do respect I have no idea what your talking about." The swordsman replied

"Damn it, Kahl! How hard did you hit him!" Nabooru screamed.

"I only hit him hard enough to knock him out..."

"I don't care! If you Eve-"

"Wait, wait, wait. I think you have this Link confused with the Hero of Time." Zelda broke in.

"Excuse me?"

"The Hero of Time." Zelda started. "Was one of the first to bear the Triforce of Courage. All whom obtained this particular Triforce looked exactly the same in every way, and surprisingly enough all had the same name. The only reason I know that you are talking about the Hero of Time is the fairy. You see after he saved Hyrule from Ganondorf he went searching for his long lost companion, Navi."

Nabooru was listening intently as the princess told her story, getting a little too caught up in the adventure along the way. "So then what happened, did he find this fairy?"

Zelda chuckled to herself at the question. "No one really knows if he did or not, he was never seen after that day. There were a few reports saying he was in Termina, but that was never proven."

Link took the small silence as a chance to speak once again. "Well, that's obviously not me, I was born and raised in Ordon."

"He speaks the truth. He was once a lowly peasant in a small farm based village, and has only recently finished his adventure. This could not be Link you knew." Zelda added.

Nabooru looked somewhat shocked. Who could blame her though? That was quite a bit of information for one person to take in at one time. "So... He is but a genetic anomaly then?" Zelda nodded. "hmm... Well that's just about the worst way to find out your friend has been dead for a couple thousand years..."

"Wait, What?" Link asked.

"Hmm? OH! Yes you just got here. My name is Nabooru, I am the ex Sage of Spirit. Pleased to make your acquaintance Hero of..."

"Twilight." Link finished. He found it to be the most fitting to his journey.

"Hero of Twilight... Might I ask why?"

Link looked at the ground, tears once again clouding his vision.

There was a long awkward pause in the room before Nabooru repeated her question. "Link? Why are you know as the Hero of Twilight?"

Link looked up, revealing his pain to the room at the thought of Twilight. Through a cracked voice Link tried to explain, but the words would not come. He finally calmed himself down enough to say a few words. "Please have Zelda explain why, than when everything you need to converse is all said and done, we are leaving."

Link spun on his heels and strode out of the room as quickly as he could. Leaving Zelda sighing and The Gerudo Women confused.

"Please excuse him, he only finished his quest yesterday." Zelda said.

"I haven't seen anyone that sad since the Hero of Time..."

"Speaking of which, how could you have met someone almost four thousand years old?"

"Ex-Sage." Nabooru reminded her. "Well Zelda, If you would be so kind as to tell me his tale?"

Zelda took a deep breath, knowing the next hour or two was going to be full of question and confusion.

Link stood upon a large building that just peeked over the deep ravine the city was hidden in. He had started the climb of the large building close to lunch time, and had arrived at his destination around twilight. Perfect. He thought. How am I supposed to function in life when every where I turn I see something that reminds me of the woman I love?

Link let out a longer than necessary sigh. He lifted his head to once again look at the setting sun. Rustl had told him so long ago that this was a sad time... Now he understood what it had truly meant.

If only I had know... I would have gone with her... Isn't that what she wanted? Wasn't she about to tell me that she loved me? Than he saw it. Just as the sun was disappearing from his view, there was a small flash. "What the?" He said aloud. Link had heard of people seeing a flash when the sunset, but never had he seen it himself.

Link went over the reports of people seeing the flash. One had said it was green and clouded your vision for but a moment. Another had said it was blue with hints red mixed in very much likes dotes. He thought about for a few more minutes, but none of the reports he had heard ever mentioned a flash the resembled a twinkle from a shooting star as it disappeared into the horizon. Maybe he would ask Zelda about it when they left, but first. He had to get down.

Midna Stood before the counsel men and they're gaped mouths for a good few minutes before anyone had spoken up. All they had said was "Wow". It would seem as though the counsel didn't have faith in they're newly appointed princess, they certainly do now!

She had told them what Zant did to her, where he sent her, how she beat him, and where he got his powers. Midna left out how she had fallen to the enemy that no one can avoid... Love... She did tell them about Link, and Zelda. But how she felt, was locked away.

"Well, uh... Princess Midna, you have obviously proven yourself to more than qualified as ruler. Putting your people first is exactly what you should do, and you passed with flying colors... However... Interaction with a Light dweller is harshly frowned upon... Normally we would require you to leave the throne for such an action, but technically speaking, everyone in the Twilight Realm has interacted with the Light dwellers in one way or another thanks to Zant." Small pause. "So we are forced to slide on this rule once. We can't imprison everyone including ourselves and throw away the key, now can we?"

"No you cannot. Now, unless there anything else you require me for I wish to return to my room. Is there anything else?" Midna asked.

"No your highness, you may rest until tomorrow. We will need your input on rebuilding the capital tomorrow. You may go." Finished Jerska.

Midna got up from her chair and walked out of the room as quietly as she could. She always hated talking about Link, it brought that one image back to her. For the last time Midna, Light and Shadow CANNOT mix!

Midna turned towards the stars that led to her personal chamber. Just as before, the spiral ended in front of a corner. She rounded the corner and stopped in front of the same door that held the royal bedroom. Once again there was a spark and door opened, revealing a second door, and Once again there was a click with the turn of a key. Midna walked through the door way, closing it behind her.

She made her way over to the bookcase on the right side of the room. Midna grabbed the first book she saw that referred to the Sacred Beast, and placed on the desk next to the already open book. She read the many legends the Sacred Beast was included in, but was unable to find anything that spoke of the future.

In anger, Midna slammed the book closed, and threw it across the room. She stood there for a few minutes, just wishing the book come so she could throw it again. Slowly, but surely, Midna sat back down with her face buried in her hands. How could I have been so stupid? He could have come with me, I saw it in his eyes, he wanted to come with me..."Midna you stupid, stupid imp." She told herself.

She moved her hands away from her face and looked through tear stained eyes, at the book with the quill in it's binding.

The Twilight, intersects with the Light for but a moment. If you fail to reach the spring before the flash, you will have failed me Zant. And as punishment you will have your soul ripped from you body and in it's place, I will reside. The flash will only appear once a week. For my plan to work you must be there within the cycle.


(Cycle – 6 hour period in which the Twili use to tell the time.)

Midna couldn't believe her eyes. There was a way back, and Ganondorf just left it out in the open for anyone to use. Though it was here, she would first have to figure out where this spring was and how long it was going to take to rebuild the capital.

She felt a new ray of hope burn in her heart. The man whom clouded her mind, hindering her judgment, was only a few weeks away. Well maybe, it all depends on the speed of the workers.

Midna stood up and walked out to the balcony once again. The second cycle was drawing to a close, soon the Twili would all be asleep, along with her. Then it was there, it was only there for a split second but she still saw it.

On the horizon was a bright flash, one that resembled what was know as a shooting star in the Light Realm.

Midna smiled to herself. She now knew which direction the spring was in, all that was needed now was the workers to start and finish reconstruction.

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